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WRUP: We wish we were Japanese edition

With the Japanese getting all of the good releases this week, we find ourselves in the same position we're always in: wishing we were Japanese. Like that musical group The Vapors, who found themselves "Turning Japanese," we would welcome the surprise of suddenly finding ourselves within that country's confines, ripped away from our all-too-familiar surroundings and thrust into a land where we do not speak the language. Actually, when we think about it, maybe that isn't such a good thing. We'd at least like to pack some clothes and a dictionary first!

Enough of us and our ridiculous imagination, though. We want to know what you're playing! So, do us a solid and tell us what you'll be playing on your DS this weekend? We swear we aren't selling the information to anybody!

WRUP: Post-E3 playing plans edition

With E3 coming to a close, you've no doubt many things to think about this weekend. Upcoming games and future enjoyment of them is probably on your mind right now, as it is ours. That doesn't mean your, or our, responsibility to enjoy some nice gaming over the weekend can be overlooked, though!

So, we ask: what are you playing? What will you be rocking in your DS this weekend? We've got some Puzzle Quest to play ourselves, having only given the game a few minutes of our time on its initial purchase.

WRUP: Sick of Sudoku edition

This week's releases might not be all that fabulous to those of us outside of Japan, but at least we're still getting something new to play. Even if it is just another Sudoku game. For us, it doesn't matter much, as our backlog just grows larger by the week, so we're already knee-deep in games that need to be played.

What about you? What will you be playing?

WRUP: The usual suspects edition

This week's releases are the usual for the DS: plenty of titles to choose from. For a first, though, there isn't much we're dying to get our hands on. We think we're going to give the old wallet a break this weekend. Who cares about us, though?

What will you be playing? Plan on picking up any of the new releases or will you be chiseling away on an older title

WRUP: So many games, so little time edition

With so many excellent games having released this week, no doubt many of you are having a tough time deciding on what new game (or games) to pick up, if any. As for us, we picked up a certain puzzle game and are considering joining the front lines, but have nothing else really planned for play in our DS Lite.

What about you, fine reader? Are you going to pick up something new or will you be rocking something a bit older? What are you playing?

WRUP: What is there to play edition

Sure, a few different games released this week, but for us in the United States, Zendoku and Time Ace got pushed back to next week. This leaves some game about a fabulous foursome or something. We could care less about that. What we care about is this planetary puzzle league we keep hearing about. We're playing that this weekend, but what about you?

What will you be playing?

WRUP: It's a wide world web out there edition

With the releases arriving this week, many of you U.S. readers are probably trying to get your surf on with your DS Phat or Lite. Other regions have more titles to choose from this week, so if you fall in that category, what do you plan on playing this weekend? For the rest of you in the U.S., will you be surfing the web, or are you looking to get your puzzlin' on?

What are you playing?

WRUP: Battlin' tanks edition

With this week's releases sitting on shelves in a store near you, we imagine if you're interested in any of them, it'll be Tank Beat. Of course, that only pertains to the U.S. as Europe finally gets their hands on Wario: Master of Disguise and Australia gets almost nothing. Japan, of course, gets the most, but we're all used to that round here.

So, what will you be playing this weekend? Will you pick up Tank Beat or Wario: Master of Disguise, or are these titles lacking that "need to buy" factor for you?

WRUP: Pirates vs. ninja edition

With a couple of different titles available this week, gamers will have to choose a side: pirates or ninja? Do you wish to swill rum and sail the high seas, or emerge from the shadows only to kill your enemies and return just as quick? These choices need to be made once in a person's life and now the time has arrived for you.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

WRUP: Get crackin' on those unfinished games edition

We were looking over this week's releases, seeing if we wanted to pick anything up, when today's DS Daily topic hit us kind of hard. You see, if anyone has a lot of unfinished games, it's us. Blogging takes a lot out of the team (and our cruel overlords' whips don't help), so our unfinished stack is fairly tall. Given that, we wondered if any of you were planning your weekend around putting a dent in an unfinished game (or games).

What are you playing this weekend?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

WRUP: Gotta catch 'em all edition

This week's releases saw North America receiving Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and it only took 5 days for the game to sell a million, meaning we're all still loving those little monsters, making them battle for our amusement before cramming them back into their tiny Pokeball prison. As such, we know what you're playing this weekend, you don't even have to tell us! Plus, with a challenge sitting on the table, we're all going to need to train our guys long and hard if we plan on destroying the competition come Game Night.

So, have fun with those Pokemon this weekend!

Previous posts: What were you playing?

WRUP: More puzzles than you can solve edition

For us Americans, we received quite the puzzling update this week. Not puzzling in the sense of confusing, but puzzling because they were basically all puzzle games. Those with a thirst for word and number puzzles are in for one grand old time, apparently.

So, what will you be playing this weekend? Plan on taking the DS out into the wide world to get your game on? Or will you be enjoying the plush comfort of your home with your dual-screened buddy this weekend?

Previous posts:
What were you playing?

WRUP: Have your cake and eat it too edition

Us American gamers only received one new game this week, one we don't find ourselves interested in that much. Personally, we've been busy playing a little game called Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. Now that we've gone and reviewed it, though, we're looking to get ourselves back to playing something new. We never got really far into Hotel Dusk, so maybe we'll go back to playing that this weekend.

But, enough about us! What are you playing this weekend?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

What are you playing: kweh edition

With some great-looking titles hitting the DS this week, gamers shouldn't have trouble finding a title to pick up and play through the weekend. Might we suggest that Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales game? Apparently, the critics liked it (we have yet to play it ourselves, however). If it's not your cup of tea, then what do you plan on playing this weekend? What will keep you company?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

What are you playing: refreshing the retro edition

With the releases this week, we were anxious to get our hands on The Settlers, however every single local game store and online retailer are telling us different dates on the game. So, we suppose nobody knows when this game is releasing, making our ignorance a little more bearable. But, with all that in mind, and the other games available this week, we must ask: what are you playing this weekend?

Will you be going retro with us, replaying the Konami classics on your dual-screened beaut, or do you plan on picking something else up? What will you be playing?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

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