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DS Daily: Gotta collect 'em all

Preorder a game and you can get anything from a plush chicken to a boobtastic poster, to the worst stuffed Phoenix Wright we've ever seen. But, all complaints aside, extra free stuff is always nice when it comes with something you were going to buy anyway, even if it's not the best quality. But our question on this fine Monday morning is: has a preorder bonus ever tempted you to buy something you might not have purchased? Do they dicate where you buy your games?

Gamestop furthers Izuna's new modeling career

Not only is Atlus including a fold-out poster on the back of the Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns boxart, they're bundling one of two provocative posters with Amazon orders of the game as well.

But even that isn't enough coverage for Ninja Studio's roguelike heroine: GameStop orders of Izuna 2 will ship with yet another mini-poster featuring a more dressed, but no more demure, Izuna than the others. You could probably get away with having someone see this one on your wall.

We predict a minor swell of unopened Izuna 2 copies on eBay shortly after release, sold by people who just couldn't choose a poster.

Koei to romance Korea with preorder case

There's no sign that Koei ever intends to bring its Romance of the Three Kingdoms DS titles stateside -- likely because you didn't buy Opoona -- but it looks like the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary by releasing Romance Of The Three Kingdoms DS 2 in Korea.

Though we're a little upset that we still haven't received the year-old turn-based-strategy game, what really grinds our gears is that Koei is throwing in a themed Nintendo DS Lite hard case with preorders. Where's our preorder incentives, Koei? Just because we don't pirate everything under the sun doesn't mean that we don't deserve to decorate our handhelds with third-century Chinese historical figures?

Harvest Moon: Chicken of Happiness

Okay, the bad news first: it looks like that rumored delay for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness was not only true, but understated: while GameStop still says July 29, Amazon now says August 26, and other recent updates to their listing seem to indicate that they know what's going on.

Those "other recent updates" form the good news: if you preorder Island of Happiness from Amazon, you get this amazingly cute plush chicken and chick, both of which look like they came from the Pac-Man cartoon. We don't care when it's coming out or, really, what the game is: we just want the spheroid chicken.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

[Via CAG]

Handing out massive damage in Disgaea DS

If there's one thing we know you can do in the upcoming Disgaea DS, it's inflict a lot of damage. Well, we know that and the game will be awesome. It's Disgaea. This isn't rocket science, people!

As said above, the video features Nippon ichi showing off the many ways you can inflict ridiculous amounts of damage. Like, in the millions. The other notable thing about the video above is the pre-order bonus for Japanese gamers. It's possible we could be receiving the same bonus when the title releases to North America in August, but nothing has been set in stone, yet.

Gallery: Disgaea

[Via Siliconera]

Monster Farm DS 2 buyers can become Monster Librarians as well

Though the game was just announced, Tecmo has already revealed a preorder bonus for early purchasers of Monster Farm DS 2, the latest in their Monster Farm/Rancher series of monster-collecting RPGs. The Monster Farm Official Memorial Book covers the 10-year history of the series, starting with its origins on the PlayStation. For fans of that era of Monster Ranching: Tecmo has said that Monster Farm DS 2's system will be similar to Monster Farm 1 and 2.

The Dengeki article that reveals the Memorial Book also features a series of old and new screens, one of which shows something interesting: the "character input" monster creation mode using our familiar Roman alphabet. Which means that you don't need to know kanji to create monsters.

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo's limited-edition stuff

A few weeks ago, we saw concept art of the promotional stuff SNK's using to try to trick Japanese otaku into dropping $91 for the "Special Box" edition of Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo, including two Nendoroid figurines. Now pictures of the real materials are online to look at, in case you would like to see what people are going to be waiting nervously in front of Akihabara electronics stores for.

In addition to the Maho Akai and Seika Koron figurines and Lulu and Kuro phone strap, the set comes with a guidebook to the students in the game's schools, and a color-changing card that allows you to rub the image of a sweater off of a picture of Haori Kureha. And shame. Shame is in the box.

Custom headphones for Custom Beat Battle Draglade 2

In order to entice customers into picking up the new sequel to last year's brawling pseudo-rhythm game Custom Beat Battle Draglade, publisher Namco Bandai has decided to offer a bonus that makes it seem even more like a rhythm game: free headphones.

Japanese gamers who preorder Draglade 2 will receive, along with the game, a pair of over-the ear "Super Beat Headphones" just like the ones worn in the game by the new protagonist, Shibuya Goku Raio. The bonus will be available in limited quantities, though Draglade is a fairly niche game anyway.

If you manage to get a set of these through an importer, you can pretend you're in a critically-acclaimed but low-selling action game while you listen to our Muxtape!

Mystery Dungeon solved with Pokemon preorder

As excited as we always are when it comes to free stuff, we're ten times more thrilled with this excuse to reuse our Unsolved Dungeon Mysteries image. What better way to introduce a paranomal Pokémon preorder?

To promote the April 20th release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, Nintendo is offering a free strategy book to anyone who reserves either edition of the roguelike. The Explorer's Guide will contain game tips, interviews, and an original manga from Ken Sugimori, likely similar to (if not the same as) Ginji's Rescue Team.

For the uninitiated, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, like Shiren the Wanderer, are all entries in Chunsoft's Fushigi no Dungeon series. Catering to the license's audience, Explorers will be significantly less difficult and punishing than its peers. Having a strategy guide on hand should increase your survivability chances even more! If you're looking to ease yourself into the dungeon-crawl genre, this is the game you'll want to try out.

[Via press release]

Gamestop preorder bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute is cute

Gamestop can be so cruel to our wallets. We try to resist their silly preorder bonuses that come with games, but at times it's too hard to ignore the temptation.

The most recent battle of wills comes with Gamestop's bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute. If you couldn't tell from the picture above, it's a plush cat! That may not seem like a big deal for many of you -- after all, what's another cheap stuffed animal? -- but here at DS Fanboy, we love cats (especially the "lol" kind). Maybe not as much as we love pugs, but we digress.

We like the Harvest Moon series anyway, so normally preordering this game wouldn't be an issue. Yet, since two Harvest Moon games are coming out pretty close to each other, we were hoping to spend our money on Island of Happiness instead. Cute is essentially the same game as Harvest Moon DS, except that the main character is a girl rather than a boy (plus, a few other minor additions). Island of Happiness, on the other hand, is a completely new game with a Lost in Blue meets Harvest Moon concept.

We probably won't waver in our decision to stick with Island of Happiness, but if you're a fan of the franchise and haven't played Harvest Moon DS yet, this preorder bonus might make the purchase a worthwhile one.

[Via Siliconera]

Special Rosario + Vampire boxart lets you choose your own generic anime girl

Capcom's anime adventure game Rosario + Vampire will include a very cool preorder bonus: a pair of reversible replacement boxarts, for a total of four possible boxart choices. Each one focuses on one of the game's female characters, of course. The second reversible cover can be seen after the break.

We aren't really that taken with the Rosario + Vampire cast -- they seem like pretty standard anime characters, who no doubt confound the hapless protagonist with their one personality quirk each -- and we don't care much about anime in the first place. However, the idea of alternate boxarts as a bonus appeals to us. We don't really see our DS boxes all that often, but we find the idea of customizing them fun.

Continue reading Special Rosario + Vampire boxart lets you choose your own generic anime girl

Taiko: Stand Master

Similar to its Sangokushi Taisen DS-branded base, Hori has another themed stand set in the works for rhythm game series Taiko no Tatsujin. The adjustable platform comes in red and has two holders for the drumstick styli that come with every copy of the original game. Also included in the kit is an adorable screen wipe

The bundle may or may not also come packaged with the attachable banner of cheering characters -- we haven't decided yet if this would be distractingly goofy or awesome to the max.

Japan has already seen one Taiko DS title release and has another coming, whereas every other country's DSes have been so far Taiko-less. Thus, it's safe to assume that Hori's accessory won't appear in North American stores any time soon. Import shop Play-Asia, however, has the stand available for preorder (due April) for $19.90. Peek past the break for a look at the full, watermarked product sheet.

Continue reading Taiko: Stand Master

Buy your loved one a blue and black Lite

For those of you who expressed an interest in that new, yummy cobalt blue and black DS, has just opened preorders for the handheld. Perhaps more intriguingly, it also reckons that the console will ship in North America on February 14th, a.k.a Valentine's Day, a.k.a the day when roughly half the population is suckered into buying tat for the most contrived of all non-holidays, while the other half feels depressed at the thought of being alone.

If you don't have any loved ones, then, uh, hey, love's over-rated anyway, and you've always got DS Fanboy. No? Not helping?

[Thanks, Scott!]

Update the Court Record: Apollo Justice bonus officially announced

We didn't have much reason to doubt a rumor started by Capcom employees themselves, but official confirmation is always welcome. According to Capcom's blog, this totally metal Apollo Justice keychain will be available from GameStop as a preorder gift, and from Capcom's online store as a gift with both preorders and post-release-date orders of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. People who have already put in their preorder will receive one of these.

We were on the fence about whether to get the next installment of the completely excellent adventure game series. Now that we know there's a keychain involved, there's no question.

Apollo Justice preorder gift has us considering another Capcom order

Okay, so the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations preorder doodad wasn't so great. And ordering the set from Capcom's online store was a total mess. That was way back in October! Things have totally changed now.

Court Records users spotted a Capcom Blog webcam shot that revealed the preorder gift for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. It's a swanky keychain featuring a metal silhouette of Apollo, and, if it's completely identical to the Japanese version sold on e-Capcom, Phoenix Wright as well.

Capcom hasn't made any official announcements yet, and their store doesn't reflect the offer. Maybe GameStop will also carry this; if not, though, we're totally considering taking our chances again.

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