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DS Daily: Supporting cast

Everyone loves the big names: Mario, Sonic, Link, Phoenix Wright ... but what about the other guys and gals who make up our video game worlds? Most games (and franchises) don't just center around a single character, after all, so what we'd like to know is: who do you love, and who do you hate?

Some answers are so obvious that they've enjoyed their own spin-offs (like Tingle and Yoshi), and mere mention of some others bring grimaces to the faces of gamers everywhere. You know, like pretty much everyone who isn't Sonic in a Sonic game.

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Bill McCai1

1-16-2008 @ 9:38AM

Bill McCai said...

I think Animal Crossing deserves the first mention. Basically everyone who's not you is a supporting character, but they're great. Tom Nook, Blathers, Brewster, Redd, etc etc. They help make the game so endearing.


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1-16-2008 @ 9:41AM

Metal_Link said...

Luigi FTW!


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1-16-2008 @ 9:46AM

Mainman said...

Gary Oak.

No more needs to be said.


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1-16-2008 @ 9:59AM

Reeve said...

I like Gumshoe from the Phoenix Wright games. Sadly, it seems he's so unappreciated by his employers D:

And I too love Luigi!


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1-16-2008 @ 10:05AM

Surlent said...

And then there's always the supporting characters that seem to get more recognition than the main or playable characters... For example the King of All Cosmos.

And hey... I don't think Tails gets enough credit. But I have to admit... Ugh... Amy.


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1-16-2008 @ 11:36AM

JBGUY2K said...

Luigi FTW, indeed! Gumshoe, as someone else mentioned. I forget her name, but the one scientific chick from the 5th episode on Ace Attorney.


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1-16-2008 @ 12:36PM

Brello said...

Even though Sonic's friends got mentioned, it's still the very first thing that came to mind. Tails and Knuckles are fine, but from then on it just got asinine. Cream the Rabbit? I've done that on the highway before.


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1-16-2008 @ 12:39PM

vgxtremist said...

Blaze, Miles Edgeworth, and all the characters in Hotel Dusk come to mind.


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1-16-2008 @ 1:53PM

FantomRedux said...

Has to be Goomba #1 from SMB. How many times has he appeared? in like the first level to every mario platformer, hes there. You gotta love the little guy ^^,

Either him or Gaz from CoD4. RIP mate. RIP


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1-16-2008 @ 3:08PM

Covarr said...

Knuckles the Echidna and Luigi, maybe with a small dose of Donald Duck as he is portrayed in Kingdom Hearts. I just wish Luigi didn't suck so much in SSBM, because I think that he's much cooler than Mario.


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1-16-2008 @ 3:20PM

TD said...

The picture for the article was dead on, I'm a huge Maya fan. She won me over with sympathy during the second trial, and ever since has put a huge smile on my face.

I have to agree with a lot of people up there, Luigi is stacks of awesome. And I always liked the generic kid from Alien Hominid.


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1-16-2008 @ 3:41PM

Covarr said...

I didn't like Maya. She was too one-dimensional, with her only significant character traits being "kinda stupid" and "her family has some backstory that we're supposed to care about but don't". From the Ace Attorney series, I much prefer Payne as a side character, because he tends to be the most realistically portrayed.

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1-16-2008 @ 6:02PM

Wilerson said...

Pretty much everyone from the Ace Attorney series, except for Oldbag and Lotta Hart. I just hate them.


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1-16-2008 @ 6:32PM

raging_hamsterx said...

Hahahaha toooo true

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1-16-2008 @ 6:42PM

ChrisG said...

It's all about Mr. Resetti.


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1-16-2008 @ 10:03PM

Dio said...

Ema Skye.


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1-17-2008 @ 12:56AM

Matdredalia said...

Tingle needs blown up. Seriously. I have hated him since the first time i Met him in Majora's Mask.

Now that that is out of my system...

From the time I was a kid, I thought Toad (think Mario, folks) was just awesome. He is one of the most awesome and yet under rated characters in video game history!

One of the funnest moments for me when I first started dating my husband was when I asked him what his favorite MarioKart character was, and he told me Toad. We always race on multiplayer to see how can get him first. The loser takes Yoshi. And in MarioParty, he takes Toad & I take Toadette :) Rawk!

Other "under rated" characters that I've loved are:
Saria & Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)
K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing)
Kain (Final Fantasy IV)
Vincent (Final Fantasy VII)
ViVi (Final Fantasy IX)
MoMo & Junior in Xenosaga
Pretty much every character in Bomberman Land Touch. I just think they're all amazing.

As for who I hate...I'm definitely in extreme disdain of Jenova (FF 7), Ganondorf (just the thought of him makes me hiss), and Kefka. I don't know what it is about him, but seriously, Kefka freaks me the heck out. And Tingle. Hate Tingle. Argh, and Albedo in Xenosaga is just, ugggh.

And well, I have a love-hate relationship with Koume & Kotake from Ocarina of Time. I love their characters for some demented reason, but can't stand them at the same time.


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