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New Resident Evil screenies

Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceAfter watching the video trailer of Capcom's re-REmake of Resident Evil earlier this month, it  became apparent that Capcom was making every effort to appease survival-horror fans...well, at least the ones that enjoyed the series before Resident Evil 4 fixed revitalized it. Yes, the static camera angles, obtuse "place the magical obsidian gem into the fish statue" puzzles and robotic aiming have all returned, but the allure of slashing zombies in first-person view and an apparent multiplayer mode will undoubtedly prove much too hard to resist.

Still, it would have been far better to see the game drop the fixed camera angles and adopt an over-the-shoulder view with precise, stylus-driven aiming. The environments are all real-time now, so why not? Why can't you use the guns in first-person mode? And how about a Nintendogs-esque mini-game where you attempt to train a chained zombie, only to have him nibble your arm off at unexpected intervals? Ponder these questions while you absorb the new and very bloody screenshots of the game.

[Correction: Upon closer scrutiny (thanks el pero de nate), it seems we gave this remake a bit too much credit. The environments aren't real-time, but we still stand by our ideas for making the game better.]

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el perro de nate1

12-29-2005 @ 6:00PM

el perro de nate said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the enviornments are real-time. I had to go rewatch the trailer when I read that, but... no dice. Got me all excited Ludwig. :(


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Ludwig Kietzmann2

12-29-2005 @ 6:28PM

Ludwig Kietzmann said...

Yeah, I just watched it again myself and upon closer scrutiny, I do believe you're correct, sir. I was actually under the impression that the first-person segments were real-time, but it appears that isn't the case either. Which begs the question - why do the CG backgrounds look so crappy on the DS? It's not a space limitation (the DS cart could almost hold the original game's two CDs) and while it could be the lower resolution that's to blame, Trace Memory's CG images looked just fine on the screen.


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12-29-2005 @ 6:58PM

Duckula said...

Hold on, how much can a DS cart hold?

Also, will there be wi-fi multiplayer and would it be safe to import the Japanese version.


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Ludwig Kietzmann4

12-29-2005 @ 7:15PM

Ludwig Kietzmann said...

The DS cart holds 1GB, if I recall correctly. By the looks of the trailer, there will be wi-fi multiplayer of sorts, though it looks like the other players appear as weird diamond shapes on your screen as opposed to actual character models. It'l probably be safe to import the Japanese version. It seems the text is in Japanese but the voices are in English (and even so, if you've played the original, you'll be fine).


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David K5

12-30-2005 @ 10:22AM

David K said...

No - Nintendo DS cards hold a Gigabit - that's just 128MB


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12-30-2005 @ 10:26AM

Walkin' said...

I prefer the old style of RE instead of RE4 kind. RE4 just didn't feel like RE.


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Willy Wonka7

1-03-2006 @ 8:08PM

Willy Wonka said...

Actually the new game cards can hold up to 512MB. That's half a GB.


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