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DS Daily: Oh, sweet rumors

This one is close to our hearts, because they beat for Castlevania. In what has to be both the least surprising and most easily believable rumor ever, word is that work has begun on yet another DS entry in the long-running franchise.

So, we know there's excitement here, but what about out there? We know that some of you -- the horror -- aren't big fans of Castlevania. For the rest, are you interested in another installment? Do the DS games do it for you? Would you like to see any specific changes made?

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8-23-2007 @ 9:25AM

franty said...

if i could choose, i'd play a new castlevania on the ds every two months (as long as it's not 3d)... my favorite series ever.


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Patrick Elliot2

8-23-2007 @ 9:34AM

Patrick Elliot said...

This is happening, Koji Igarashi of Konami said so in an interview, which I used as a sample post in my application! Chiggity-Check it!


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8-23-2007 @ 9:47AM

Kefka said...

The Castlevania series gets a bit trickier with each installment - the basic formula has remained pretty much the same for so long, that anything in the newer games tends to be seen as either a gimmick or a too much of departure from its roots... The longer it continues, the harder it is to get out of the situation.

I think it's part of what creates a love/hate division amongst gamers...

I'd be happy to play another DS Castlevania game, but that's probably because the only one I've played (in the last 5-10 years) is PoR. So even if there were just minor changes, I probably wouldn't complain too loudly...


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Pizza Pasta4

8-23-2007 @ 9:55AM

Pizza Pasta said...

Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow felt like the same game (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

A little variation in the series would be nice.


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8-23-2007 @ 10:09AM

MrTyzik said...

I'm horribly addicted to the formula. Don't change any gameplay. Just keep adding new items, enemies, characters and story and I'm sold.


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8-23-2007 @ 10:31AM

Chintz said...

Though I love the games, there's starting to be a feeling of sameness to the series that they should put more effort into resolving. Though as Kefka says it's not really easy to fix (for example, I hated the dual-character aspect of PoR's gameplay).

One thing they definitely need to work on is story. The stories are terrible. For a series that seems to put some focus on plot, the writing really should be a lot better.

I honestly wouldn't mind if they gave the metroidvania game design a vacation and went back to their action game roots for an installment or two. I'm probably in the minority here. Also I'd like to be able to swing around on a whip again like in Super Castlevania.


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8-23-2007 @ 10:33AM

shadowheartlessx said...

The world needs more side-scrolling Castlevanias and less 3D ones. It's up there as one of my favorite series, right next to Resident Evil and MGS.


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8-23-2007 @ 11:00AM

Pris said...


I loved Dawn of Sorrow, it's one of my favourite DS games. Though Portrait of Ruin I didn't like so much, the whole 2 character thing just seemed a bit crap.

Hopefully it goes back to one character, if not though then I may well give it a miss =/


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8-23-2007 @ 11:06AM

Richard said...


Seriously, the guys at work with PSPs are holding this over my head like a guillotine.


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8-23-2007 @ 11:49AM

onepointfivevolt said...

I had the most brilliant Castlevania game idea. It would be new/remake all wrapped up in one. I love PoR's painting idea, with all the smaller sub-levels. Now, what if we had the same basic idea, with one large castle, as per usual, but the sub-levels you have to complete are original Castlevania levels. Just imagine 8-bit Castlevania remakes, only with better control, changeable equipment, more subweapons, and a levelling system. It's a like a fanboy's (my) wet dream.

To say the least, I am excited about another Cvania.


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8-23-2007 @ 12:23PM

Xian! said...

Interesting comments here. As somebody new to the series, I much preferred Portrait of Ruin and the dual-character system (even though Charlotte, being a magic type, could have been given far better spells) over Dawn of Sorrow. That being said, I did feel like they were essentially the same game, so I would not buy a third installment. I say that with the fullest confidence that Konami won't deviate much from their tried (and tried and tried and tried) and true Castlevania formula.


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8-23-2007 @ 12:33PM

franty said...

you know what a new ds castlevania needs?

well, it's not what, it's who: Allucard.


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8-23-2007 @ 12:34PM

Riccardo said...

I loved "Portrait of Ruin", definitely more than Dawn of sorrow.
So, please, yes: more Castlevania anime style!
I've seen the trailers for the upcoming chapter for PSP and I was missing the anime style.


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8-23-2007 @ 12:49PM

spambot said...

I just want them to take out that stupid "drawing the magic symbols with the stylus" mechanic.
I hate fumbling around for the stylus in the middle of a boss fight.


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8-23-2007 @ 1:41PM

Jayson said...

If I were in charge, the next DS game would be a re-done Castlevania 2.

Bring back Simon!


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8-23-2007 @ 2:13PM

Opus said...

"I just want them to take out that stupid "drawing the magic symbols with the stylus" mechanic."

Agreed. Castlevania is a d-pad and button game for me. Though the PoR replay with the sisters was an interesting stylus-based expermient, I am uninterested in seeing it go to game-length.


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8-23-2007 @ 2:35PM

Jamie said...

I liked Castlevania better when it was a platformer and not an action/RPG Metroid-wannabe.

Portrait of Ruin is an ok action/RPG, but a terrible platformer. The levels are simplistic, and in later levels the only challenges come from figuring out how to kill the boss characters.


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8-23-2007 @ 3:08PM

Archibold said...

Like others said, a "classic" Castlevania would be wonderful. Playing Super Castlevania IV and Portrait of Ruin back to back really allows you to see the differences more than ever. Still, I love all Castlevanias and I'm sure, if this is true, I'll love it however they make it.


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8-23-2007 @ 4:30PM

JP said...

I love the DS Castlevanias to death, but I would like this next title to be more open-ended with an emphasis on character uberization.

I loved the feeling of controlling end-game Soma from Aria of Sorrow, spamming lightning doll and abbadon while flying through areas at maximum speed with black panther.

It would be wonderful for this next iteration to have exponentially greater customization options, with the main character changing his appearance according to his equipped armors. Leveling should be more in-depth than simply farming EXP until all of your stats increase at some pre-determined rate.

The combat as well, needs a bit of an overhaul. Hack n' slash is all good and well... for the first four hours, but towards the end of any of these castleroids, combat seems little more than button-mashing with virtually zero regard for strategy or tactics. Any action title really needs to allow for some amount of skill to overcome any deficiency in level or equips (I'm envisioning two-dimensional DMC combat mechanics). Basically, I want more than one single standard attack, and one powered up mana attack per weapon. The magic skills are nice, but not enough, and cumbersome to switch between. Even single-button canned-combos would be a nice change of pace for me.

As for the castle itself? Make it MASSIVE with areas divided more by difficulty than locale with additional monsters that unlock after completing certain tasks or gaining X amount of levels. The castles thus far are fantastic, but become painfully repetitive to traverse when nearing the endgame.

I would also like less Medusa heads in the clocktower.


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Nikita Selivyorstov20

8-23-2007 @ 10:36PM

Nikita Selivyorstov said...

uhhhhhhhhhh what he said^


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