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A mega load of screens for Star Force 2

In order to remind us that Mega Man Star Force 2 released today, Capcom offered up a plethora of screens for fans to check out. There are so many of them that you can probably just look at the screens in a slideshow and call it a day, saving yourself the $29.99. Of course, that just takes all the fun out of it.

As you may recall, there are two different versions of the game: Zerker x Ninja and Zerker x Saurian. Although they're mostly the same, each one offers Mega Man different powers.

So, which will it be, Star Force fans? Saurian, or Ninja?

Gallery: Mega Man Star Force 2

[Via press release]

The trials and tribulations of Dr. Wily

We love playing Mega Man games, especially on our DSes (both officially and unofficially). Awesome skits like this just make us yearn even more for a classic Blue Bomber title, though, as the original Rockman is the one we fell in love with.

Despite our wishes and wants, we really enjoyed this hilarious take on the Mega Man series by Old Rich People. We couldn't help but laugh at Dr. Wily and all the hoops he has to go through just to kill our favorite robot. Oh, and the ending? Priceless. We expect a DS homebrew version of the game to be made asap. (Not really.)

[Via Destructoid]

DS Daily: Mega Overexposed Series?

Recently, Capcom discussed the Guinness world record for "Most Number of Games in a Single Series," currently held -- handily -- by their Mega Man series. We doubt that when Keiji Inafune and his contemporaries decided to make a game around the concept of "Astro Boy, but in a blue suit," they thought even for a minute that their action-platformer would be the most prolific franchise in the history of games -- and yet it is.

Do you think that after all the spinoffs, spinoffs of spinoffs, cameo appearances, and new characters, there's still life in the franchise? We're of the opinion that there's definitely more to be done with the original Blue Bomber, if only Capcom would do something.

Capcom offers mega Mega Man shirt

Even though it's been far too long since we've seen the classic Blue Bomber in action, Capcom knows how much gamers love the little fella. That's why they're selling this simple but delightful Mega Man shirt at their online store.

This fabricized ode to the lovable robot will set you back $18 (not including Capcom's usually exorbitant shipping prices), but can you really put a price on nostalgia? Unfortunately, though, the website won't let you buy the shirt at present. Perhaps it's already sold out?

[Via Capcom's Blog]

Classic Mega Man shows up in Star Force 2

While it's true that the original Blue Bomber makes an appearance in Mega Man Star Force 2, it's probably not in the way that you're hoping. In a promotion for the game, Capcom has allowed Japanese players to download a classic Rockman card at DS download stations.

It would definitely be cool if Capcom let other regions enjoy this content, too, but we're not getting our hopes up. This wouldn't be the first time Japan has gotten cool downloadables that haven't found their way elsewhere.

Mega Man scarf is mega sweet

It's been a while since we've seen a Mega Man game akin to the ones of the days of yore, but now, yore comes in scarf form.

Beatboxtaun, the same craftster behind the Punch-Out! scarf, has gone and designed some winter gear based on Mega Man 2 (a game which, incidentally, has one of our favorite video game soundtracks). It might be getting a little too warm for scarves, since spring is just around the corner, but we're sure your nostalgia can keep you cold enough to don this beauty.

What's nice about this scarf is that it not only features the Blue Bomber himself, but also the villains of the game. Now, all she has to do is make a Mega Man 3 scarf that includes Proto Man, and we'd be super happy.

This neck mitten certainly isn't cheap, as it will cost you $150 on Etsy -- but until we get a classic Mega Man game on the DS, this is probably the next best thing. For now, though, we guess we'll have to settle for Mega Man Star Force and the like.

Another picture of the scarf is posted after the break, if you want to see the rest of the villains included.

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Mega Man Star Force 2 forces details upon us

When we think of Mega Man Star Force, we tend to wonder, "Is this really what Mega Man has come to?" Since some of you may enjoy the Blue Bomber's battle RPG, though, you might be interested in hearing some details about the sequel.

While the last Star Force game came in three different "flavors" (Dragon, Pegasus, and Leo), Mega Man Star Force 2 will only have two versions to choose from (Zerker x Ninja and Zerker x Saurian). Depending on which iteration you choose to buy, Mega Man will have different powers. The Zerker element (which is in both games) will give Mega Man a lightning-powered sword, the Ninja element will increase his speed and let him throw a big Shurikan, and the Saurian element will give him the power of "explosive fiery fists." As for the storyline, the game will take place two months after the ending of its predecessor, and involves a new trouble-making character named "Rogue."

Other than that, the characters, graphics, and battle system appear to be the same or similar, meaning that if you enjoyed the first Star Force title, you'll probably like this one too (and vice versa). The online component sounds slightly deeper, though, allowing you to either battle, share cards, share upgrades, or aid in transformation upgrades.

The game is scheduled to hit the DS in June, so those of you anticipating it won't have to wait all that long.

Gallery: Star Force 2

[Via GamesPress press release]

Huge discounts and prizes at Play Asia's Year of the Rat Lucky Sale

Bringing in the Chinese New Year, import shop Play Asia has slashed the prices on over five thousand of its in-stock games and accessories. What's more, each order you put in between today and February 29th will count towards an entry for you to win a variety of Japanese consoles, games, and store credits. There's just too many items on sale to list, so we've picked out a few from the DS and GBA sections that might pique your interest.

DS game sales:
  • Ryuusei no RockMan: Dragon, Leo, and Pegasus - $48.90 $9.90
  • Nodame Cantabile - $48.90 $14.90
  • Operation: Vietnam (US) - $24.90 $16.90
  • Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - $58.90 $19.90
  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry (DS Collection) - $58.90 $19.90
  • K-1 World GP - $48.90 $24.90
  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 - $48.90 $29.90
Jump past the break for the accessory and GBA bargains!

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Anniversary CDs rock, man

Which game series that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year has the best music? Sorry, about half of our readers, it's not Final Fantasy. But, like, Final Fantasy, it is a near-infinite vortex of remakes and spinoffs: Mega Man. As part of the 20th anniversary festivities for the original Japanese release of Rockman, Capcom is releasing two CDs of new arrangements of classic Rockman music, done by] musicians from the Mega Man Battle Network series, as well as Konami's Beatmania IIDX series.

The Rockman 1-6 Rock Arrange Ver. 2007 came out on the 5th, and the Rockman 1-6 Techno Arrange Ver. 2007 CD is out today. Both focus on the 8-bit Mega Man games, which is fine with us. The discs retail for 3,150 yen each ($28), which is somewhat less fine.

The original soundtracks for Mega Mans (Mega Men?) 7 and 8 will be reissued as well. Samples of all four of these discs are available at the official site, including, yes, both Rock and Techno arrangements of "Dr. Wily's Castle 1" from Mega Man 2.

[Via Dengeki]

MIDI + art + game songs = <3

Some awesome soul has taken it about himself to make visually enhanced game tunes, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Using a program called Music Animation Machine MIDI Player, which converts the musical notes of MIDI songs into art, the creator of these videos has managed to blow our minds. Sure, we always enjoy it when musical sounds are synthesized with visual imagery, but when some of our favorite songs are involved, it just makes it that much better.

We decided to put the Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily Stage 1" song up top to celebrate Rock Man's 20th anniversary, and well, because it's our favorite. If you don't look after the break to check out the equally awesome Final Fantasy IV, Kirby, Mario, and other tunes, though, you officially fail at the internet.

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Celebrate Mega Man's 20th by looking awesome

Capcom is releasing some totally great stuff to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first Rockman game (way back when it had scores). We're happy not just because it's rad, but because it focuses on the for-real Blue Bomber and not on one of the scores of Mega Man-lites Capcom has spun off over the years.

Unfortunately, we can't tell if the limited-edition items -- including t-shirts, scarves (!) and phone straps -- will be made available online or only at the special Rockman event held in Ikebukuro on the 18th. We would at least like a shot at ordering one of these jackets. We're cold.

[Via Inside-Games]

Zelda Week: The art of Jainai Jeffries

So long as we're spending a whole week assailing you with links about Link, we thought we'd share with you one of the best fan-made art pieces we've seen for the green-capped adventurer. Jainai Jeffries created this amazing realistic envisioning of Link last year, posing him on a tree porcupined with red-fletched arrows. Past the post break, you can check out an uncolored version of the above image and several other video game reinterpretations Jainai has illustrated.

Continue reading Zelda Week: The art of Jainai Jeffries

A call to arms: Vote for Mega Man DS

Alright, troops, here's the situation. Capcom has put up a poll on its Rockman 20th Anniversary site, asking readers which system they'd like to see the Blue Bomber appear on next. Normally, we'd leave these matters to the general public, but our arch-enemies, the villains at PSP Fanboy, saw fit to invade the ballot, tilting the vote in their favor.

Despite a long-standing peace with our handheld opposites, we will not stand for this aggression. As Americans -- no, as DS owners -- it is our duty to ensure that our portable has a fighting chance to receive every worthwhile title. Also, according to reports from our intelligence sources, we have reason to believe that the next Mega Man game is in possession of LMDs.

Some would reason that the Nintendo DS already has enough Mega Man games, and that the PSP deserves this opportunity to build upon its software library. Well, let's just say that we still haven't gotten over not receiving Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. We assure you, Capcom will greet us as liberators! Check past the post break for instructions on how to cast your vote and win this war!

Continue reading A call to arms: Vote for Mega Man DS

In the year 20XX, a retrospective video was created by Capcom

If 1UP's Mega Manniversary bonanza last May wasn't enough of the Blue Bomber for you, Capcom has put together a compilation video celebrating two decades of Mega Man titles. The five-and-a-half-minute tribute doesn't go through every last entry of the extensive series, but it does take care to cover dozens of Mega Man's adventures from his infant years on the NES all the way up to his ZX Advent antics on the DS. Thankfully, the movie skips right over Mega Man & Bass.

[Via NeoGAF]

Rockman ZX Advent notepad to carefully avoid writing on

Here's a notepad that we can guarantee will never be used. This promotional Rockman ZX Advent notepad is being given away to a limited number of Japanese e-Capcom shoppers who buy the game online. Those shoppers will then carefully enclose the notepad in a plastic bag and display it on a shelf.

Why mess up the Rockman notepad when there are perfectly serviceable junk mail envelopes and backs of hands to write grocery lists on? That's just common sense.

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