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Sega planning 3D Sonic Rush?

Sega recently filed a trademark on April 2nd for "Sonic Rush Adventure," setting the internet on fire with speculation that a 3D entry in the franchise could be hitting the DS. Personally, we'd be happy with just a plain old sequel to Sonic Rush, which is really the best Sonic game we played since, well ... the original Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.

For those of you who haven't played Sonic Rush, we first ask: why not? It's certainly priced right and we highly suggest you check it out. Second, we ask: would you want to see a 3D Sonic title on the DS? Would you want it controlled exclusively via the stylus, like the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword or would you want to control Sonic and company with the d-pad?

[Via Sega Nerds]

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4-11-2007 @ 3:59PM

Martez said...

Wow, Sega just HAS to ruin the best Sonic game in years, huh?


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4-11-2007 @ 5:02PM

Beren said...

Personally I wouldn't like to see any Sonic game in the near future and in any form, be it 3D, 2D, stylus controlled...).
This last game, Sonic rush, was of course better than all the new ones but that wasn't a very difficult task given how poor these all were.
Also, I HATED the new character, but at least it was only one, so I guess I have to be thankful.


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4-11-2007 @ 5:04PM

ssuk said...


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4-11-2007 @ 9:04PM

RupeeClock said...


They WILL NOT make it a 3d game, they just can't after seeing how damn successful Sonic Rush was, they just can't...


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4-13-2007 @ 8:06AM

jesus_bon_jovi said...

After hearing many praises for Sonic Rush i decided to check it out and was actually excited for a new 2D sonic game (that wasnt those GBA games). I grew up on Sonic on the Genesis and they were great games... especially loved Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles i loved the style and the feel of the games. Well after playing Sonic Rush unfortunately i can see they have taken these games into a whole new direction and have just killed the feel of Sonic games for me. I never thought of Sonic as strictly a try to flash through a level as fast as possible kind of game. Back in the cartridge days i couldnt afford many games so i would spend hours exploring the levels in Sonic games i wouldnt rush through them yet i would still get great sense of speed. Its as if the original sonic games (well atleast after Sonic 2) focused on areas where one could explore and take alternate routes.

Sonic rush feels like a 'rushed' game. They make you rush through levels and it feels like the game was rushed to market. The physics in the game just dont feel right to me. Sonic jumps pretty low and they took away his 'double jump' which would trigger various power ups and have replaced him with pretty much some super speed ability and nothing else (to the best of my knowledge)

I just wish they could somehow make a great Sonic game again like the old Sonic 2D games on the Genesis with a new twist like New Super Mario Bros did. Some people compare Sonic Rush to New Super Mario Bros but i wouldn't.

Also i am not a fan of this new Sonic look... i think they've taken it too far.


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4-15-2007 @ 12:44AM

sonictm said...

I own Sonic Rush, and compared to how I expected it, I thought it was very lame. It is cool that it extends to the touch screen, but I only liked the boss levels. I wish they'd just make a DS port of the best sonic game ever: Sonic Adventure. (Like Nintendo with Super Mario 64 DS) I also think that Blase is a looser that shouldn't be considered a sonic character (Since she's from another dimension anyway) P.s. I may soon be working on a homebrew 3D sonic game for DS. Check out for updates.


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7-02-2007 @ 11:57PM

Dakota said...

Sounds great, Sonic Rush was great too..

I could use either one because you could potentially do different things with either one. I think both would be great.


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