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Music preview and more at Sonic Rush Adventure site

Sonic Rush's soundtrack polarized the platformer's fans, many believing that Hideki Naganuma's funk/hip-hop direction didn't match the blue hedgehog's, others praising the Jet-Set-Radio-style tracks for their fresh approach. We made it a point to cruise down the strip every Saturday, "Wrapped in Black" thumping out of our car speakers at full volume. All the fly honeys would try to chase our car down, screaming wildly like children running after an ice cream truck. Maybe it was the music? Or maybe it was the twenty-dollar bills we were throwing out the window? Who knows?

Sega's official Sonic Rush Adventure page has two new songs from the upcoming sequel that you can stream and listen to, free of charge. If you click the islands drawn out on the treasure map, there's also information on the game's story, two online battle modes, and four new characters. There's even a link to Sega of America's Sonic forums in which you can participate in discussions like "Why are Sonic games so bad now?" and "What if YOU had all 7 chaos emeralds?"

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8-18-2007 @ 7:13PM

hvnlysoldr said...

If I had all 7 chaos emeralds I would make a good Sonic game. Wait for that I would need the Super Emeralds and Time Gems as well.


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8-18-2007 @ 10:06PM

mrwrite3000 said...

Man, am I falling behind!
When were these Super Emeralds and Time Gems introduced?


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8-18-2007 @ 10:07PM

WhatIsThatThing said...

Um, they're Time STONES, not Time Gems. Get it right! That being said, maybe with Yuji Naka gone from Sonic Team, a fresh direction will help make future games new and exciting.


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8-18-2007 @ 10:08PM

WhatIsThatThing said...

Whoops, just behind you Mr. Write.


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8-19-2007 @ 12:34AM

hvnlysoldr said...

I had a feeling they were just stones. I went with gems since the name felt less generic. I could have sworn Yuji Naka left or was err held back starting with Shadow the Hedgehog.

Time Stones is from the Sega CD game Sonic CD introducing Amy and Metal Sonic. It can be found on Sonic Gems GCN.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles was originally meant to be on one game but due to technical limitations had to be split into Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. S&K could also lock Sonic 2 and had a special bonus special zones with Sonic 1. Supposedly the 7 emeralds from Sonic 2 with the 7 emeralds of the Floating/Angel Island exposed to the Master Emerald/Chaos temporarily created the Super Emeralds. Creating an even more faster, harder hitting, second jumping with nuke, water breathing, final zone unlocking form Hyper Sonic over Super Sonic. Hyper Knuckles as well and Super Tails. Turbo Tails is only from the Archie comic book.


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8-19-2007 @ 12:57PM

Mainman said...

I have a funny feeling that Marine the Raccoon won't be very well received in Australia. Over-the-top stereotypes FTW.


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8-20-2007 @ 12:49PM

phanboy_iv said...

Hey, I liked the Sonic Rush soundtrack.

Then again, I also liked Spencer Nilsen's
Sonic CD soundtrack, so maybe I'm just an aberrant


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8-22-2007 @ 5:48PM

WhatIsThatThing said...

Wow, I totally misread the comment above my earlier one thinking it was sarcasm. Also, I liked the kinda almost semi-ska soundtrack of Sonic Rush. So are these new songs from Hideki Naganuma also? And hvnlysoldr, the first console Sonic game that Naka didn't produce was Secret Rings, which I didn't think was that bad.


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