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Joystiq presents

New details to feed your Dragon Quest IX addiction

It seems some people were concerned that in trying to keep Dragon Quest fresh, the upcoming iteration might be heading too far away from the basics of the franchise -- specifically, by moving away from a turn-based combat system in favor of something a little more action-oriented. But don't worry, DQ buffs; the rumors were just that, and according to the latest Shonen Jump, DQIX will in fact retain a turn-based combat system. Also, players will be able to customize the appearance of their characters, from height and weight to hair and face, and even their costumes. There's no word yet on how extensive this system may be, but even a small dose of customization can go a long way.

Next month, we hope to see more than a trickle on the upcoming DS exclusive at the Square Enix party.

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1. This is the game that I can't wait to get. I am so glad to hear that it is sticking with the turn based formula, I am so bored with action RPG's!!! When you buy a game from this series you expect it to stick to its time tested formula, thats one of the things that make it so appealing.

Posted at 2:09PM on Apr 25th 2007 by blasphemizer

2. Yay! Turn-based fighting FTW! :)))
Need I say I can't f***ing wait?

Posted at 2:38PM on Apr 25th 2007 by manuel

3. blasphemizer: "time tested formula"? You mean, rehashing the same game play and design for 21 years?

I would've been happier with an Action-RPG, maybe then I would've been able to stay awake during a Dragon Quest game.

Posted at 3:03PM on Apr 25th 2007 by Bland

4. As a veteran DQ player (I started with DQII in 1989 when I borrowed the game from my friend in Japanese school), I'm really disappointed that they went back to the turn-based system.

I felt it's time to break tradition and make the experience feel more dynamic. The turn-based system and random encounters are mainly holdovers from the 8-bit era, and they need to go. I was happy to see real-time combat in the first demo I saw, but now they're back to turn-based, probably because people complained.

I hope they don't bring back random encounters.

Posted at 3:22PM on Apr 25th 2007 by yo

5. I always assumed the real time battles they showed were for the multiplayer aspect of the game but wasn't sure if the single player would follow suit. I'm happy about this. I like turn based battles.

Posted at 4:18PM on Apr 25th 2007 by CD

6. As a newbie to Dragon Quest, I've only played 8 on the PS2, but I loved everything about it. Well, maybe not the fact that by talking to every NPC possible you ruin any chance of a true plot "twist" (as in UNexpected), but that's forgivable.

I'm looking forward to 9, although I'd prefer it on the Wii or even PS2. Nothing against the DS but it's hard to have an audience with a DS game.

I do prefer turn based RPGs, so no complaints on that front.

Posted at 5:52PM on Apr 25th 2007 by Charles

7. @6 (Charles)

Hard to have an audience? Didn't they put this on the DS since like everyone has 2 of them (at least?)

Also, I too am sick of action RPG's for everything nowadays...but because of them I was able to play action games decently for the first time. :P

Posted at 6:28PM on Apr 25th 2007 by Bluebreaker

8. @4/yo - True, random encounters are a holdover from the old days that are usually pretty lame, but turn based battle systems aren't (well, not as much).

It's a different style of gameplay - real time battles are more reflex/action oriented, while turn based ones are more strategic. They appeal to different kinds of people.

Will be an interesting game no doubt. Regardless, I hope there wont be random encounters.

Posted at 12:55AM on Apr 26th 2007 by Kefka

9. Bluebreaker -

Now that this post is old I don't know if you'll come back to it, but;

What I actually meant was that it is harder to have a "viewing" audience while you play a DS game. For example, my fiancee is keen on watching some RPGs that have a good story line if it's on the TV, but convincing her to watch over my shoulder as I play DQ9 would prove more difficult.

I know there is a Wii version of DQ coming out as well, so I might end up getting that one instead (or, more likely, as well).

Posted at 6:31PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Charles

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