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DS Daily: Drop it like it's hot

What's the highest height you've ever dropped your Nintendo DS from? Did your handheld survive the fall, despite your negligence? Or did it end up looking like the photo above? Also, how did this unfortunate event play out? Inquiring minds want to know.

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1-12-2008 @ 12:17PM

Hame said...

I once dropped it as I was walking with it in my hand, forgetting that it was still connected to its charger. Obviously when the cord reached its limit it yanked it right out of my hand. Luckily it landed on soft carpet and it was fine (being somewhat obsessive about the condition of my gaming stuff, I inspected it for hours to check for damage).


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1-12-2008 @ 12:44PM

Saphion said...

I once dropped it in the Cinema - due to a mixture of me quite foolishly putting it in a relatively loose pocket and deciding to climb over a chair in the theatre, it went flying and smacked against the ground.

Ever since, the yellow light to show it's switched on doesn't work, although the red light - to show the battery is low - still appears, so I'm not much mithered. The way I see it, my DS just has that little bit more character.


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1-12-2008 @ 1:08PM

shamansanchez said...

My friend dropped mine onto asphalt once, luckily it landed on the corner away from the hinges so all it got were a few scratches.


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1-12-2008 @ 1:16PM

Sam said...

Oh waah, ive dropped mine four feet on to concrete and it cracked a corner. The image above is just an excuse to get an ultra-cool chrome replacement case.


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1-12-2008 @ 9:04PM

Matdredalia said...

Four feet onto concrete really isn't that bad. I've dropped my iPod from higher up than that and it still works ~_^

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1-12-2008 @ 10:45PM

Sherman said...

A DS is a bit more breakable than an iPod. Unless you step on your iPod like I did. Then you can effectively crush it into pieces.

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1-12-2008 @ 1:37PM

ivan said...

I threw my ds phat at my bed which is about 2 and a half feet of the groundand it just missed and went tumbling on the floor and guess what, NO DAMAGE !!!1!! its fallen alot more than that though, which is why i havent upgraded yet, since the ds lite feels less sturdy ( it also has sharp edges inside which hurt my big hands after a while) So yup, abuse it is


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1-12-2008 @ 1:44PM

Mooga said...

I friend of mine dropped his DS (Lite I think) on the "sweet spot" and the screen popped off.


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1-12-2008 @ 2:09PM

Frito said...

I stepped on the charging cable while holding my Lite, and it got yanked to the floor. Got a crack in the hinge, but I got Nintendo to fix it. Looks awkward... it has an old bottom half and a new, sleek top half.


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1-12-2008 @ 2:10PM

maryland157 said...

I've droped my Nintendo DS in the grass a couple times and no damage!

Me and my friend were once riding our bikes , he had his DS in his pocket and it fell out onto the asphalt at about 15 MPH , it still works , but came out with some marks.


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Tamer Brad11

1-12-2008 @ 3:03PM

Tamer Brad said...

I've thrown my Phat into the floor as hard as I could to prove how much stronger it is than the lite. It was unharmed.


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1-12-2008 @ 9:06PM

Matdredalia said...

Interesting way to prove how much stronger it is, the only problem is I've done the same thing with my Lite and it didn't even get a scratch. Maybe we need to talk to NASA about doing some real scientific tests, no?

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1-12-2008 @ 4:15PM

Lucky2 said...

It was only about... 30 inches up, but I kinda managed to fling it off. I was playing a game, but the battery was really low, so I had the charger in it. The cord for it ran off of the front of the desk...

My brother needed to use the computer, which happened to be at the desk. I tend to do things quickly, so I jumped out of the chair... I managed to run into the cord for the charger. Given that I had jumped, I went about 2 feet with the cord hooked around my leg.

The DS, naturally, flew off of the table and was flung to the ground... The game froze, but that was because the impact shoved it out a little.

Incidentally, the game that was in it was a game that had been beaten... with a golf club. My parents freaked out on my about 4 years back, and destroyed my GC with a golf club. They tried to do the same to the GBA, except the thing wouldn't break (That thing is a tank!) (Unknown to all parties, the game flew out due to one of the hits)... So it was burned in the grill. Found the game the next day.


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1-12-2008 @ 5:28PM

FantomRedux said...

What the hell kinda reason could they have for hitting a GC with a golf club?! glad to hear the GBA stood up to their anti nintendo violence _

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Zach S15

1-12-2008 @ 6:03PM

Zach S said...

Smashed GBA? Grilled GC? What the hell- why not just sell it off, instead of wasting it like that?

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1-12-2008 @ 9:08PM

Matdredalia said...

WTF did you do to tick your parents off that badly? Did you drive the car into the living room or something?

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1-12-2008 @ 10:41PM

Sam said...

Wow, your parents need help. Bad. Now. Is your last name Thompson?

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1-13-2008 @ 12:16AM

pikelet said...

Wha...? The story behind that random act of violence really needs to be told D:

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1-13-2008 @ 2:30AM

Lucky2 said...

Um, I've just replied to myself, so I'm pretty sure none of you will ever see it... but...

See, I'm a little smart. Just a little. I don't study, I just do the homework, go to class, take the test, come home with an A. School isn't hard for me.

So, in 6th grade, I had a science class that I HATED with a passion. The teacher hated me as well. Midway through the year, we had two 'large' papers assigned (one was two pages, one was like, some sort of project... bite me, I was ... 11 at the time)So, I decided that I didn't feel like doing the papers. Naturally, that dropped my grade like a rock. At the same time, I was ... having issues with doing homework for other classes, mostly English (I hadn't the slightest inclination in reading Celia Garth, nor in reading about Nordic myth...)

At the same time, my family was going through some chaos... Mostly, my brother nearly got kicked out of boarding school, and so we had to pull him out before he did; everyone freaked out about that, and that's about it.

So my parents, obviously, had a lot on their plates when the report cards got sent out... and I had a big, fat F on a report card filled otherwise with As and Bs, and all the emails from teachers asking why I didn't turn in this assignment or that assignment...

So they snapped. They smashed the GC to pieces with a golf club, tried to kill the GBA in the same way (all that happened was a copy of Breath of Fire II flew from it); when that failed, they started up the gril and burned it.

I can assure you, I did very well for the rest of the year, and the next year, and the following, and now it's a happen.

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1-13-2008 @ 3:58PM

Matdredalia said...

Alright, so since I can't reply to your reply, I'm just replying to your original post.

Your parents need serious therapy if their anger management problems are that bad.

On that note, though....I'm glad they didn't beat YOU with the golf club.

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