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E308: Mushroom Men puts the 'fun' in 'fungus'

I got to look at the DS version of Mushroom Men at the Gamecock EIEIO event in March, but I didn't get to play it. Today, though, I arrived at an odd middle section in one of the demo rotations, and basically ended up being left alone in a room with a DS and the game. Aside from a very weird screen-flipping mechanic, it's a beautiful, inventive 2D platformer.

As a heroic sentient mushroom (a meteor has fallen and made stuff sentient that ought not be) you wander around an environment made up almost exclusively of trash and junk. The first level is a tutorial that leads you through the interactive map (which features red dots that mark waypoints), the weapon system, and combat. The map's dots mark the location of other mushrooms that need to be rescued from bugs or other enemies, much like the rescue-based level design in Drawn to Life.

Gallery: Mushroom Men

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Fungi rises on the DS this October

We knew that Red Fly hoped to release Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi sometime this year, so we're pleased to hear that the software is on schedule and will be in stores this October.

Red Fly also went into more detail about the storyline of the game in a recent press release, since the DS version is a prequel to the Wii title. Both will cover different parts of the Mushroom Men's history, with Rise of the Fungi detailing a time when they first got their special abilities. The Bolete tribe must stave off attacks from hostile insects and other creatures, until the Amanitas Empire becomes an even bigger threat to their survival. Mushroom Men fighting amongst Mushroom Men ultimately leads to the Spore Wars, which are covered in the Wii game.

We really like the idea of one game's story leading into another's in such a short period of time (as in, you won't have to wait long between releases). While we're still not sure when the Wii game will follow, you can expect it in November or December if Red Fly sticks to the original plan.

Gallery: Mushroom Men

Mushroom Men benefits from retooling

According to the latest 1UP preview, Red Fly Studio's Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi has gone through some tweaks since the last time it was shown -- and those tweaks have made it a better game. Specifically, the map has been made easier to navigate with the addition of objective markers. In addition, platforms have been made to stand out from the background visually. This is often a problem with prerendered 3D environments: it's hard to tell which areas of those environments are interactive.

Unfortunately, the healing system, apparently, could use a bit more time in the oven. You heal automatically for most damage types, but not falling damage, which is frequent. In other words, you basically don't heal automatically.

Gallery: Mushroom Men

Revamped Mushroom Men site cultivated, launched

If, inspired by too many episodes of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, you've yearned to adventure the world as a miniaturized figure, fighting pygmy creatures with Lilliputian weapons, you really should look into Mushroom Men! To assist interested gamers who refuse to put their memories of 80s cartoons behind them, publisher Gamecock has updated its official site for the platformer, providing previews of Mushroom Men's playable characters, jury-rigged arms, and misshapen enemies.

Gamecock has also announced that Primus's Les Claypool is lending his talents to the soundtrack for both the DS and Wii Mushroom Men games. According to the renown bassist, like many parents hoping to win their children's favor, he took on the job at the urging of his fantasy-gaming-obsessed son. You can treat your ears to one of Les's songs for Mushroom Men at the relaunched site right now!

See also: EIEIO 08: Brief Mushroom Men impressions

Gallery: Mushroom Men

[Via press release]

EIEIO 08: Brief Mushroom Men impressions

I was only able to see a couple of minutes of Red Fly Studio's Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi, but I learned some interesting details about the game. Rise of the Fungi on the DS, codeveloped with Zen Studios, is designed as a prequel to the Wii game, telling two stories in the same world. In both games, a meteor has somehow caused mushrooms to gain awareness and intelligence, along with other organisms. In Rise of the Fungi, one tribe of mushrooms must drive interloping insects out of their village.

Mushroom Men is a (really nice-looking) 2.5D platformer set in a world that looks very big to a mushroom. Multiple characters are available: "heavy" characters with good melee combat skills, "sages" with excellent spore powers (special magic-type abilities) and "scouts" with ranged combat abilities. These characters will traverse 10 levels, each divided into two scenes, solving environmental puzzles and, well, collecting garbage. In fact, garbage is kind of important to the game.

The environmental puzzle we were shown involved using items found in the stage to reach a higher platform. The player had to knock a soda can into a buzzsaw, which turned the buzzsaw on, causing it to fall down. It could then be used to climb up to that platform.

As for the garbage: both the DS and Wii games feature the "scav" system, which allows you to pick up junk and combine it into weapons. And there are a lot of choices -- a quick look at the menu screen showed at least 20 available weapons. A 2D platformer with a lot of weapons? Yes. Yes.

I was very impressed overall with the demo, except for the part in which I didn't play the game. Luckily, Red Fly expects to release Rise of the Fungi late this year, with The Spore Wars to follow soon after. Hit the gallery for new screens and even more delightful concept art!

Gallery: Mushroom Men

Mushroom Men resurfaces

It's been quite some time since we've heard from Red Fly Studios' fungal platformer Mushroom Men. We're quite happy to see them showing their caps again! A new trailer has been released, revealing an intriguing side-scroller starring small mushroom guys in the human world -- with a slightly spooky vibe added.

There's an element of environmental interactivity on display that we're interested in -- things like the house of cards suggest that there's more to do than just jump and shoot. Even the jumping and shooting have more going on, in the form of an item-creation engine.

It's not every day that a 2.5d platformer comes along using original characters. We kind of wish it was.

[Update: this got posted on Wii Fanboy by mistake! Take it to mean that we think the game looks really good. And also that IGN posted it on their Wii page.]

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