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Contra 4 video even awesomer than our article image

Don't just walk -- run, flip, and shoot your way past the post break for the first Contra 4 video footage to hit the interbutts. The 1UP Show interspersed clips of the WayForward-developed title in this week's episode, supplementing the 1UP staff's hands-on impressions with scenes from Contra 4's various levels, throwing a boss fight in there for good measure.

Our thoughts on the game so far, especially considering Virt's involvement with its music and sound design, echo Jeremy Parish's: "It's like they said, "Let's make the best fan game ever,' and Konami said, 'That's so good, we want to make it a real game.'"

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6-29-2007 @ 5:46PM

MAL said...

Not that it is totally bad, but looks just llike Contra 3 to the DS but portable and the screen is twice as long. And the music is a little better.


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6-29-2007 @ 7:09PM

Zuko said...

i must test it myself to see if the two screens usage is as great as they say...


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Rubang B3

6-30-2007 @ 2:51AM

Rubang B said...

Saying a game looks like just Contra 3 is like saying it looks just like PERFECT.


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6-30-2007 @ 5:54AM

AoOs said...

Wow, talk about a timecode break. The player jumps from 05:59 to 08:00. Wierd.

@topic: I am looking SO MUCH forward to this game. When I was a kid I played it all the time. At the time, I was way too young, a totally fucked up all the time, because the game was insanely hard (or, so I thought time being), but now.... BRING IT ON!

I might even go to my summer cabin and bring out my old NES and play the original! WOOHOO!


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6-30-2007 @ 7:29AM

strider_mt2k said...

Hehe, made me want to break out our old SNES for some Contra 3!!

Good stuff!


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6-30-2007 @ 3:20PM

van said...

Contra 4 Footage = AWESOME!
Hearing game reviewers talk about it = not as cool. Stop talking about your childhood memories with your up, up, down, down crap and let me see the game!

Also, I hope they fix the dual screen shooting problems before the release, check out 3:02, where he's using the rocket "lounger" to shoot the tanks on the bottom screen. The rockets appear to hit the screen break and blow up instead of traveling through.


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doom saber7

6-30-2007 @ 11:16PM

doom saber said...

It just seems like hype to me. I mean I love the old Contra games, but I also like Shatter soldier as well. I hope this isn't just a rehash Contra game of the first three series.


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7-01-2007 @ 3:33AM

Mooga said...

While it looks cool, they make it sound like it's an impossible game and only made for "Hard Core Contra Players" which seems unfortunate for someone like me who just loves the "old-school-style platformers" like The New Mario Bros and Yoshi's Island DS.


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7-01-2007 @ 3:18PM

virt said...

Hello friends!
Beware: the tiny snippet of music in that video is screwed up. It's actually triggered twice, so there's a messed up echo thing going on. It doesn't sound like that in game. Promise. :)


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7-05-2007 @ 12:53PM

Huango said...

Really? I didn't notice, the music sounded pretty cool like that, though, hehe.

Congratulations, by the way. :D


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