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MASSIVE clearance at Best Buy starts today

If you're near a Best Buy store, gather up your $2 bills and get going, because they're in the midst of an epic videogame clearance, and you'll want to get there before the unscrupulous speculator types grab all the stuff to sacrifice to the ravenous eBay. You've got to be wily to get to the goods before the FatWalleters and the CAGs!

We've got a list of all the DS and GBA software on sale after the jump. Don't expect to find all of it-- most of it has been out of stock for months or years at most stores, and the price changed to clear out remaining copies. But we hope you do find what you're looking for in abundance. We wish we could go tomorrow and check it out ourselves. By the time we get there, there won't be anything but cobwebs and tumbleweeds, and those will probably be regular price.

[Thanks, ali emamdjomeh!]

1.99 GBA 9.99 Endcap games
1.99 GBA Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's revenge
1.99 GBA Banjo Pilot
1.99 GBA Castlevania 2 in 1
1.99 GBA Chronicles of narnia
1.99 GBA Cinderella Magic
1.99 GBA DBZ Supersonic Warriors
1.99 GBA Disney's Party
1.99 GBA Disney's Princess
1.99 GBA Dogz
1.99 GBA Donkey Kong Country 3
1.99 GBA Duel Masters Kijudo
1.99 GBA Duel Masters Sempai Le
1.99 GBA Fairly Oddparents
1.99 GBA Finding Nemo
1.99 GBA Finding Nemo
1.99 GBA F-Zero GP Legend
1.99 GBA HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi
1.99 GBA King Kong
1.99 GBA Kingdom Hearts CoM
1.99 GBA Let's Ride, Sunshine Stables
1.99 GBA Lilo And stitch 2
1.99 GBA Lion King 1.5
1.99 GBA Madagascar Operation
1.99 GBA Madden NFL 2005
1.99 GBA Marble Madness/Klax
1.99 GBA Mario Party Advance
1.99 GBA Miday Greatest Hits
1.99 GBA Namco Museum 50th
1.99 GBA Pokemon Sapphire
1.99 GBA Racing Gears Advance
1.99 GBA Shaman King: legacy
1.99 GBA Shrek 2 Beg For mercy
1.99 GBA Spiderman 2
1.99 GBA Spyhunter/Supersprint
1.99 GBA Tak 3 The great Juju challenge
1.99 Gba Tetris Worlds
1.99 GBA That's so Raven
1.99 GBA Ultimate Spiderman
1.99 GBA Video Fairly Odd
1.99 GBA Video Fairly Odd 2
1.99 GBA Video Sonic
1.99 GBA Yugioh Double Pack
1.99 GBA Yugioh The Sacred Cards
4.99 GBA Backyard Baseball 2006
4.99 GBA Backyard Football
4.99 GBA Barnyard
4.99 GBA Harry Potter: Goblet
4.99 GBA Mario And Luigi
4.99 GBA Mario Tennis: Power tour
4.99 GBA Mega Man battle Network 6
4.99 GBA Mega Man battle Network 6
4.99 GBA Monster House
4.99 GBA Naruto Ninja Council
4.99 GBA Open Season
4.99 Gba Rapala/Cabela 2pack
4.99 GBA Shark Tale
4.99 GBA Shrek 2
4.99 Gba Sigma Star Saga
4.99 GBA Star Wars Episode 3
4.99 GBA Star Wars Trilogy Apprentice of the Force
4.99 GBA The Ant Bully
4.99 GBA The Sims 2
9.99 GBA DK King of Swing
9.99 GBA Dr. Mario Puzzle League
9.99 GBA Final Fantasy 4 advance
9.99 GBA Lego Star wars
9.99 GBA Phil of the future
9.99 GBA Yu Yu Hakushko: Tournament
9.99 GBA Yugioh Double Pack 2
1.99 GbA Drill Dozer
1.99 GbA Power Rangers SPD

1.99 NDS Advance Wars
1.99 NDS Chronicles of narnia
1.99 NDS Feel The Magic
1.99 NDS Finding Nemo
1.99 NDS Harry Potter: Goblet
1.99 NDS King Kong
1.99 NDS Lunar Dragon Song
1.99 NDS Marvel Nemesis
1.99 NDS Pac Px
1.99 NDS Pokemon Dash
1.99 NDS Ridge Racer
1.99 NDS Robots
1.99 NDS Spongebob Yellow Avenger
1.99 NDS Tak 3 The great Juju challenge
1.99 NDS The Urbz
1.99 NDS Trace Memory
1.99 NDS Ultimate Spiderman
1.99 NDS World championship Pker
1.99 NDS Worms
1.99 NDS Yugioh Nightmare Troubador
4.99 NDS Dragonball Z Super Sonic
4.99 NDS Open Season
4.99 NDS Over the Hedge
4.99 NDS Pirates of the Carribean
4.99 NDs Sega Casino
4.99 NDS Shrek Superslam
9.99 NDS Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
9.99 NDS Harvest Moon
9.99 NDS Madagascar/ Shrek Super Slam
9.99 NDS Tamagotchi
1.99 NDX Sprung

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 1)


2-26-2007 @ 11:35AM

hvnlysoldr said...

There's a ridiculous amount of games I want that I'd buy at that price. Sapphire, Mario and Luigi, Naruto, FFIVA, and Advance Wars. Too bad I got work. 1st comment.


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2-26-2007 @ 12:10PM

ConstyXIV said...

Please note the two (actually 3) Castlevania games listed on there. Now would be a good chance to catch up on the GBA/DS Castlevanias you don't have yet. The 2in1 is Harmony of Dissonance (starring Juste "he's a guy?" Belmont), and Aria of Sorrow, the prequel to Dawn of Sorrow, with Soma Cruz aka (spoiler removed). Trace Memory is pretty good too, though it's short (but for $2 USD, you can afford short). It's from the people who did Hotel Dusk, BTW.


2 stars vote downvote upReport
Blaine Train3

2-26-2007 @ 1:06PM

Blaine Train said...

Dont get your hopes up. i went to bb this morning right when they opened and just like the article said, the games may have been sold out for months or even years, which was the cause down here in pembroke pines florida. the bb i went to had nothing on the long long list of games.


2 stars vote downvote upReport

2-26-2007 @ 2:53PM

WhatIsThatThing said...

Drill Dozer = Yes.


2 stars vote downvote upReport
Billy Baroo5

2-26-2007 @ 3:41PM

Billy Baroo said...

I went to Best Buy and they said the games were only available online through their website.


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2-26-2007 @ 3:54PM

Nick said...

yea i went there after school and of the few they did have amrked down, none were any of the good games. in fact none of the ds games were marked down to $2, the lowest they were at was $20. only barbie gba games were $4. it's too bad also, cuz i was looking forward to getting advance wars on the cheap


2 stars vote downvote upReport

2-26-2007 @ 4:17PM

Sarah said...

yeah I went to two BB's this morning, they hadn't actually marked down all the lovely games listed here, and the ones they had marked down weren't even worth $1.99 (veggie tales GBA). But I was right behind two ebayers both times that may have snatched up the good ones with armloads of mutiple games (boo!).


2 stars vote downvote upReport

2-26-2007 @ 4:31PM

qadir said...

Its a fruitless task. Most of the games are gone before the store even opens since the employees have first pick.


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