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Strike gold with this new SHOCK! shell

If gold is your thing -- your luster of choice, you might say -- then NDS Central's latest addition to its SHOCK! series of replacement DS Lite cases is just what you need. Unlike the Phantom Hourglass edition DSes, these Magnum Gold shells reportedly contain real gold, having actually gone through the gold-plating process. The online shop plans to release its Magnum Golds early next year and is already accepting preorders for the cases for $59.90.

If you're going to spend that much cash modifying your DS to show off your rapper status, why not go all out and glue on some gaudy rhinestones? While you're at it, you should have the system engraved with big script letters: "Doing It Big." When people ask what exactly it is that you're "doing big," you can tell them that it's your bad taste.

Gifts for us (or people like us)

Gaming sites are inundated with holiday gift guides at the end of the year, listing the best and most popular games that everyone pretty much already has (or knows about). Well, we're not going in for that this year. Our gift guide will help you find the best gifts in categories the other sites won't cover -- because we just made them up.

Of course we recommend buying DS games and accessories for everyone on your shopping list -- whether they want them or not. But, ironically, the hardest people to give the gift of DS are the people who love the DS the most -- people who live the DS. In a word, us. Game bloggers. Well, not us specifically, but people like us who are far too enthusiastic about the Nintendo DS.

We're so nuts about the DS that we devote most of our lives to talking about it. We know pretty much everything out there, and we spend entirely too much time building our collections. We're emblematic of exactly the kind of brutally insane people for whom it's nearly impossible to shop. That's why we've put together this handy guide to the kind of stuff we would love, but wouldn't necessarily think to buy ourselves. Not because we want you to buy gifts for us, although we certainly won't stop you if you think we deserve a little token of appreciation.

See what we did there? We've given you the gift of an obvious opening through which to insult us! 'Tis the season!

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Five handheld accessories you should continue to live without

Portable game systems are completely self-contained. Unlike home systems, which require a TV, multiple outlets, and a separate controller unit, handhelds contain everything you need to play games, built right in to the unit. They are self-reliant. They are also-- and this goes without saying-- portable. They're designed to be small so you can carry them around.

Why, then, do jackasses feel the need to make accessories for handhelds? Accessories needlessly add bulk to Game Boys, effectively exiling them from casual pocket-drops. Here are five of the most pointless things you could ever graft onto a handheld system. We're giving a lot of attention to the Game Boy Color, as it turned out to be a focal point for idiotic doodads. Hopefully, these companies are still tired from their furious crap-assembling, and will largely pass over the DS.

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'Backlit' DS Lite mod

The past few DS Lite mods we've featured didn't venture far beyond lodging LEDs into the handheld's face, so we're glad to have a twist to that formula for today. AcidMods forum administrator F00 f00 installed light-emitting diodes into the back of his portable. To emphasize its glow, he used what looks like Onyx Black casing and a clear replacement shell for the DS's frame.

How long will it be before we see a DS Lite kitted with ambient lighting? Staring into those bright screens while you're in the dark puts a lot of strain on your eyes, and there are times when turning on a light just isn't an option (e.g. like when you're hiding in a blanket because there are ghosts floating around your bed). Put on some sunglasses and check past the post break for more photos of F00 f00's mod.

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SHOCK! replacement shell is better than an emery board

Remember when we told you about the guy who sanded down his DS with an emery board? You know, he didn't like how it shined. Yeah, that one! Well that poor sucker should have waited because SHOCK! has a replacement shell that is black without the shine.

According to the page, having this shell will help you attract the beautiful and tasteful, just like yourself. Yeah.

[Thanks JC!]

Case mods for the technically savvy

Crystal clear...
We've posted case-mods for the DS and DS Lite before, but most of said mods usually involve a skin or cover of some sort, leaving the original color (probably a bland white, right?) still seething underneath, like an angry hornet. If you've got the guts to mess around with some hardware, however, then listen up. Project SHOCK! is a full hard-case mod of the DS Lite, soon to be available in several different colors. The material is made of composite polycarbonate and plastic, so the standard "cheap feel" you get with standard mods won't apply here.

They're offering several colors for preorder, including yellow, white, black, red, blue, and our favorite, clear. They check in at a pricey $35.00 each, and require some additional tools as well. They've posted a tutorial for those interested in how to perform the mod, so check it out to see if you think you can handle the job.

[Thanks, Creamsugar!]

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