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Chrono Trigger DS features optional SNES play mode

For fans of Chrono Trigger, the news that the game would be ported to the DS was like finding an extra toy in your box of cereal. Or, actually, it was probably a bigger deal than that. Like, a lot bigger. But, what about those purists that don't like touch-screen controls changing up the game?

Well, Square Enix will be including a single-screen mode, which you can see to the right of this text. The bottom screen will display health information for the enemies you're currently engaging, so it still plays a role in the game. Are touch-screen controls really that big of an issue, though?

Gallery: Chrono Trigger

DS Daily: Accessorizing

Most DS owners have, at some time or another, picked up a case (to protect the system) or perhaps a specialized stylus. But have you bought anything else? Hard shells, skins -- decorative, silicon, or both -- or something wacky like a stand? We'd love to hear how you accessorize your baby, even if it's only a matter of buying something to keep those tiny carts in.

Finally, DS Lite accessories for Gothic Lolitas

If sewing dark lace onto your system cases and painting your handheld supplements black and pink to accompany your GothLoli look sounds too laborsome and time-consuming, Keys Factory has just the solution for your unique needs -- Infem.In, a new and complete accessory line designed to match your dark Victorian livery.

Available in Japan starting July 31st, the new DS Lite set features a stylus, a card case (which holds 4 carts), a hard cover, a system pouch, an LCD cleaner with a case, and a pair of screen protectors, almost all of them painted black and pink, decorated with hearts and ornate accents. Each item is sold separately, with prices at import shop Play Asia ranging from $6.90 to $14.90.

Interestingly, Keys Factory has set up an official site just for this specific line, offering up a slick Flash presentation for the products, wallpaper downloads, and even a sliding tile puzzle mini-game. The company must have high hopes for this somber set!

See also: Fit for a princess: DS plays dress-up

Toytech takes a stand on DS accessories

We spotted Toytech's new Yatterman-themed styli and stands, really taking to the idea of keeping the pen upright and displayed. Play Asia has the sets in stock for a cheap $5.99, but we passed on the deal, realizing that we had no idea what a Yatterman is or why we would want it on a stylus! Apparently, it's an anime remake of a late-70's Japanese show?

We went searching for some stylus-and-stand alternatives, and, wouldn't you know it, we found out that Toytech has a whole line of interesting accessories with more recognizable characters. Look past the post break for some of them!

See also: Poke the Force with Lightsaber styli

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Poke the Force with Lightsaber styli

We're often wooed by game-themed styli, but never has the Force been with a touchpen so much as with these mini Lightsabers. Releasing on July 31st, these official Nintendo and Lucas Arts styli are sure to sell like hotcakes (we can think of at least one game they'll go well with). Yet if you plan to buy them, you'll have a tough choice to make -- should you get the three small replicas for $7.99, or the two slightly bigger light-up sabers for $16.99? Choices, choices.

So far we've only seen these beauties available on Amazon through seller BD&A, but we're sure they'll hit other retailers as time passes. If you're too cheap to make the purchase, though, be sure to check out our guide for stylus alternatives.

[Thanks, Kimiko!]

Source: Nintendo DS Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber Stylus 2 Pack
Source: Nintendo DS Star Wars Lightsaber Stylus 3 Pack

Nintendo helps make a better prison guard

We can imagine what makes for a good prison guard: somebody who has seen the show Oz and is skilled in the ways of the nightstick. What else could a wannabe prison guard need? Nintendo, apparently.

At North Branch Correctional Institution, prison Warden John A. Rowley mentioned that the state-of-the-art touch-screen system that the prison uses to control the population is, apparently, very similar to that of the DS. He commented that "Nintendo was a great tool to train today's officers." We couldn't agree more, since the DS is not only a great handheld system for gaming, but also a cheap way to introduce folks to the interface of a touch-screen, not to mention how to effectively use a stylus.

So, while the Warden comments that Nintendo helped train his guards, we think the system can go further. It can train grandparents on how to use a PDA (or you can turn it into one for them), among other things. What a great little system!

[Via Kotaku]

DS Clone Wars project lead talks up the game

We don't have to tell you how promising upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars game is. Drop-in anytime wireless co-op play? Awesome! Stylus-driven gameplay akin to Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword? Awesome. We're excited.

For the Padawans out there looking for more, know that the game's project lead, Feargus Carroll, recently spoke with IGN. He details the story, which has Count Dooku joining force with the Nightsisters, whom are described as "Sith Witches with Force powers and Lightsaber skills." They have nasty things planned for the Jedi and it's up to the player to stop them with the six available characters, which are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto.

Feargus also talks a bit about the stylus-driven controls, stating that just about everything will be controlled with the stylus. Movement, attacks, Force powers and just about anything else you can imagine is utilized through the stylus. It sounds ambitious, but it's been pulled off once already.

All in all, we're excited for Lucasarts' DS entry. What say you?

Handing out massive damage in Disgaea DS

If there's one thing we know you can do in the upcoming Disgaea DS, it's inflict a lot of damage. Well, we know that and the game will be awesome. It's Disgaea. This isn't rocket science, people!

As said above, the video features Nippon ichi showing off the many ways you can inflict ridiculous amounts of damage. Like, in the millions. The other notable thing about the video above is the pre-order bonus for Japanese gamers. It's possible we could be receiving the same bonus when the title releases to North America in August, but nothing has been set in stone, yet.

Gallery: Disgaea

[Via Siliconera]

Fill your tour bus with RedOctane's Guitar Hero: On Tour stuff

When they started taking preorders for Guitar Hero: On Tour, RedOctane revealed a second package containing not just the game and controller, but also a case decorated with a flame-enhanced version of the game's logo. That case is now available for preorder independent of the game, at a $16.99 price point. More choice is always better, but this seems like a strange option. Why not buy it and the game together and save yourself seven dollars?

You can then put that money into a five-pack of official pick styli! Alternately, if you aren't concerned with savings and would rather eschew the flames case in favor of something classier, you can get an identical case with an embossed black Guitar Hero logo. It's the more subdued way to carry your tiny fake guitar.

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Introducing unique baseball title Major DS

Tomy, who you're more likely to know for their involvement with Naruto than a sports title, is releasing a pretty sweet baseball game in Japan this July. It's called Major DS and, aside from just being a baseball title (enough for this sports fan), it has great appeal in its unique control scheme. As you can witness in the video above, pitching and batting is handled by utilizing the stylus on the touch-screen. It looks like MLB Power Pros is getting a run for its money soon ...

Any sports fans think Tomy is on to something here with Major DS? We're wondering how import-friendly it is, ourselves.

Another way to get Dragon Quest into your DS [update 2]

[Update 2: Pretty sure you get two.]

There just aren't enough Slime products for us. The hundred bajillion or so that currently exist fail to completely cover every aspect of our lives. Square Enix is working to make sure that we never have to not look at a Slime again, starting with the outside of our DS Lite.

For just $7, you can get one of two adorable Slime styli that fit into the Lite just like the normal ones, with one important difference: a pleasantly vacant little Slime peeking out from the stylus slot. Preorders are set to ship in July, just in time (we think) for the Dragon Quest IV remake.

DS Daily: Getting it right

Just yesterday, we were talking about some of the worst offenders in stylus-based controls, so it's only fitting that today, we should discuss the best. But let's not focus on the obvious answers. With adventure games, for instance we expect good stylus controls; point and click isn't difficult when your method of input is a pointer with which you click things. What are your favorite other games that use primarily stylus controls? Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan come to mind; while it seems like the stylus would make rhythm games ridiculously easy, these games manage to keep it fun and challenging while presenting a great interface. We're also fond of the punishing brutality of Trauma Center, which made us swear the first time we sewed bad stitches and got lectured about it. The recent NInja Gaiden: Dragon Sword boasts stylus swordplay that is unstoppable. But that's just the tip of a very large iceberg. For as much as we complain about bad stylus controls, so many games do it well.

DS Daily: Forced stylus

The touchscreen is awesome for certain types of games. Adventure titles, for example, really benefit from the DS's stylus controls.

There are some instances, though, in which the stylus just seems forced, as if the developers added in these controls simply because their game was made for the DS. Most of the time, fortunately, these games will have d-pad options also, but sometimes they don't.

Have you run into any games where the stylus controls were clunky and unnecessary? If so, which titles are the worst offenders?

An explosively cute bonus for Disgaea

The item hasn't been produced yet, but Nippon Ichi has released a preview image of a totally adorable bonus, which we expect will be handed out to people who preorder Disgaea: Prince of the Demon World and the Red Moon. It's a stylus in the shape of the series' well-known mascot/punching bag/exploding projectile, a Prinny. Another drawing gives us an idea of what the final item will look like, and suggests that there will be another Disgaea item made for the DS -- some kind of dangling charm thing. And in addition to news about adorable pseudo-penguin styli, Dengeki has a ton of new screens!

What would you have to do in life, we wonder, to be reincarnated not just as a Prinny, but as a piece of plastic shaped like a Prinny? And how would you earn your way back into the world -- would it be as simple as never scratching the screen?

Gallery: Disgaea

DS Daily: Makeshift

We're willing to bet that, at one time or another, most DS owners at least temporarily misplace a stylus. If you don't have another one handy, that means you've got to wing it ... but what sort of makeshift objects can you use without damaging that precious screen? From a finger to riskier objects, we're sure DS lovers everywhere have used a stylus alternative at least once, and we'd love to hear what you chose.

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