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Another reason to love Ernie Hudson

As if brilliant acting in films such as The Basketball Diaries, or his great TV work in shows such as Oz, weren't enough to love the man, we now find out he's addicted to one of our most beloved puzzle games: Tetris. During an interview regarding the upcoming Ghostbusters game, Hudson let the cat out of the bag.

"Years ago, I bought my son Tetris. He said, 'Wow, this is cool, Dad, but are you sure you don't want to play? Here, this is how you do it...' So I start playing Tetris. I have to be at work at six o'clock the next morning. Then it's 4.30am and I've been up all night, playing Tetris." It didn't end there, as Ernie (we're allowed to call him by his first name, it's cool) continued his affair with the puzzle game for a lot longer than you might think.

"For 15 years, I was hooked on Tetris. I played it every single day. I can still hear that stupid song in my head. I thought, if that one game did that to me... I just don't have time for that. So I'm not a gamer. But the kids, they spend more time than I'd like to see them spend playing games." 15 years, only to kick the habit cold turkey? Man, Ernie, talk about impressive.

[Via Go Nintendo]

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat. You're more than welcome to pop in and say "Hello." Just tell them we sent you!

Heya folks, it's that time of the week again. Last week, yours truly got to enjoy quite a bit of Mario Kart Wii, as evidenced by the above video. Why aren't you joining us each week? There's lots of fun to be had, gaming it up with your peers and us, the staff. Seriously, don't you have any online-compatible games?

We don't just play Wii games, either! Tetris DS and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin are in constant rotation, as well as Phantom Hourglass and Mario Kart DS, just to name a few. So, charge up that handheld and show up at the site around 7pm ET tonight. You'll see this post at the top of the page (if not, keep refreshing until you do). Hope to see you there tonight!

DS Fanboy poll: Demos: do you dabble?

The Wii's Nintendo Channel, then. It's enjoyed a somewhat shaky start if you ask us, particularly where DS demos are concerned. Although we love occasionally receiving bite-size portions of games such as Arkanoid, most demos are ... well, to be frank, they're old. Not just regular old, either, but Jesus and his pet triceratops trekking across the ravaged plains of Pangaea old.

The situation is especially grim in Europe, where Tetris DS (original release date: April 2006) has just joined a list that includes (amongst others) the ancient likes of Big Brain Academy, Brain Training, Mario Kart DS, 42 All-Time Classics, and Sight Training. Needless to say, we've only downloaded a small handful of games since the service debuted. To us, a demo of Brain Training is about as useful as a plasticine climbing frame.

Then again, maybe we're being overly critical, grumbly bastards. Maybe some of you good people actually get quite a lot of use out of the service. So we thought we'd throw this issue open to you, our beloved readers, and ask: how often do you use the Nintendo Channel demos?

Japanese homebrew games that will blow your mind

Whenever the topic of internationally developed homebrew DS games comes up, as it often does among hip and attractive people, most people in "the scene" immediately think of France, whose homebrew community rivals North America's in both size and production. You'll see an occasional release from other countries, such as Spain or Korea, but you'll rarely see much activity elsewhere.

But what about Japan's scene? For a country with so many DSes and a strong independent game development community, outside of Infantile Paralysiser's MoonShell media player, we've hardly seen any DS homebrew projects cross the Pacific. Where are all the doujin developers?

At least one programmer in Japan has been working on creating games for the DS, and we're bringing him out of the shadows to highlight three of his projects, likely games that you've never even heard of, let alone seen. If you're interested in homebrew development at all, you definitely need to pay attention to MeRAMAN!

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Friday Video: Dun dun dun dun TETRIS SONG

If there's anything that our gaming brethren have taught us, it's that bottles make for great musical instruments when performing video game songs. Even if the video doesn't involve an RC car, we still love this rendition of everyone's favorite Tetris song. You know, the one that goes like this.

Even better is that while performing "Korobeiniki," these folks are clearly having fun with it. That's enough to make us want to drink a few gallons worth of wine ... uh, just to get enough bottles to try this out for ourselves, of course. We also appreciate the stop-motion effect, because it just makes the whole stunt all the more impressive.

Can we request a track from Mega Man 2 for their next bit?

[Via Geekologie]

Tetris Company's Rogers clears lines, the air

Henk Rogers is a rich man these days, after having secured the license for a certain Russian computer game back in the '80s. It was Rogers who licensed Tetris out to Nintendo for use in the Game Boy and NES, and it's Rogers who started The Tetris Company to manage future Tetris licensing.

That money is now going into the Blue Planet Foundation, a nonprofit Rogers has set up to research global warming. The foundation hosted a summit in Rogers' hometown of Honolulu in order to gather experts, in the interest of reducing fossil fuel dependency.

It's just one of Rogers' four "missions," which are about as ambitious as anything can be -- so much so that he doesn't expect them to be fulfilled within his lifetime: eliminating the need for fossil fuel, ending war, and, uh, understanding the universe. The other goal? "We need to make a back-up of life on Earth. We need to take each species on Earth and make a backup and populate other planets." Sounds vaguely crazy, but sensible at the same time!

Tetris-like chocolates make our mouths water [update]

Okay, so this isn't true, blue Tetris (that would probably infringe on some copyrights), but these faux-Tetris-esque Meiji chocolates still look fun to us. If there's one thing we've learned from disobeying our parents, it's that playing with your food is fun. The goal in this case is to put all the pieces together so that you completely fill in the rectangle board.

These Meiji chocolate bar puzzles come in different difficulties, too -- as the chocolate flavor gets more bitter (white, to milk, to dark), the piece placement gets harder. Of course, the hardest part would be the test in willpower. It's not easy to play the puzzle after you eat all the pieces, we're sure.

These might stale by the time you import them, but if you'd like some anyway for the novelty they cost 730 JPY (about $7 USD) each at Strapya World, sans shipping. As of posting this, there were only four units in stock, so you might want to get on that quickly if you covet such treats.

We just hope there's not too many zigzags.

[Update: I just found out that the chocolate isn't actually edible! (Hear that? It's the sound of my heart breaking.) Sorry if I got any of your hopes up, too!]

[Via About:Blank]

The DS Life: Dropping weight

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handheld and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

Planning on getting yourself in shape this year with video games? Though Wii Fit and My Weight Loss Coach look like excellent tools to help you work out, their hefty prices -- $90 for the former, $40 for the latter -- might be too much for your slim budget. Illustrator Cory Godbey has come up with a lo-fi alternative to those expensive software solutions. Join us past the post break to find out how you can lose weight and save money! In just 30 days!*

*not in 30 days

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Everyone hates the zigzag

Not familiar with Eegra's Hilarity Comics? We're definitely fans, and this week's strip doesn't disappoint.

Yes, everyone loves the long block in Tetris. Not only does the line help you rack up points, but it's also probably gotten you out of some jams. But the zigzag? That piece is a heartbreaker, and arguably the most loathed block in Tetris.

Check after the break to see the rest of the comic.

Continue reading Everyone hates the zigzag

Navigating your Japanese copy of Tetris DS

Tetris DS has become a hard-to-find item, leaving the DS with the distinction of being the only Nintendo handheld (except for the Pokémon Mini stuff) without a ubiquitous Tetris game. And that just feels wrong. The surprising rarity of the Nintendo-nostalgia-themed puzzler has driven prices on eBay way up. In order to clear lines without clearing their bank account, many would-be Tetrists are buying Japanese copies -- including DS Fanboy staffers eager to drop Tetriminoes every Game Night.

It's easy enough to play Tetris DS even without understanding the menus. Just push enough buttons and eventually something will happen. But it's somewhat trickier to engage in multiplayer without being able to read the interface. In order to help anyone stuck in such a situation (and to encourage online Tetris-ing, of course!) we've gone through the menus in a Japanese copy of Tetris DS and translated the screen text.

Click the picture to browse the entire gallery, or you can pick your starting point from the list below. We hope this guide is the I-piece in the prospective Tetris that is your Tetris DS experience!

Play video game music on a piano -- just like the pros!

Taking a break from porting visual novel demos like Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue and Snatcher Pilot, developer Multiple: Option has posted its first original project, a neat homebrew application that teaches you how to play simple video game melodies with a virtual piano. If only there was a similar program for 90s gangsta rap songs -- we would love to learn 2Pac's "I Ain't Mad at Cha!"

Multiple: Option's software, Game Melody Oratorio, includes lessons for songs Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Bubble Bobble, and The Legend of Zelda. Each melody has two modes, one for practicing the tune with visual cues, the other for playing the melody without any help once you've mastered it. Don't see your favorite video game song on the list? There's also a "Free Play" mode that allows you to experiment and play whatever you want.

[Via NEO Compo 2008]

Decorate your living room, Tetris style

It just so happens that today, we came across two Tetris related pieces of furniture that are perfect for the household. Is this a sign that we should be redecorating our homes? We think so, but unfortunately, we have people we live with to consider. And, oh yeah, no money.

Pictured above is the TT Chair, which happens to be shaped like the beloved L block. We like how you can place it on the floor at different angles -- very fitting (and also necessary) for Tetris furniture. The cost is about $220 per chair, though, and they are only available through a Japanese website called Rakuten.

Equally impressive is the Tetris mirror, pictured in the gallery below. Unlike the chairs, this beauty by Soner Ozenc isn't for sale, to our knowledge. Still, even if it's completely impractical, we love that you can move the pieces around at will. This mirror would give its owner another excuse to be late for work in the morning, not to mention a way to combine gaming with vanity. No, we weren't staring at our beautiful selves, we were just rearranging the Tetris mirror, honest.

Which piece are you more fond of, readers?

Gallery: Tetris mirror

[Chairs via Tokyo Mango, mirrors via Technabob]

Read: Tetris mirrors
Read: TT chairs

Eating Tetris is our new hobby

Every Thursday, we battle with many of you during the greatness that is Game Night. Most of the time, these festivities involve plenty of Tetris. Even though the game is almost two years old, its appeal never seems to fade.

We never thought anything could add to the allure of Tetris, but that all changed when we saw it in waffle form. What can be better than playing Tetris? Obviously, eating it. The blocked texture of the waffles makes waffle Tetris perfect, and we just love playing with our food.

The best part? Once you successfully make rows, you have to eat them to make them disappear. Yum!

[Via Technabob]

Hard block life: What we learned from Tetris

Sci-Fi blog io9 has posted an absolutely fantastic, thinking-outside-the-box article -- exactly the sort of thing we love to share with you -- titled "I Was Programmed by Tetris to be a Better Person." The piece matches familiar Tetris scenarios with words of wisdom, like "Whatever you do, do it with dignity," and "The nail that sticks out should be hammered down."

Having spent over half of our existence playing the Russian puzzler, we've also picked up a few lessons and words to live by from the falling, multi-colored blocks. Here they are, plucked from the sage minds of DS Fanboy's staff (My wife contributed, too, since Alisha is off birthing her own baby block):
  • Dave: Immediate gratification just isn't worth sacrificing the long-term goal
  • JC: Don't buy the Tetris board game
  • Eric: Having a second player makes everything ten times more fun
  • Candace, channeling Project Runway's Tim Gunn: "Make it work"
  • Chris: If you pause for too long, you might find life passes you by (or that level 20 Tetris is REALLY FREAKING HARD to play from the off)
  • Alexis: Even weird blocks, the ones that don't look like they fit in anywhere, have a place
So, what has Tetris taught you?

DS Daily: Worst Wi-Fi problems

We all pretty much agree that friend codes aren't exactly Nintendo's best decision ever, but every week after Game Night (which is probably when this blogger does the lion's share of weekly online DS gaming), there are always a few thoughts rumbling around about things that could be better. Being unable to add new friends to Clubhouse Games while in a room, for instance, or the 2-or-4 player restrictions on Tetris. Any other issues you can think of? Sometimes it seems that online multiplayer functions just weren't quite subjected to the same quality control issues. They work well enough, to be sure, but they could easily be better in a lot of cases.

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