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DS Fanboy Review: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra is the best of the traditional Kirby games (by which I mean the ones that don't feature Kirby as a ball). It features more abilities and more moves than pretty much any other Kirby game, and the levels are more varied in their design. It manages to still be the best traditional Kirby game, despite the fact that it was released in its original form on the Super NES. The new content certainly hasn't done it any favors, and, like all Kirby games, it won't provide much of a challenge, but Super Star Ultra remains as clever as it was in 1996, and completely worth every platform fan's time.

Gallery: Kirby Super Star Ultra

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A brief history of Club Nintendo Awesomeness

By now, you've no doubt heard: Nintendo is rolling out Club Nintendo in the U.S. by the end of 2008. Wahey! Yeah, we know that Japan (generally speaking) gets the most excellent items when compared to elsewhere, but listen here, bub: it's free stuff. We're not about to complain, and nor should you (if you want to feel sorry for somebody, Australia's Club Nintendo scheme has gone AWOL, and check out South Africa's piss-poor Stars Catalogue).

Anyway, as these are happy times for North Americans, we thought we'd reflect on some of the bestest Club Nintendo gifts and trinkets from both Japan and Europe to date -- some of which could end up in the U.S.! Hit the gray button to start DS Fanboy's whirlwind Club Nintendo Tour of Wonders!

Chrono Trigger's wireless mode to support 2 players

When not debating the potential price tag for Chrono Trigger, you can pretty much find us scribbling hearts with Chrono Trigger in them within the confines of our sketchbook. To say we're excited would be quite the understatement. And now we're even more excited that we have a sliver of new info about the proposed wireless mode that was revealed last month.

Sadly, that's really all we have right now. The wireless mode will support two players, but in terms of what those two players will take part in is anyone's guess. We're kind of leaning toward co-op play, like possible in Secret of Mana. Either that or some kind of dungeon rush mode or whatever.

Gallery: Chrono Trigger

[Via Siliconera]

Which Nintendo system favored third-party publishers the most?

You would think DS, no? That's exactly what we thought, as the handheld is home to more amazing third-party games than any other console in recent memory, but that is not the case. It turns out, the SNES was the best Nintendo console for third-party publishers. Who would've known?

Keep in mind, though, that this is merely based on Aeropause's own evaluation and may not be representative of how much money publishers made on each system, or the quality of the titles they released on said platform. It's more or less based on an article in the latest Nintendo Power where the staff ranked their top 20 games for each Nintendo system.

What do you all think? Which Nintendo system had the greatest batch of stellar third-party titles in your eyes? We're going to stick with DS. It seems like a no-brainer to us.

E308: Final Fantasy IV speaks our language -- probably yours, also

If you've already played the SNES version of Final Fantasy IV and think you'll find the DS remake a breeze, then here's one way to make things tougher (which doesn't involve remixed bosses): try playing it in a different language.

Siliconera's Spencer Yip discovered that the North American version of Final Fantasy IV will ship next week with the French, German, Italian, and Spanish dialog from the European edition included. Accessing any of these is easy -- just change the language setting on the main DS menu. Perfect for anyone in the States who doesn't use English as a first language, or any non-English-speaking Europeans who want a cheap import!

Join us after the break, where we'll teach you how to say a popular and useful phrase in many languages!

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

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Chrono Trigger goodies, just in time to appeal to your sense of nostalgia

With the recent announcement of Chrono Trigger DS, the DS Fanboy staff have been salivating for weeks now. In fact, we've all tied buckets around our necks, to save our precious t-shirts from being drenched. Life is all about adapting.

If you find yourself in the same crazed state of mind as us, desperate to get your hands on the final product, know some cool Chrono Trigger collectibles just went up on eBay. They're a set of keychain figurines and some Prism cards. The keychains are especially nice, but cost about twice the going rate on a SNES Chrono Trigger cart.

Source - Keychains
Source - Prism cards

[Via Gamesniped]

Comparing the old and the new: Final Fantasy IV

A comparison video between the original SNES game and new DS remake of Final Fantasy IV is available for your viewing pleasure above. As one might expect, the DS title dwarfs the SNES game graphically, showing us a much more alive game world and bringing the events to life in better fashion. But, hey, we're not knocking the SNES game. We're all for the retro around here.

With the release of Final Fantasy IV getting closer and closer, who's ready to ignore their responsibilities for a week to play through this one?

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

[Via Go Nintendo]

Emulating the gaming world on DS

One of the first things homebrewers do when they gain the ability to run unsigned code on a game console is to see what other console's games they can get running. Although the use of commercial ROMs varies from legally ambiguous (in the case of backup copies of your own software) to unambiguously illegal (in the case of just downloading stuff), emulator programs are perfectly legal -- and capable of running legal homebrew software designed for the consoles. We don't really want to get into the legal and ethical issues. We think that programs designed to run like old hardware are just cool.

Just like every other console, the advent of DS flash cards has brought with it a booming emulation scene. And since homebrew is so easy to run on the DS, and MicroSD cards so copious, it's easy to turn the humble DS into a classic gaming Swiss Army System.

We've outlined some of the most important DS-based console emulators below, along with a ton of lower-profile emulators.

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Graffiti sees a Project Exile and wants it painted Black

Graffiti Entertainment doesn't yet have a release date set for Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, formerly known as Project Exile, but the publisher has put out a new trailer and over two dozen new screenshots for the retitled game. Originally intended as a GBA game, Black Sigil's art direction still bears an uncanny resemblance to SquareSoft's SNES-era RPGs just as much as it did when developer Studio Archcraft first revealed the game in 2006.

The trailer boasts an "active-time tactical combat" system which we don't quite understand yet, and the top screen looks bare during battles -- hopefully we'll hear more specifics and see more features as Black Sigil's release approaches. With a retro-styled game boasting "30+ hours of game play with tons of side-quests," our expectations are high.

Gallery: Black Sigil

Latest portable SNES mod is actually portable

Typical -- you finally get your hands on a (sort of) portable SNES, only for someone else to bring out a slimmer, more svelte model three and a half months down the line. Bah. Anyway, this latest handheld Super Nintendo mod is the mightily impressive work of a Ben Heck forum user (whose name we can't locate, due to the forums being down; leave a comment for credit and cookies!), who not only shows off his new baby by playing Star Fox (much like the creator of the last portable SNES -- is Star Fox some kind of modding community in-joke?), but also spends some time listing everything he's squeezed in there.

As it happens, this includes a 5-inch Zenith LCD, a headphone socket, and ports for A/V out and a second controller. Kudos to you, sir, but we think we marginally prefer the retro look of the older, wooden version, even if it is heftier.

[Via Engadget]

Promotional Consideration: Hataraku Chocobo

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

Square Enix has been pushing Final Fantasy IV hard this week in Japan, advertising the 3D remake with five different CG-filled commercials. We were curious to compare these spots with how the RPG was marketed when it first appeared on the Super Famicom, all the way back in 1991, and the two approaches couldn't be any more at odds!

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Dragon Quest V screens for comparison and perusal

Square Enix has released new images from the upcoming DS remake of Dragon Quest V, and that means two things for you: a gallery of spiffy new(ish) shots, and several comparison images. With two earlier versions to look at, we just couldn't help finding some comparable shots and setting them up side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. You can check them out after the jump, and the new DS images are all safely tucked away in our gallery below, along with some character art.

Gallery: Dragon Quest V

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Modder cuts SNES down to size

Until that fine day when hell freezes over we can play Virtual Console games on the DS, our solutions for portable SNES games are few (beyond any existing GBA versions, of couse). Barriers like that exist for modders to break, however, and that's exactly what one intrepid engineer did with an extra SNES he had lying around. It took a bit more than that, though; not only did he gut the elderly system, but he also incorporated a PSOne LCD ... oh, and a hand-crafted wooden case. Together? They form a semi-portable, mostly-handheld, mobile SNES you can carry around and show off. Head past the break to see it in action.

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Project Exile finds publisher for early 2008 release

We thought that Project Exile was abandoned, left to rust in an unused barn with the other RPGs from indie studios that we haven't heard much from in months (e.g. Western Lords), but that wasn't the case! Signature Devices and Graffiti Entertainment announced that they've teamed up with Montreal-based developer Studio Archcraft to publish Project Exile, predicting a release for the 1st quarter of 2008.

If this is your first time hearing about the title, Project Exile is a "Japanese-style RPG" that follows the traditions of classic SNES RPGs with both its graphics and game design. In fact, its similarities to games like Chrono Trigger, the Seiken Densetsu series, and Final Fantasy 6 are so pronounced, there was a bit of controversy over whether or not the developer was using altered sprites ripped from its forefathers.

Though we're weary over what functionality the team might've shoehorned in during the game's mid-development move from the GBA to the DS, if Studio Archcraft manages to fulfill its promise of "eight fully developed playable characters armed with over 100 different abilities, skills, and combos," we'll definitely be at the front of the line when Project Exile hits shops.

[Via Joystiq]

DS Daily: Z-cell

For obvious reasons, today's daily question is aimed squarely at those of you who still have physical copies of Zelda cartridges. I have a bunch of Zelda games on cartridge myself, and have since The Legend of Zelda first went up for sale.

But the copy of NES Zelda I currently have is not my first copy. The battery died on that one back when new copies of the game were still available. It's been replaced a couple of times, and the "NES Classics" grey-cartridge version is still holding on.

These games were replaced, of course, before I realized that you could change the battery in NES cartridges. It was also back when, if you wanted a triwing screwdriver, you had to go through one of the janky mail-order outfits found in the back of Electronic Gaming Monthly instead of some janky dude on eBay.

Have you had a similar issue? Has your NES Zelda cartridge forgotten how you totally beat the second quest? Have you had to replace your Link to the Past, or its battery? And, for a bonus question, can you name at least one other item in video gaming that, annoyingly, requires constant replacement of CR2032 batteries?

You kids and your flash memory. You don't know how good you have it!

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