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DS Daily: Worst game you've played?

Thanks to Alisha's helpful gift guide, you knew the perfect game to get for those not-so-special people in your lives this holiday season. Yet, while we just know that Hamsterz and the like are horrible, not many people who write for or visit this site can admit to actually playing those games. That's why we're asking today about the worst game you've played for the DS this year. We've heard about some games that you regret purchasing, but would you consider these games to be the year's worst for you, or just games not worth buying?

And if you've somehow managed to successfully restrict yourself to good games, one of them still has to be the worst, so which is it? Still, we suspect that the majority of you have either bought, rented, or borrowed a title this year that was just downright awful, so out with it, please.

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12-29-2007 @ 10:34AM

Wii-Maniak said...

Goldeneye DS YUCK!!!


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Zach S2

12-31-2007 @ 12:02AM

Zach S said...

I totally agree- the game was average, but then when I found out that you can't LEVEL SELECT, oh and the last level everyone has a ONE-HIT KILL GUN- yeah, I sold that right quick. Too bad, really. It had potential...

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12-29-2007 @ 11:06AM

Qwikstreet said...

Diddy Kong Racing...just couldn't dig it.


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12-29-2007 @ 11:07AM

Dorfl said...

Spanish for Everyone!


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12-29-2007 @ 11:17AM

Sherman said...

Lunar: Dragon Song. I've heard it only costs $10.00 now. I bought it for $40.00.

Lost Magic is up there too. It could have been a lot better if the missions wern't timed.


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12-29-2007 @ 11:29AM

Matdredalia said...

Say it isn't so! Lost Magic is one of my favorite games lol. It's VERY hard, but I think that's what I like about it! :) If you ever want rid of your copy...let me know. My brother stole his back >.>

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Evangelist Pinto7

12-29-2007 @ 11:40AM

Evangelist Pinto said...

Lego star wars, the first one for the ds. It had way too many glitches and when I tried multiplayer, it would always disconnect.


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12-29-2007 @ 11:51AM

Rich said...

For me, it's Lost in Blue 2. Such a HORRIBLE game. Naggy female character and endurance limits made that game unplayable and a complete chore.

Also Drawn to Life. The creation aspect was a really clever idea, but the platforming gameplay was so stiff and boring.

Lost Magic had its problems, mainly the lag, but it was far from unplayable. The spell casting system was very nicely implemented.


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12-30-2007 @ 9:21AM

Matdredalia said...

I agree, the lag could be daunting at times...but no worse than say WarCraft III or any other RTS I've ever played. For being, to my knowledge, the first RTS on the DS and having such a dynamic spell casting system, I figure the lag was a small price to pay, hehe.

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12-29-2007 @ 12:25PM

divinenanny said...

Mr. Digger Drill Spirits. Tap as fast as you can. And then die. Woohoo. I just can't find the strategic trick. I only paid 15 euro's so it isn't such a big amount of money but still... And I kinda agree with i like pie. I loved Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but I haven't played it in a month, I just can't bear to go into that wretched temple for the umpteenth time!


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12-29-2007 @ 12:28PM

Vinh said...

Worst purchase for myself: Wario - Master of Disguise. I placed a pre-order, bought it the day it came out, played it for an hour, traded the game back to Gamestop 2 days later.

Honorable mention: Mario Hoops 3 on 3. I actually liked this game but the difficulty gets bumped up dramatically with each round in the tournament, which made it lame in my book.

Worst purchase for someone else: Spider-man - Battle for New York. Bought this for my nephew this Christmas. He couldn't get past the second level, so I tried to complete it for him and repeatedly died less than 30 seconds into the level.


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12-29-2007 @ 12:29PM

James said...

Warhammer 40,000 - Squad Command. It's not a smooth game at all. Combat and controls are awkward and it just sucks all around. Tutorial mode gives little instruction and you rely on the manual for all your knowledge. It just sucked. A lot.


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i like pie13

12-29-2007 @ 12:30PM

i like pie said...

Zelda - Phantom Hourglass.
Worst. Game. Ever.
I mean what kind of game expects you to solve puzzles but at the same time provides you with the solution written on stone tablets? So basically all you need to do to win the game is read. How lame is that? Zelda was my favorite series before this piece of crap. I really feel scammed for my money. Before i forget: The "innovative" controls are inaccurate, generally just suck and slow down the gameplay. It seems more like a demo of the DS' abilities than a real game, especially when that guy only wants to sell you the hook, if you shout at him loud enough (really. what the hell?!). They should at least have let you choose the control scheme you prefer instead of forcing this bullshit on you.

Ah, and that Navi-styled fairy sucked, too.

I know most people won't agree with me, but that game was a total disappointment to me. Don't feel offended or anything, please. I just had to let it out.


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12-29-2007 @ 12:27PM

James said...


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12-29-2007 @ 1:36PM

Brello said...

I actually agree on most of those aspects. I didn't hate the game, and it's not my worst game played of all time (not even close), but some things just irked me. First, I'm tired of the "solve the puzzle in this dungeon by using the item found in said dungeon" formula. I don't like utilizing one new thing per dungeon, then when you're fully armed? The game ends. Other little gripes: not enough combat, temple of the ocean king (enough said), and rolling 99% of the time is accidental. Still a fun game, but I have a feeling if all the time wasters weren't in it (ocean king repeats, sailing, fishing, salvaging, minigames) the game could probably be finished in 2-3 hours.

Worst game this year for me was Puzzle Quest. I know everyone loves it, and maybe I just got a bogus copy. That game gave me the most glitches and lockups of any game I have played in a long, long time. Every 3-4 battles, hard freeze, had to restart. That gets really obnoxious near the end where there's 4-5 random monsters between you and your quest location. It'd either freeze, or start overlaying a different screen over the gameboard (shop screen, your city screen, equipment screen, you name it, it's happened). First game I've ever sold. The PC version is great, the DS version presented me with a glitchy pile of crappy code, a total disappointment. Like I said though, could have just been my copy.

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12-29-2007 @ 1:39PM

Gov said...

I agree. I couldn't get through 10 minutes of Phantom Hourglass because of the god damned stylus controls. I am very glad I emulated it instead of buying it, because now I don't feel obligated to play through the damned game.

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12-29-2007 @ 2:33PM

raindog said...

Unless you were emulating it on a tablet PC, Gov, it's really not that surprising that you thought the stylus controls "sucked".... you weren't using a stylus.

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12-31-2007 @ 12:03AM

Dio said...

You have good points, but it was still fun D:

I couldn't get that far in the Japanese version, lol.

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12-29-2007 @ 12:45PM

Raru said...

I agree with you James about Warhammer, guh what a Horrid game.


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12-29-2007 @ 12:46PM

ChrisCanberg said...

To 'i like pie' i completely agree with you. It wasn't the worst game ever, but for a Zelda game, it was just too easy to be fun. You constantly retrace your steps just way too much.

Anyway, for me, it would be that Resident Evil 1 remake. What a piece of shit. The voice acting was horrendous, the control was just too slippery, and it was just overall a waste of money. What a piece of shit.


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