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Sigma Harmonics' magnificent cut-scenery

Only around ten percent of this Sigma Harmonics trailer features actual gameplay from Square Enix's "adventure RPG." Normally, we'd be deflated about this, but not in this instance. That's because the other ninety percent consists of some brilliant cut-scenes, as accompanied by the powerful vocals of Aya Hirano. There's a rather shocking ending as well, when the main protagonist's co-adventurer, Neon Tsukiyumi, meets a grisly end. We can't imagine Square Enix would be silly enough to include a game-harming spoiler in its trailer, so there must be further twists to Neon's tale.

Oh, and are we the only ones who were reminded of Moogles at 1:52?

Gallery: Sigma Harmonics

[Via Siliconera]

Kingdom Hearts, Sigma Harmonics playable at Square Enix event

Square Enix announced the lineup of their DKΣ3713 last week, but neglected to mention which of the displayed games would be playable and which would be shown only as closed-theater video presentations. DS fans lucky enough to attend the exclusive event will find themselves extra lucky: both of the DS games on display at the show, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Sigma Harmonics, will be playable. That means that we may get some new information or gameplay impressions from this show.

According to a Famitsu magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura (as translated by NeoGAF's duckroll), 358/2 Days is in the midst of being "tuned and balanced." Feedback from attendees will help shape the final game.

Square Enix to demo new games at awkwardly-named event

Last year, Square Enix held a preview event for their new games, with the delightfully straightforward name "Square Enix Party 2007." This year? DKΣ3713. Catchy, right? The name represents each of the new games being shown at the event, which will include Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (one of the threes), Sigma Harmonics (guess), and a bunch of stuff for other systems.

On August 2 and 3, fans will be allowed into the party in three-hour blocks to check out all the games, though no doubt most of them will be there only in the form of closed-room trailers.

For some reason, this event seems to include only Square-side games. Valkyrie Profile and, most notably, Dragon Quest IX, are no-shows.

Warm your anxious heart with hot Sigma screens

Fresh from the creative minds of Hiroki Chiba and Yusaku Nakaaki, these new screens for Sigma Harmonics show off some of the character designs and artwork in great detail -- always good to get the fans salivating over yet another stylish RPG for the DS.

The game is well underway and has its own website to drown viewers in oodles of crazy Japanese flair, so don't miss out on any tidbit of gossip on this promising portable bad boy. Sigma Harmonics should be hitting the stores in Japan on August 21, so start brushing up on your Japanese. Hit the gallery for the full range of new images!

Gallery: Sigma Harmonics

Sampling more fashion disasters with Sigma Harmonics

Famitsu has another five shots of Square Enix's "what not to wear" trainer "adventure RPG" Sigma Harmonics, featuring the usual bonkers fashion choices and some decent-looking 3D sections. Naturally, since the likes of Final Fantasy III became a part of our lives, "decent-looking 3D sections" are the very least we expect from Square Enix, who seem to have mastered 3D on the DS better than most.

Also, as we're on the subject of Sigma Harmonics, Siliconera reports that Square Enix just registered the game's title and logo at the USPTO. Does that mean the title is definitely coming stateside? Well, it's a very strong possibility -- let's leave it at that for now. More shots are past the break.

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Check out Sigma Harmonics' harmonious website

We know how much you kids love your Squeenix, so we hope you're intrigued by the company's refreshingly new IP, Sigma Harmonics. If you're not, you should still check out it's Japanese website. Even though most of us here at DS Fanboy can't read a lick of Japanese, we've never wanted a game so much before because of an official site. The art looks all kinds of gorgeous, and clicking on the "Story" link makes you feel like you're watching a trailer. We're also fond of the song choice -- it somehow puts hints of noir into a whimsical melody.

Last but not least, there are some wallpapers to download, if you're into that sort of thing.

Gallery: Sigma Harmonics

[Via Gemaga]

Investigating Square Enix's adventure RPG, Sigma Harmonics

Sigma Harmonics' title character, Sigma Kurokami, has a hereditary ability to cause miraculous effects with his voice and other musical sounds. It is this ability, combined with a giant grandfather clock (another family legacy) that enables the plot of the game to play out; using sounds and this clock, Sigma and his co-adventurer Neon Tsukiyumi are able to go back in time and solve murders, Quantum Leap-style. Changing the past opens up another version of history, with another crime to solve.

This story is told through still illustrations, drawn by first-time lead character designer Yusaku Nakaaki. You can enjoy some of the brilliant-looking illustrations of the risibly-clothed characters in this latest group of screens from Famitsu.

Square Enix reveals new 'adventure RPG': Sigma Harmonics

With all the remakes and ports that seem to come our way courtesy of Square-Enix, it's nice to see a new IP from the Final Fantasy factory. Announced in this week's issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, Sigma Harmonics is an "adventure RPG" promising a murder-mystery narrative, an interesting combination. According to initial translations of the article, the story takes its cues from Persona 4's (PS2) suspense-filled plot, and the game will be presented book-style with the DS turned sideways.

Surprisingly, Sigma Harmonics is already 60% complete and will hit stores in Japan as soon as this summer! Check the convenient gallery below for scans of the Famitsu pages.

Gallery: Sigma Harmonics

[Via NeoGAF]

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