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Girl Gamer magazine thinks it's still the 1950s

Attention female readers of DS Fanboy! You know how you're ALWAYS thinking about nothing else but pink things, cooking, and raising cute ickle babies? Well, Nintendo is, like, TOTALLY on your wavelength! The company has just teamed up with publisher Future to launch gaming magazine Girl Gamer in the UK, and it won't cost you a penny, meaning you can save for those divine shoes that you just have to have or you'll die.

The 32-page magazine is being given away with the latest copies of Bliss and Mizz, two of the UK's most popular girl's titles, and is yet further evidence that Nintendo is completely in touch with female gamers. Just look at the cover: pink things? Check! Cooking? Check! Babies? Check!

[Via press release]

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Sarah Bear61

2-12-2008 @ 3:32PM

Sarah Bear said...

This is the lamest thing I have ever seen, I do not enjoy playing cooking mama, or super princess peach, or anything of that sort. This magazine is profiling women, and I DO NOT approve of it. I play REAL games (and btw way according to some earlier comments, we do dont play WoW, I hate that retarded MMoRPG) I play final fantasy, resident evil, kingdom hearts, soul calibur, just to name a few. I will stick to reading nintendo power thank you, and not degrade myself to this garbage magazine "Girl Gamer".


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Sarah Bear62

2-12-2008 @ 3:33PM

Sarah Bear said...

and in addition to my comment I also agree with the other girl gamer comment on this page, I would much rather read something about brawl than cooking mama. I for one am a Smash and Zelda junkie.


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2-12-2008 @ 5:16PM

Igaaboo said...

I have to say, after reading some more comments from people, that I'm really disturbed this is being marketed towards ten year olds. Ten year old girls should not have Barbie style DS's with Hannah Montana games shoved down their throat. And BABIES? DO YOU REALLY WANT TEN YR OLDS INTERESTED IN SEX???

We shouldn't expect all guys to play war/football/shoot'emup games and all girls play Brat's/HannahMontana. Stick to ONE gamer issue, Nintendo. You can have a "girl" section in it, just don't pretend you really understand your market. IE: ME.


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2-12-2008 @ 7:43PM

Chozothebozo said...

I'm giving this 6months... tops


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2-12-2008 @ 7:44PM

Slug said...

Well of course some girls play games like WoW and BioShock, but why would Nintendo need to market "gaming" at them? They're ALREADY gamers. They don't need to be sucked in. Nintendo are targeting the females who DON'T get into games simply because they are too busy with babies, cooking, and seeking out pink things. And now Nintendo are trying to be the first to tap into that market - good on 'em, say I. Don't take it personally, but most girls who are totally into gaming just aren't quite as involved as those three things (as some of them are rightly wont to point out). You've misunderstood Nintendo's marketing strategy here... but methinks deliberately. Funny article, thanks for the laughs, people. :)


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2-12-2008 @ 8:21PM

Shinyjiggly said...

-_-; This doesn't look good. The plug-ugly lady on the front looks like she wants to eat that DS lite. I'm gonna stick to Nintendo Power for now... *runs away*


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2-13-2008 @ 1:47AM

SongBird2384 said...

Seriously...this makes me want to throw up a little. I have been playing videos games since i was old enough to hold a joystick! I have NEVER liked pink, I have NEVER dreamed of being a "momma". I like to SMASH things, but I also like a good story line!! I actually consider it a lowering of standards that I have gotten bored enough to play WoW. Unfortunately for the world of gaming there has been an overabundance of drunken frat boy games and not enough games with substance. So now they shower us with more ignorance and stupidity. I hope this flies with chicks in the UK, because I really don't think any respectable girl gamer would be caught DEAD saying anything remotely like, "you can save for those divine shoes that you just have to have or you'll die." *shudder*


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2-13-2008 @ 2:43AM

Panda-s1 said...

Okay everyone, I'm just gonna put this in terms you can understand: This magazine is not for you. It was never meant for you.

This goes for both guys or girls. If you've posted a comment on this blog and/or visit this blog regularly, not meant for you.

Honestly getting upset over something like this is stupid. If we want to get upset we should get upset at the overall societal view of young girls that let this magazine be created. As stated by people above me this magazine is aimed towards younger girls. Or rather young girls who aren't gamers. And those really stereotypical girls who buy all the girly magazines. If you don't buy girly magazines like that, then this magazine is not for you.

This is all just a marketing gimmick that might be viewed as really stupid, but it's their attempt to reach that niche market of females who don't find gaming appealing. Every female gamer who has said bad things about this magazine only proves this point even further. I mean as much as gaming has gone mainstream it still has that faint stigma of geekiness that won't appeal to certain people, which is why they created this magazine. And hell we live in an age where even the ditziest, blondest female celebrity might own a gaming system *cough*parishilton'sPSP*cough*

Look the point I'm trying to make is if you don't want the magazine, don't read it, 'cause it's probably not meant for you. If you know a young girl personally make sure she never reads this and have yourself teach them the ways of gaming. Will this marketing strategy work? Maybe not, but hell while I can blame them for coming up with a really dumb marketing strategy, I can't blame them for trying.


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2-13-2008 @ 8:02AM

psychoticanimosity said...

I love my pink Princess Peach/Hello Kitty-skinned DS.... I also love watching my hubby playing Zelda on it. He even borrows it to play at his job.=D He also loves Cooking Mama, but I won't let it touch my DS. I especially enjoy playing un-"girly" games on said DS. Castlevania.... =)
I never bought into the kind of fluff magazine this thing came with(at least this bit of rubbish was FREE), I tried to be "girly" when I was young but.... bleh, too shallow.
But some girls are shallow. And whether or not they play anything that's notcrap, they may still not get past the casual gaming road-block.


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Hope Loneheart70

2-13-2008 @ 1:27PM

Hope Loneheart said...

.... Have the writers ever seen a real Gamer Girl? I'm playing Devil May Cry 4 against some guys and I'm the one screaming out "inappropriate things" When killing. Yes I played cooking mama on my DS but I wasn't writing down the recipes, I was going over the same one again till I got gold in everything, and I was in no way lady like in showing my happiness.

In short; most Gamer Girls are scarier then the boys.


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2-13-2008 @ 2:04PM

Kim said...

Well as much as I love "cute ickle babies" I'm just gonna stick with Brawl and Tales of Destiny...
That's just creepy O_o


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Oh, c'mon...72

2-13-2008 @ 3:47PM

Oh, c'mon... said...

I mean really. We - the female gaming public - are pretty much just standard gamers who aren't as into sprites with huge boobs (the straight ones of us, anyway) - there's some research demonstrating that we like puzzle games and, yes, some nurture-oriented stuff more than male gamers ON AVERAGE, but that doesn't mean that we can stomach pink any better or that we'd rather spend money on clothes than on the latest Zelda. Give me a break - how about making Nintendo Power's ads a little less objectifying of women and we'll all just read the same magazine? Saves on costs for them and paper for the environment.


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2-13-2008 @ 5:21PM

Mya said...

Looks the gaming community is desperate to increase their ranks. Poor choice of target... next thing they'll be doing is making purses that can carry a DS and a poor over groomed pooch. I think the only XX chromosone bearing human that won't regurgitate upon sight of this magasine is the blonde-haired blue eyed bimbo's of the world, and the only technology they should be allowed is a Tamagotchi.
Honestly... this is crap, If I'm going to be shoved into the catergory 'GirlGamer' I would rather not be associated with 'pink' and 'babies'.


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2-13-2008 @ 7:59PM

jeeves86 said...

This is terrible. But as a matter of fact there are women over the age of 13 who obsess over...being a homemaker, but those usually aren't the women who play video games, and the kind of women who pick up Imagine Babies and think to themselves "why imagine, when it can be REAL?!"

I personally thought Cooking Mama was quite the stereotypical view of women (I can't cook like that, and when was the last time you saw your mother that happy in the kitchen? Do this, do that, beat the eggs, cut the vegetables, don't let it burn! That salmon would be upside your head if this were reality :P) I like the inventiveness and ingenuity of Nintendo on a lot of their games, but some of their ideas outright blow. And it's the girl gamers depicted in the magazine that drag all of us kicking and screaming into the same freaking category! See? Happy? I only used one smiley and proper punctuation and spelling!


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2-13-2008 @ 10:35PM

Ashums said...

What the hell is this shit?


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2-13-2008 @ 11:15PM

stizzo said...

I know this this magazine is awful, and that hardcore girl gamers do exist (even though this goes against the rules of the internets) you also have to admit that the type of girl gamer that this magazine depicts is pretty large.

I have clanned with girls in fps games (in fact it was a girl that taught me how to play UT), but that doesn't mean that most girls are in to blood and fire. In fact most girls I know IRL are actually into the cute stuff.

that being said this magazine is still useless--probably only relatively hardcore have even heard about it which doesn't seem to be the target audience for this.


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2-13-2008 @ 11:37PM

Rin said...

This is kinda, really, very disturbing. Like some others said, I'm a female gamer and have been ever since I was very young and to be surrounded by pink and babies (two things I dislike greatly) would be absolutely horrendous. Cooking Mama is an ok game, there's nothing fantasmagorical about it. I play "guys' games" more often than all those prissy girl games that are pretty obviously aimed for children lacking in the chest area (in which I mean things like the pet games, ie. Nintendogs, Ponies, etc. etc.)

I really don't think it'll go well except to kids, and especially if they're not being bought. But whatever, I'm not in the UK so doesn't bother me.


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2-14-2008 @ 12:39AM

MagFlare said...

Wow. Regardless of all the sexism, I've got to wonder about the wisdom of a Nintendo-published article called "All the Wii Games You'll Ever Need to Buy." Seems sort of counterproductive, doesn't it? Wouldn't an article called "All the Wii Games You Need to Buy at Present, But Please Buy More Later" be a little more on-message?

Anyways, my wife has recently finished Mass Effect and has gone back to playing KoTOR2. I don't think I could convince her to play Cooking Mama if I had a cattle prod.


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2-14-2008 @ 3:43AM

nyappy said...


That was epic win xD
gamer girls don't even look like roadkill that's been spat out by a cat and then roadkilled again. :C


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2-14-2008 @ 2:06PM

Maddiox said...

I think I might cry...
Its possitive discrimination to a sickening degree. It's nice theyre noticing that girls like to play games but...umm...girls have done that for quite a while... And why must they assume the only things we will like are about cute fluffy animals? People should just make their games and let the gamers decide whether they should play it, male or female.
Many of my guy friends are offended to see Animal Crossing in a female gamer guide. xD


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