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Joystiq presents

Bowser gets the business

Some videos popped up yesterday over at IGN showcasing several different situations the portly plumber might get himself into in his travels of eating mushrooms and balancing on ropes over lava pits in New Super Mario Bros. The first video even shows Mario duking it out with the big bad Bowser himself in the truest fashion, that is, in a recreation of their very first encounter back during the original Super Mario Bros. This time around has an exception, however, as once he is thrust into the liquid magma, Bowser emerges to the surface, much in the way T1000 did at the end of Terminator 2, thrashing about in great pain, yet displaying a ghastly skeletal visage. Could this finally be the end of Bowser?

Also, how odd is it that his hair doesn't even get scorched?

[Thanks TxdoHawk!]

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1. It looks f***ing sweet

Posted at 5:55PM on May 5th 2006 by Jason C.

2. oh man, spoiler alert! who knew!

Posted at 6:13PM on May 5th 2006 by washingtonydc

3. Spoilers, Spoilers Spoilers!!!!!


Posted at 6:15PM on May 5th 2006 by Nushio

4. People play mario games for the story?

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Can't wait for that game.

Posted at 7:14PM on May 5th 2006 by Tim

5. Poor Bowser. That's pretty gruesome for a Mario game. When Mario falls in lava he just bounces out with his ass on fire, but Bowser's face melts off? That's just nasty.

Posted at 7:45PM on May 5th 2006 by Sense

6. Tom:

Not the story persť, but I do like surprises.

All I knew about this game was that Baby Bowser came out, and i thought HE was the main badguy. Kinda like in Mario Sunshine, which I never finished, so I dunno if he really is the bad guy.

Spoilers are all sorts of stuff, from unlocking ROB in MKDS, to getting secret tracks, or other stuff.

It isnt just the story, its the whole enviroment whats ruined. Now I know I will beat bowser, and thats what he'll look like after being defeated. Might as well put a video on YouTube about it, no?

Posted at 8:04PM on May 5th 2006 by Nushio

7. How do we know that that's the REAL (baby) bowser? It could just be an imposter.
The princess is in another castle.

Posted at 8:38PM on May 5th 2006 by moofree

8. Good point, maybe the these are Robo-bowsers that guard the early levels. The real bowser may look different.

Posted at 8:53PM on May 5th 2006 by skyrous

9. This obviously isn't the real Bowser. I'd say this is the boss from the first world (the level looks too easy to be very far in the game). And the final fight with Bowser will be much more impressive than a simple jump and push a button. This is just a 'bowser-clone' similar to the first Mario game or perhaps a dy bone in disguise.

Posted at 9:03PM on May 5th 2006 by Phil


Think about it. Mario just killed a father of 8! They don't even have a mother to keep them safe. The closest thing they have to a mom is Peach. And now Mario (the evil italian) is "kiddnapping" their only mother figure.

Bowser isn't a bad guy, he just wants his kids to have a... semi-normal life.

Posted at 9:38AM on May 6th 2006 by Marc

11. Does this remind anyone of the secret boss in Super Metroid (the big red thing) who got his face melted off as well. I can hardly remember it since it was so long ago but I think that guy continued fighting you AFTER he had got his face burnt off lol.

Posted at 10:11AM on May 6th 2006 by Kaikara

12. The hair thing is wierd, especially considering reptiles don't grow hair.

Posted at 10:57AM on May 6th 2006 by citizen

13. Shhht! Dont tell the ESRB!

Posted at 11:54AM on May 6th 2006 by R0DJOh

14. Wow, that is intense. The gloves are off! We all knew Mario had it in him!

Of course, it could just be a fake Bowser, there were seven of 'em in the original game after all....

Posted at 5:03PM on May 6th 2006 by John H.

15. Do you guys actually believe Nintendo would show the end of the final boss fight?

Posted at 5:38PM on May 6th 2006 by Mike

16. Mario HAS been the bad guy at least once. Remember how he had DK in bondage in Donkey Kong Jr.? ;)

Posted at 2:57PM on May 7th 2006 by Fortyseven

17. Well doesn't Bowser die in every iteration of a Mario game? I don't think this was as much of a spoiler as it was a hint towards a new character in the Mario world. Think of it: The next Mario Kart will have two new characters to add to the slew... introducing the skin and bones "Anorexic Bowser", and his friend Lindsay Lohan. Brilliant Nintendo, Brilliant! This is the more mature company we've been hoping for.

Posted at 4:56PM on May 7th 2006 by Ryan

18. Not to burst your bubble, but this happens in the first castle of the game. Doubt he would 'die' that quickly. Then again, I'm halfway through the game. So I will leave it to the rest of you to find out what happens ;)

Posted at 9:57AM on May 8th 2006 by Squints

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