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DS Daily: What franchise needs to be on the DS?

With yesterday's DS Daily, we thought about all of the franchises that generally aren't represented or have recently made their way onto the DS. We thought about how a game (take Blue Dragon, for example) could make its way onto the DS, totally disregarding its initial genre, utilizing the unique functions of the handheld.

So, if you could take a franchise and adapt it for play on the DS, what franchise would it be and how would you augment its initial genre and style for the handheld? Would you take a game in the FPS genre and turn it into a side-scroller on the platform? Would you adapt a card game into a shoot-em-up?

Take those two cents out of your pocket and toss them in.

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1. I would port: The incredible Machine to the DS, because it is the ideal game for it, Touch controls could work well, and the 2D shouldn't really be hard to do for the DS, a proper Physik Engine and it would rock, I mean, come on, it even was release on the handys earlier this year, so why not on the DS too ? PLEASE Sierra DO IT !

Posted at 10:48AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by pas


2nd screen for stats and inventory.

Posted at 10:49AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by yodaforsale

3. OH... it seems I misunderstood this.... hmmm... what about a FPS featuring Mario Character... (no this was a joke...) just do the first Supermario for the Gameboy in 3D for the DS (3rd Person, Super Mario Sunshine like).

Posted at 10:51AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by pas

4. It would have to be the GOLDEN SUN series. one of the greatest games of the rpg genre since shining force, camelot were looking at you.

Posted at 11:13AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by ELIJAH

5. The developers of AZURE'S DREAMS need to make a sequel for the ds or just re-release it. THAT GAME WAS HOT!!!. THE KEWNE CLAN RULES!!!

Posted at 11:18AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by ELIJAH

6. IŽd like a Mortal Kombat port for the DS in RPG style. Some kind of Shaolin Monks n stuff.
Thats what i want..

Posted at 11:23AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by p3king

7. I want to see fire emblem to the DS. I'm surprised I'm have to request something like this after so long. and also it should be held in book form

Posted at 11:26AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by TX2

8. Give me Rocket Knight or give me death.

Posted at 11:28AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Shariq Ansari

9. Okami DS. A nice sequel completely stylus controlled. And Diabo DS or some related point-and-click RPG. It just makes sense.

Posted at 11:50AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Michael C. Sherrin

10. Okami DS. A nice sequel completely stylus controlled. And Diabo DS or some related point-and-click RPG. It just makes sense.


Michael C. Sherrin

Posted at 11:50AM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Michael C. Sherrin

11. On a scale of one to ten, Alien Syndrome. There is really no reason that game would not be a vision of perfection on the DS. I can't imagine how wonky it must be on the PSP.

Also, I second giving me Rocket Knight or giving me death. I've always liked him better than that skank Sonic.

Posted at 12:11PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by nixy

12. dr mario (move pills with touch screen but pills drop from full both screens)
excitebike(sidescrolling racer, mario meets motogp)
pikmin(bottom screen stats, piece of ship, top screen, gameplay)
earthbound(bottom screen stats)
fire emblem(touch screen gamplay, top screen stats)
final fantasy VII(like final fantasy III but better)

Posted at 12:13PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Nick

13. DISGAEA! Sure, it would be a PS2 to DS port, but its not like the game is pushing the best graphics out there. Plus, I wouldn't have to buy a PSP :P!

Or, you know, Nippon Ichi could always just make an original game for the DS. That would be just as sweet.

Posted at 12:41PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Alexisonfire

14. I would like to see these game or sequels the DS:

Earthworm Jim
Street Fighter 2
Alien Hominid
Mortal Kombat 2
Bug! (Great Saturn game that needs a sequel)
Okami DS
Rocket Knight

Posted at 1:13PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by AB_CREW_INC

15. HELLO KITTY! That would be so awesome to have a totally cool Hello Kitty game for us DS fans out there.


Posted at 1:14PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Ying


and if possible, bring a boxing game to the ds as well. i dont care if its rock-em sock-em style. just bring me something similar to fight night and im good.

Posted at 1:25PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Eyerone


im all for rocket knight adventures as mentioned by others. bring chrono trigger, earthbound (mother3 would even be cool), and final fantasy 7 (they should use 2 2gb-sized carts, id pay for that) and i will be happy forever.

Posted at 1:29PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by Eyerone

18. I'd like to see a DECENT first person Metroid game, Metroid: Hunters wasn't what I expected. If they can't do that, make a good 2D sidescroller, those are always fun, but mix it up with some touch screen puzzles.

Age of Empires II would be neat, and no turn based stuff, a nice 2D RTS would be great.

Posted at 1:30PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by dreamparacite

19. I'd like to see a World Of Warcraft shell that you could do basic crafting type minigames and possibly fish, that allows you to upload your items after finishing into the Core Game. Also if you were near a WiFi spot it would allow you to browse and use the auction house and chat with people on your Realm.
Replace WoW with any major MMO. Cha-ching!

Posted at 1:53PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by paul.bryan

20. Bring METAL GEAR to the DS!

Posted at 1:58PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by LAZoftheTamarinds

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