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Itagaki: DS is a chance to do something totally original

While Itagaki has spoken about his feelings regarding the PSP and DS in the past, he has gone all out in his latest interview with Gamasutra. See, if he was just going to make a game on the PSP, he could've just made a PS2 game instead. No, to him, the user input is integral in creating a unique and lasting experience.

Enter the DS, where the stylus-driven combat of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is exactly what Itagaki was referring to. While the graphics might not be up to par for those who've enjoyed his games of late, Itagaki claims that the controls should more than make up for it.

It's an incredible interview, one that you should read immediately.

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Michael C. Sherrin1

10-01-2007 @ 7:38PM

Michael C. Sherrin said...

Sound logic. It's true the PSP hasn't found a niche beyond PS2 ports (or PS1 remakes, as cool as Final Fantasy Tactics might be). The DS really does have some awesome and unique applications and games (learn Japanese Kanji with the DS is awesome). Between Zelda and Ninja Gaiden on the DS, we could finally start seeing something rare called innovation from mainstream titles.


Michael C. Sherrin


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10-02-2007 @ 2:03AM

Edge said...

Itagaki is my favorite developer for saying what he did about PSP. It's a system held up by it's image as a hard to control console that fits in your pocket. The games aren't "portable" in design.

Itagaki has an eye for what works.


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10-02-2007 @ 2:35AM

raggie said...

PSP does have alot of original titles. FFCC, the Gundam series,CRUSH,Janne d'arch, Dead Head fred and many other more...i find it so lame that developers that doesnt have the resource or technology to create decent game to stab what they cant reach..stick with the freakin DS "FLASH Style" games..LOl...wanker. all i ever use DS is only for multiplayer with frnds playing Mario Karts..everytng else is so ew and pixelated....still regret getting a DSL


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Orville the Unfathomable Time Walrus4

10-02-2007 @ 12:53PM

Orville the Unfathomable Time Walrus said...

@3: I was going to type up something complimentary toward the PSP, but, no. Not now.

It's amazing how most DS fans I know don't harbor irrational anti-fanboy hatred toward the PSP, but this openness isn't reciprocated by people who use the PSP as their primary handheld. So now that you've gotten it out of your system and affirmed your masculinity by insulting an electronic device on a website in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness, drunken jumble of words, kindly GTFO.


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10-02-2007 @ 2:06PM


As in he wont sexually harass a woman during development?


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10-02-2007 @ 10:32PM

Mabui said...

I find myself more and more wanting a PSP as of late, I'm just waiting for enough games to back up my choice.

I still love, and play my DS all the time though, and it is very cool how versatile all that they packed into it, makes the system.

I would never really want a PSP for a media player, I really wish they would have focused it more into the gaming realm, then the multimedia, all in one box.


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