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Joystiq presents

Have GBA, will travel

Here's one from the just plain unusual file: one intrepid family has decided to turn traveling around the world into a photo project starring the GBA. Rather, a young boy playing a GBA, hence the pun in the name of the set at Flickr -- "Game Boy Around the World."

Ah, Game Boy-spotting, Game Boys in the wild, Game Boys gone wild -- the humor potential here is almost frightening in its vastness. Too bad the photos are actually good; we'd much prefer to crack jokes, but we're too busy goggling at all the wonders. We just hope the kid featured in the pictures took some time to look around as well ... after all, this project is funny because it's true.

[Via Joystiq]

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1. when i was 12 i was at the grand canyon and i was playing my gameboy. one of the employees was so dumbfounded they asked me why i wasnt enjoying the canyon.

Posted at 11:52AM on Oct 24th 2006 by kc 0 stars

2. I played my Gameboy all the time while we were in Italy a few years ago. On the beach, while waiting for the food at the restaurants, and at the hotel.

Posted at 6:12AM on Oct 25th 2006 by Frederik 0 stars

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