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Calling all bloggers: we want YOU (update 1)

Do you enjoy writing about video games? Do you enjoy getting paid real monies? Well, then you might be just the person we're looking for! DS Fanboy and Wii Fanboy are both looking to expand their staff and are holding open submissions for bloggers. Applying is a piece of cake, asking only that you:
  • Write up 3 mock posts in the current format that is on DS and Wii Fanboy, including original source links for the story
  • Compose a short bio praising yourself and your insane writing skillz
  • Include links to all published material you have written in the past
And that should about do it. Simple enough, right? As always, failure to follow these rules will exclude you from the festivities. So get cracking and send your submissions to nintendobloggerjob [at] gmail [dot] com.

[Update: New email addy to send in submissions, other way around would've caused us headaches in the backend.]

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Reader Comments

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1. Is there a deadline for submissions?


Posted at 12:47PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Jedi D-Dog

2. What kind of time do you expect us to be putting in? Do you think this job is possible if you have a regular 9-5 job?

Posted at 3:08PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Probot

3. In addition to the other comments, what kind of requirements are we talking about in terms of words, articles per week, etc? You can count on a submission by me, and I would love to get an email with some more information.

Posted at 3:53PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Brad Malloy

4. Would I be disqualified if I have no prior published works?

Posted at 4:44PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Bearxor

5. Ahhhh, wouldn't it be nice to finally get paid for the job I've been doing the past few years?

But somehow I doubt the job pay is nice enough with a flexible enough schedule that I could quit my dayjob...and I don't think I want to give up my Wii Editor position over at TheGameFeed...

Posted at 5:10PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Nmaster

6. It's eighteen and up only isn't it?
I almost guarentee you that the position is to the exclusion of anyone under eighteen, even if they do have writing skillz.

If the position is avalible to seventeeners with past game writing experience, you will have just made my day.

Posted at 9:43PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Unidentified creature

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