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Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl confirmed for Spring! [update 1]

Yeah they are.
Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl
is, beyond doubt, the most anticipated release in the American market for the wonderous and fancy DS. Despite runaway sales in Japan and critical success, however, Nintendo has remained extremely tight-lipped about its eventual release date, with nothing more than a "TBA 2007" showing up in their catalogs.

The latest Nintendo Power, however, seems to have mention of a Spring release; those trusty soldiers at NeoGAF seem to have their heads on straight. Furthermore, Nintendo's official Pokemon website is now claiming an April 22nd release date, and despite Nintendo's penchant for delaying games till all nine eight planets align, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. We won't lie ... we want this game, stigma be damned. The Pokemon franchise, if nothing else, has repeatedly demonstrated engrossing gameplay and attention to detail, and the new Wi-Fi trading system just makes it all the sweeter.

Wanna know what else? Nintendo Power gave the upcoming Phoenix Wright: Justice for All a 9 out of 10. Awesome. If David didn't mention that you have to love Phoenix Wright to come work here, then consider this an amendment of epic proportions.

[via GoNintendo]

[Update 1: Trusty commenters. More information from added, and fixed a typo.]

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12-18-2006 @ 2:29PM

Donald said... is reporting April 22.


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12-18-2006 @ 2:30PM

brad said...

what did LoZ TP for Wii get from NP?


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Your name (required):3

12-18-2006 @ 2:43PM

Your name (required): said...

>> Wanna know what else? Nintendo Power gave the upcoming Phoenix Wright: Attorney at Law a 9 out of 10.

It's PW: Justice for All, unless Capcom has pulled a last minute name change on me. :|


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12-18-2006 @ 4:23PM

zeno48 said...

Is anyone planning on getting this game? I might but I don't know how to play a pokemon game so I will see how this one game might influence me in buying it. Is it fun and why is this game so anticipated?


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12-18-2006 @ 5:14PM

Kurt said...

Well, considering Nintendo Power gave the first one a 7.5, that means that Justice for All is even better. I cannot imagine that.


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12-18-2006 @ 5:20PM

metayoshi said...

Phoenix Wright a 9/10 ?! Hmm... It's either that or Wario Ware Smooth Moves this January for me, and that score makes me lean towards Justice for All (well, I was leaning towards it anyway after finally playing Ace Attorney recently).

As for Pokemon... Wow, that's a lot sooner than I expected. Knowing the amount of text a Pokemon game has (and the weird Pokemon names)... I would expect localization to take a lot longer.


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Mr. Khan7

12-18-2006 @ 6:27PM

Mr. Khan said...

Odd that GameFreak selected such a neat means for Online Play, especially the Trading system

They took Nintendo's apparent rule against Random Online Chat, and made it into something workable


Mayhap i shall pick one of these titles in June (The rest of my year is full up to that point with FFIII, Kirby Squeak Squad, Sonic Wii, MP3, and Strikers Charged)


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12-18-2006 @ 9:00PM

Rich said...

I imported Phoenix Wright: JFA about 6 weeks ago maybe (?) and am still playing through it. Although it has one less case than the first game, these are long cases! And the last one is phenomenal! Seriously, it pulls something so different that it reinvigorates the series. And the new Psyche-Locks liven up the investigation parts... So yes, it is a better game than the first, but I love them both.


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JC Fletcher9

12-19-2006 @ 2:36PM

JC Fletcher said...

Phoenix Wright is brilliant. I finished my import copy and also have a domestic copy on preorder, mostly to support English translations of Gyakuten Saiban games, and partly for one of those pointy-finger styli.

Also, yay Pokemon or whatever.


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