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DS Daily: Stick a fork in it

If Nintendo has anything, it's a lot of long-running franchises (oh, and also, giant piles of money). But should they all still be going? Deep in your secret heart, is there one you'd like to see retired? Maybe the games have taken a turn for the worse, or simply aren't fresh any longer. It's okay to complain sometimes, even if you love all things Nintendo. We'll still like you. So, if you have a beef, let it out, and tell us what you'd like to see disappear ... or at least experience a drastic overhaul.

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1. Mario needs to go back to doing platformers and platformers only. Screw the party, they're all drunk. The sports titles are fine, since they don't come as often, but the party is just get old now...

That said, Ness needs more games, as does F-Zero. Here's hoping to a great online compatible F-Zero game!

Posted at 11:22AM on Sep 9th 2007 by Metal_Link

2. I think Metroid's next game should go back to its roots of 2-d exploring and should be the final game in the series.

Posted at 11:55AM on Sep 9th 2007 by DBuck_Eye

3. The problem about this question is that, in reality, there aren't MANY unique Nintendo characters that are constantly given sequels. Mario, Samus, Link, Kirby... that's about it. That said, I'm kinda tired of the plumber myself. I mean, there's only so much "Mama miiia!" and stomping on weirdly designed enemies that I can take in a lifetime...

And before anyone says anything about other minor Nintendo franchises (like StarFox, Mother, etc), I'm not gonna touch those because they don't get as many sequels, so it wasn't the point of this comment or post.

As for Pokémon, I say keep it coming: just give me a darned full 3D experience of it already!

Posted at 12:10PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Foodie_Monster

4. Donkey Kong. Either redo entirely, or out the window you go. Bongo's suck, so does king of swing...His only redeeming aspect is SSBB.

Posted at 12:20PM on Sep 9th 2007 by dlindema

5. Ha ha rather than getting suggestions for NEW ideas for these franchises, you are just getting people who wish that the next Mario, DK, and Metroid game go back to the roots ha ha.

DKC 4!

Posted at 12:39PM on Sep 9th 2007 by troy

6. I know Pokemon sells like hotcakes, but I'd like to see it changed quite a bit if they're going to keep doing sequels. If I go back to playing Pokemon Blue after playing Pokemon Diamond, I have trouble seeing a real progression in the series. Yes, there are more pokemon, and yes, it's a bit prettier, but there's no difference in the gameplay. I know Nintendo would never can that franchise, but can we at least see some changes?
Also, while I'm not the greatest fan of the 3d metroid games, I think they could be a lot more fun if there was less shooting and more puzzle solving and adventuring.
Finally, no more Diddy Kong racing. Keep Diddy in other games, sure, but the Mario Kart franchise is fine on its own. There doesn't need to be a spin-off. Mario Kart has been around since the SNES and it's about to come out for the Wii, while Diddy Kong Racing appeared on, what, the N64 and the DS? Let's leave it at that.

Posted at 1:01PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Mitch

7. I have to say it Mario needs to stop with the party games etc. The only mario games I want to see are direct sequels like Mario Galaxy. Nintendo however needs to do more Star Fox games!

Posted at 1:26PM on Sep 9th 2007 by LAZoftheTamarinds

8. No more Pokemon.

No more Mario Party.

No more Diddy Kong Racing.

Donkey Kong is getting close, there hasn't been a good DK game since the 64.

Everything else they make is gold, if you ask me. Even the sports games, and I don't even like sports.

Posted at 1:35PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Ross

9. I think most gamers older than about 15 would agree with dlindema in that Donkey Kong needs a complete overhaul. I played the original bongo game at a friends house, and it made me so sad to see what had happened to the franchise. DK64 was actually a decent game. It had some issues, but it had done to DK what Mario 64 did to Mario.

Ever since then, all I've been seeing is more and more bongo games...I got excited when I heard about king of swing, because surely, if they were making a DK game on the GBA, they would be taking it back to its roots. But no, they had to roll out more gimmicks.

Posted at 1:57PM on Sep 9th 2007 by John B.

10. @John B.:

I don't think people would see "what Mario 64 did to Mario" as a bad thing. I'm quite a bit older than 15, let me tell you, and I personally found Mario 64 to be a good step for the series. That said, any DK game after DKC sucked balls. Period.

Posted at 2:03PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Foodie_Monster

11. There should never have been even one Starfox game.

Posted at 2:52PM on Sep 9th 2007 by JC Fletcher

12. I think Mario Party is a good idea, but if another team is making the games, don't bother. I think they need to stop bad Donkey Kong games and just stick to what was good, as well as Donkey Kong 64...am I the only one who enjoyed that game?

Posted at 3:00PM on Sep 9th 2007 by dreamparacite

13. Redo Star Fox and remove the drama that popped up in Command, please. Actually, no more Star Fox, that series has gone downhill since the 64.

Mario Party has more sequels than Rocky, and at least Rocky had Mr.T. Mario Party must DIE.

Metroid, conversly,is doing well. Retro said they were taking a break, though, so I say back to 2-D for a while. If MPH's single player is the best single player campaign that Nintendo's first party developers can make in a 3-D metroid, than I would be happier if they did not bastardize what Retro's worked so hard on.

DK needs to keep to the Jungle Beat aesthetic at least. The king of swing design is ugly as hell. I enjoyed playing jungle beat, and even without bongos, they could keep the general rythym oriented platforming gameplay and I would be happy. Also, no more Diddy Kong. Please no more. Every time I see him, I want to shake him by his throat until he stops moving.

Kirby is almost impossible to screw up, and it seems to be doing ok. Sequel to air ride please. More emphasis on city trail too.

Bring back Earthbound for the love of all that is good, I've yet to play the originals and I want to see if it is as good as the fans say it is.

And... pokemon. Seriously, no more sequels. Just devise a way to have the DS use expansion packs. Throw in some new locals and a few dozen pokemon every year, sell it for about 15 bucks, and people will buy it. Better yet, make it an MMO. Spin-offs for this series are normally horrible, so just stick to the basic RPG gameplay. Less legendaries too, it's gotten ridiculous when children are catching beasts that have existed since the dawn of time in tiny red and white balls.

Posted at 3:11PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Croove55

14. What Nintendo really needs to do is quit with their long-standing tradition of ignoring once-good franchises and letting them turn to crap that doesn't remotely resemble the gameplay that made them great in the first place.

I'm looking squarely at you, StarFox. Three StarFox-derived games since the N64, and none of them true StarFoxes. Then there's Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion: No sign of updated versions of those anywhere. Mii's are a terrible alternative for a true Wii Animal Crossing, which I'm also not seeing any sign of (MySims doesn't count either). F-Zero had an excellent game on the N64, a mediocre outing on the GC, and no sign at all of a Wii update - or even DS. Mario and Metroid haven't had a sidescroller ON AN ACTUAL TV in around 15 years. And I would even go so far as to say Zelda is showing signs of rot, what with the lackluster Capcom GameBoy offerings and Twilight Princess feeling like little more than a rehash of Ocarina (Fingers crossed for Something-Or-Other Hourglass).

Regarding bongos: Yes, Donkey Konga was a steaming gorilla turd, but Jungle Beat is one of the best platformers since Super Metroid and Castlevania SOTN.

The franchises I *would* like to see Nintendo quit blowing their resources on are Pokemon rehashes, Mario Party rehashes, Mario Kart games that never end up as good as the original, and Nintendo's ballooning catalog of barely-fun non-games.

This'll be unpopular, but I'd also like to see Nintendo quit with the Smash Brothers already. I enjoyed the original immensely - for awhile. Coming up on the third game now, the whole series is identical to the original that I already got tired of years ago. If it wasn't as repetitive as most multiplayer games, I might think differently of it. But as it is, I don't care how many new stages, items and characters they add: there's only so many times you can knock someone off an edge before it gets incredibly old, and I reached my limit back on the N64.

Posted at 5:00PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Abscissa

15. um, yeah, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is among the most brilliant games Nintendo has ever produced. Everyone knows that the same team is working on Mario Galaxy, right?

Posted at 5:36PM on Sep 9th 2007 by motovres


Posted at 9:16PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Zed

17. The time has come for Nintendo to stop releasing 2 Pokemon games each and every time.

Give us one cart with all the Pokemon on it. No more of this "Only in Japan can you get this way." "Only by owning this this and this can you get this."

Posted at 9:27PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Rey

18. I think Starfox is loosing is wow factor. The DS version was OK, but Starfox adventures I thought sucked.

Posted at 9:41PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Michael

19. @#17: Everyone thought StarFox Adventures sucked. StarFox Assult sucked too for that matter. Even the tiny handful of real StarFox levels that it did have were incredibly dull compared to any of the levels in the two real StarFox games. Sure, they looked prettier, but...*snore*...

Posted at 11:44PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Abscissa

20. I would like to see a 3D Metroid game in the style of the GBA games. Like what Nintendo has done to New Super Mario Bros and like the side-on morph ball section in the Vesper Defence Outpost and Alinds in Metroid Prime Hunters.I also don't understand why people are still buying the new pokemon games as they are exactly the same as the previous ones with maybe a couple of new pokemon visuals.And I'm sick of seeing remakes of old games like Super Mario 64 DS. Are developers that lost for ideas? ARE THEY!?!

Posted at 11:50PM on Sep 9th 2007 by deadrabbit2600

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