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Solid port of Quake II almost a reality on your DS

That is, if you have the proper equipment to support homebrew on your DS. And, on top of that, the port of Quake II on the DS runs less than optimally. So, there will need to be a few sacrifices on your end if you so desire to enjoy the FPS on your DS.

First of all, there's no multiplayer at this time. Sucks, we know. Second, some of the code can get a bit funky. Because the game demands so much from the DS hardware, some of the levels don't really run that well. And, on top of that, some of the textures are misaligned. We're sure there are some other spots that need to be ironed out, as well.

It may not be a perfect release, but we're glad to see the homebrew community trying projects like this. The DS may not have been designed with PC games in mind, but seeing the homebrew community work toward solid releases for these games is something we very much appreciate.

[Thanks, Craig!]

The homebrew cookbook: Recipes and recommendations for 2007

When we think about DS homebrew, we imagine a bunch of talented people with their laptops hooked up to their bathtubs, using all sorts of magic and blood rituals to produce the things that they do. It's one thing for paid developers to make games, what with their fancy-schmancy development kits and other perks. Homebrewers, on the other hand, don't get as many helpful tools, or recognition, or rewards for their labor. That's why we're completely in awe of the homebrew community.

Because of that, we compiled a list of some of our favorite homebrew creations of this year, with our best guesses on how they were made.*

*Note: DS Fanboy strongly recommends that you don't try these recipes at home.

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id confirms Quake Arena DS

The rumored project from id got a little more possible last week, when husband and wife super-duo John Carmack and Anna Kang commented to Wired that they'd been planning on bringing Wolfenstein to the DS and would like to do the same with Quake Arena (as well as bringing Orcs & Elves to the Wii). Now, it's been confirmed that Quake Arena DS is happening.

Carmack commented that Quake Arena DS would not be made for mobile and DS together, stating "...we're currently looking at potentially two more DS titles in the next year a Wolfenstein title and a Quake Arena title. Wolfenstein 1 being done in concert with a mobile title, the Quake Arena title would be DS specific." He also wants to assure us that the game won't just be another sloppy port and will maximize the handheld's unique features. "We're never going to try and cram a square peg into a round hole with this." He went on further to say "That's kind of our whole theory behind the mobile stuff, is, we're going to do things that work well on mobile, rather than try to do the things that we're historically known for and push it onto mobile."

We're excited, believe us, but if this game doesn't have Wi-Fi Connect support, we're not sure it could work.

[Via AMN]

Quake Arena to rock the DS?

John Carmack may have released quite a big cat from quite a big bag at QuakeCon. He made comments in regards to a version of Quake Arena making its way to the DS during his keynote. He also said that, should it happen, he'd want a different control scheme than you may initially expect.

Unlike the touch-screen input of Metroid Prime Hunters, Carmack voiced his opinion that a d-pad, restricted movement control scheme like that of Doom would be better-suited to the title. Personally, if this were even to happen, we'd prefer the touch-screen controls, as they more closely resemble the mouse and keyboard. Of course, Carmack's intent to put the game on the DS isn't anything new, but it's certainly a bit more plausible now, if we may say so.

John Carmack continues to eyeball the DS, considers Quake-style game

After some waffling and then an announcement (as well as a recent re-announcement) of the mobile game Orcs & Elves headed DS-ward, programmer and co-founder of id Software John Carmack is toying with yet another idea for the handheld: a Quake Arena-style game. Carmack offered the system some backhanded compliments while discussing his work on Orcs & Elves, saying that he loved working on the system, but that he noticed a few of what he termed "rookie mistakes." We can only guess that he is talking about issues that came up with the newer features of the DS, because we're pretty sure that Nintendo knows a thing or two about handhelds by now.

However, Carmack must have enjoyed himself, because now he's toying with this new idea of a Quake game on the dual screens, so we'll keep an eye out and see what develops.

Quake plays like a dream on the DS

When the first version of Quake DS was released by coder Simon Hall, we all saw his ambition. However, the first version of the game was not able to match that ambition, instead providing us with a slower, uglier version of Quake on our DS. Well, we're glad to report this is not the case any longer, as the second version of his project has released, offering up a slew of improvements. Of course, if you want to play this, you're going to need a flash card for your DS, along with a copy of Quake for your PC (supports retail and shareware).

For a full breakdown on what's new, head past the post break.

[Thanks, wraggster!]

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Quake DS conversion released

It's been a while since we heard about the homebrew DS port of Quake. But now the coder, Simon Hall, has emerged from his Tower of Porting Ordeals and made his work available for public consumption! If you have a DS flash card and a copy of Quake for the PC (shareware or full version!) then in just a few short minutes you could be on your way to playing a flat-shaded, slow, imperfectly-emulated, but still undeniably Quakey Quake!

We are willing to cut them some slack on the technical issues, since the release is still a work in progress, and the fact that it works at all is keen. They've also added touchscreen camera control and the ability to toggle god mode with the R button!

We have great memories of playing multiplayer Quake at one of those pay-by-the-hour LAN gaming centers at our 16th birthday party. We also have great memories of playing our DS earlier today. Seeing the two come together is just blissful. We love the ingenuity of the homebrew community.

We're going to crank up the Nine Inch Nails and get to installing.

[Thanks, wraggster!]

Quake coming to a DS near you

When we received a tip that a clever individual was trying to bring Quake to the DS, we were fairly intrigued. We wondered how it could be callibrated for use with the touchscreen and also if the game would feature multiplayer. The above video shows that the project is coming along nicely and features the same control scheme as Metroid Prime Hunters (a game that can easily be mistaken for Quake).

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