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DS Daily: Corruptions, bugs, and glitches

Recently, this blogger had the displeasure of losing all her data in Geometry Wars: Galaxies. One minute we were best buddies, inseparable and joined at the hip; in just an instant, however, the save data became corrupt and everything was lost. All unlocked galaxies and drone level-ups were gone, along with high scores and gold medals. Instead of starting over, Geometry Wars has remained untouched ever since.

Have you ever lost your data in a DS game? And if you haven't faced corruptions, have you played any games that had bugs or glitches that made you want to stop playing? Even better, have you experienced any funny glitches in your games?

Or, has your time on the DS managed to be bug and problem free? If so, we envy you!

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1-19-2008 @ 10:36AM

Andy said...

My old Game Boy Color games had problems like this. My Pokemon Yellow had erased itself many times.


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1-19-2008 @ 10:41AM

pas said...

Well except for Metroid Prime Hunters locking up while I was killing some guys online via Sylux, nope, not really serious problems. (I suggest you buy yourself a Actionreplay and backup you saves every now and then to prevent those things from happening)


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1-19-2008 @ 10:41AM

nintendolover said...

One time, when I was playing my Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (really hard game) on GBA SP, I was on the final boss, the second stage, and my game froze, I had to turn it off and restart the boss.


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1-19-2008 @ 11:06AM

Wiiman said...

This has happened twice to me, once with Bomberman Advanced, I think thats what it was called, and once with this Dodgeball game for advance.


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1-19-2008 @ 11:23AM

Matdredalia said...

To my advantage, the biggest "bug" my DS seems to have is occasionally not recognizing that there is a cartridge in when I first start up. However, I pop out cartridge, blow in slot and on cartridge, and everything works. (Yaye for the ingenious skills I learned as a toddler on the NES!!!)

However, when I was a kid, glitches and bugs were more common than not on the NES & SNES. But I was a stubborn baby-gamer and would just start over, demanding that my mother and grandmother forfeit their gaming rights until I "got to be awesome again". My Grandmother, however, was not keen on sharing her gaming time, and it was a constant war between us when I was trying to regain my lost awesomeness.

And no, I'm not kidding.


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1-19-2008 @ 12:39PM

Brello said...

Likewise, mine fails to recognize a game now and then as well. At least I don't have to jam another game on top of it to get it to work like my old NES.

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Mr Khan7

1-19-2008 @ 2:58PM

Mr Khan said...

Mine always has that problem with Final Fantasy III

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1-19-2008 @ 11:38AM

raindog said...

While I've never lost game data due to a bug, Spyro: Shadow Legacy was easily the worst game I've ever finished. I think the gameplay alone would have been enough to accomplish that, but the frequent glitches (graphical glitches resulting in lost life, as well as outright hard lockups) made it totally agonizing. If I hadn't agreed to review it for a friend's (now defunct) site, there's no way I'd have ever finished playing it.


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1-19-2008 @ 11:46AM

Rockel said...

Harvest Moon DS has to be THE glitchiest game I have ever played on the DS. I'm not one of those gold miner farmers - I will play the game for years (in game) if I have to to get the best stuff.

Too bad the game accidentally gave me 1 billion gold in the winter. And that I couldn't marry the harvest witch for some bizarre reason. You couldn't marry almost any of the special girls in that game! Not to mention that many people faced corrupted files in their first winter.

I felt horrible about it, but i traded it in during a promotion at gamestop. That game was just simply not worth playing. I hope Harvest Moon Cute makes up for all of DS's downfalls.


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1-19-2008 @ 2:47PM

Safiel said...

Yeah, same thing happened to me. I accidentally ended up with a ton of money. Having a secret or glitch to get a ton of money is one thing... but hide it so most of your users don't hit it in normal play! Plus it locked up a lot, and I couldn't trigger the events that I needed to marry the mermaid, even after trying many time.

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1-19-2008 @ 11:55AM

tamriel said...

My experience with freezes regards Jam Sessions. I would be simply strumming it and it would stop, frozen. I'd have to reset the whole thing. It was random, but happened within at most 15 minutes of playtime. My real guitar doesn't break strings that often... :-)


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1-19-2008 @ 12:01PM

cwk5014 said...

Yeah, in August, Pokemon Pearl deleted itself on me. ._. For about two weeks, I was getting occasional card read errors, but was still able to get it to boot, just needing to retry sometimes... Then, one day, I got the evil "The save file has been deleted due to corruption or damage"... I was just about to beat the Elite Four too... I guess a good way to view this is that I didn't do so yet and transfer my Pokemon from the GBA games onto it... THAT would have hurt a lot more.
(By the way, I got Nintendo to send me a new copy of the game and I'm back to the E4 now... Yes, I play slowly.)


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1-19-2008 @ 3:28PM

BlackDS said...

I would be devastated if that happened to me.

Losing my shiny Kricketune, my lucky egg, my adamant Heracross ... (shiver) ...

As far as bugs go, ever since my last trade, I haven't been able to win anything at the Pokemon Lottery (playing every day, so I don't know if this is a glitch or just plain bad luck). Maybe I'll trade again, or mix records to see if that helps.

The only "bug" that I encountered was in Kirby Canvas Curse. It was my first (and only) used DS game purchase (since I could not find it new online [BTW, I DON'T shop ebay]). I played a few levels on the day I bought it, then turned the game off. When I turned the game back on later to play again, my save file was GONE. I turned the DS off, and restarted the game again, but then I had save files (NOT mine) from the previous owner. One save file had already unlocked Meta Knight!

I returned the game to Gamestop the next day, and told the Gamestop employee what happened. I got my refund, but I did not see him throw the game away, so maybe there's a messed up Kirby Canvas Curse game sitting at my local Gamestop.

I'm not sure if the Kirby Canvas Curse problem was a glitch or a counterfeit game sold to Gamestop from someone who bought the game on Ebay.

I haven't bought a used game since, so I don't have Pokemon Ruby or Kirby Canvas Curse.


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1-19-2008 @ 12:20PM

Covarr said...

I have a copy of Pokémon Blue that gets corrupted every time I hit four badges. It doesn't matter how quickly or how slowly I get them, or in what order I get them, simply having four causes the save to become corrupted and I have to start over. There might be some way around it (maybe gamesharking my way straight to five), but I don't really care that much.

I've had numerous problems with the save files on DS homebrew games, at least until DLDI became standard. Before that, there wasn't a whole lot of standard and it was anybody's guess whether or not something would save glitch-free.


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1-19-2008 @ 12:20PM

ssuk said...

My sibling's copy of Warioware Touched is corrupted, keeps freezing.

Protip to prolong your game card's lifespan... Follow the instruction manual and DO NOT blow on the DS cards. It increases oxidisation not only on the connectors of the card but also the innards of the card as well. When they loose their metallic surface, boom, the game is kaput.
You're also best to store your game cards in a dry, consistent temperature area. The best idea is to store them in a carry case. If you keep them in a place which is constantly changing temperature from cold to warm, you'll find that as the metal expands in the warmth, it pushes the connectors out of place, if the place cools, they move back into their original place but if this happens a lot you'll find the connectors scrape along the thin plasticy-bits that run along the connectors and can damage the contacts.

But the DS cards are very resilient and I haven't had one of my cards die on me so far. Fingers crossed though.


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1-19-2008 @ 12:25PM

moominsean said...

never had a problem on my ds, but my gba had a few probs. one of the castlevania games glitched and erased my save game.


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1-19-2008 @ 12:45PM

Brello said...

Puzzle Quest. Constant freezes and glitches. With so many people obsessed with it, I dismissed it as just a bad copy. I'll stick with tetris/meteos/picross for my puzzle fix, unless Dr. Mario shows up. (brain age 2 does not count)


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1-19-2008 @ 1:46PM

Matdredalia said...

Dude, I feel terrible for you. Puzzle Quest is amazing.

Do you have Tetris? 'Cause that is the best puzzle fix, ever.

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1-26-2008 @ 11:55AM

MrTyzik said...

I notice graphical glitches a lot but they don't bother me too much. Yesterday (how appropriate was this topic!), the game deadlocked on me. Thankfully, I didn't loose a lot of play time. Maybe it saves after each battle.

Is this thread too old to comment on? :)

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1-19-2008 @ 12:50PM

Fiefdom said...

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal no longer save, but that is to be expected due the expected save battery life when considering the internal clock. My copy of the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons won't start up at all. I'm going to try replacing the battery soon, I really hope I won't have to buy a new cartridge.

I've not had any detrimental problems with DS games. Luminous Arc has no delete data option so I suppose I have the opposite problem of some other people here. I do however, absolutely detest the volume sliding bar. It's inaccurate and difficult to reach the lowest acceptable volume setting (if left at that setting, it will be mute when the DS is rebooted so I have to readjust the volume every time I want to play it at night). The volume wheels in the Game Boy line were precise, easier to use, and less prone to being accidentally knocked.


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