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Mario runs in the family

It is no surprise when gamer kids get their gaming love from their parents. We are happy to see this happen and in fact encourage it. Especially when it stems from Mario Bros.

What started as a love for games back in the late 70's spanned to a family love for a certain plumber and his brother. This pair dress up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween each year and the kids room is nothing short of impressive. His mother and grandmother even helped out by supplying him Mario curtains and a comforter set. His walls show images of each game and painted as a border is Mario and a few items from his games.

There are a ton of pics to view of "Mario" in his room and a few of the family when they aren't displaying their fandom.

[Via QJ Net]

Bleach DS 2nd screens and Japanese reserve gift

Looks like a mess of samurai chaos and we are totally okay with that. A ninja is related to a samurai making Bleach on the right side of the pirate/ninja debate.

This multiplayer success first flew off Japanese store shelves last year, while the US has yet to see the title. The sequel is bound to reach players in Japan this Winter while still no word has be heard if the popular anime series will expand to other shores.

With a serious need for an awesome fighting game with online capabilities on the DS, we hope to see Bleach DS reach US gamers. Until then, if you have the ability to read Japanese and love imports, you can reserve the game and get a DS case sporting one of the most cuddly characters, Kon.

See an image after the break!

[Via Go Nintendo]

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Adult Link awes gamers

It's about time we saw an adult Link figurine! We got kinda tired of looking at Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link standing on our shelf all alone. Yeah, we are the losers who dropped too much money for these guys. And yes, we do still live with our mother. So what?

The Hero of Time proudly carries the Master Sword in his left hand (the way it should be -- no offense Twilight Princess) and looks like he us ready for some good 'ol Ganon slaying. Got $110 with nothing better to spend it on? We've got you covered.

[Via Press Release]

Obnoxiously bright DS buttons

What the blurry image above is showing you is yet another mod for the DS Lite. Gamer Grandpasmurf found a tutorial on AcidMods that helped him put blue LED lights underneath transparent buttons that he purchased on NDS-Central. To demonstrate their glowing power, he filmed himself playing Final Fantasy III. They seem to work great and no real damage was done to his DS. Call it the angle of the camera, but we find these a little too bright for our taste.

See the video after the break and tell us what you think.

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Nintendo's history on a shirt

We have seen some very impressive shirts in our day and Nerdy Shirts has taken us by surprise. Their Nintendo love comes in many forms, but something about this Nintendo family tree caught our attention. It made us dig for our original GameBoy in hopes of bringing back good 'ol childhood memories like the millions of batteries gone through in the name of playing Tetris. These shirts only cost $20 (way better than those fancy designer freaks) and they have girl sizes too! You gotta admit, Nintendo has had a pretty amazing run in the last few decades. Looks like "leaving luck to the heavens" was a good decision.

[Via Gay Gamer]

Mario and Luigi hats for the avid cosplayer

Cosplay haters beware. Mario and Luigi hats are coming to the US and you better believe they are going to be seen everywhere. They cost $30 and are 35cm across. They sag to get that adorable plumber effect.

The hats aren't going to be released until April of next year but you can pre-order them if you find these too awesome to pass up.

Better believe this guy already has a dozen of each pre-ordered ....

[Via Gay Gamer]

Pricey DS Lite case

It takes a special kind of case to protect our baby. While this may be a whopping 40 big ones, the description makes it sound priceless:

The slim DS Lite Case is constructed from ballistic nylon, with a double layer leather flap and a scratch free interior liner. The back of the case has a self-locking zippered pocket to hold your games, spare batteries and ear-buds. On the exterior of the flap, choose between our standard black or our patterned design. On the underside of the flap, choose between black, kiwi and pink leather.

Pretty slick, eh? See more pics after the break. You could have just found a Christmas present for yourself.

[Via Press Release]

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Master Sword forged for Zelda fan

What do you get when you take a bloke obsessed with Zelda and too much money? A real-life Master Sword, straight from Scotland. The blacksmiths over at Castle Keep took several designs and artwork of the Master Sword from fanatic Paul Hantschel and prepared to forge. Almost a year and $3,300 later, Paul received one of the most famous weapons in gaming history. Now it is time for him to don the traditional green tunic and take on the greatest task gamers have faced for nearly 20 years.

Following the break is a ginormous image of the real-life Master Sword in all its Tektite slashing glory. You are allowed to drool for a moment before remembering how much he paid for an item that it will probably do no more than sit on a mantle or be sold on eBay after its glitter has vanished.

[Via 1P Start]

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Mario nutcracker brings holiday cheer

A hand painted Mario nutcracker is what every fanboy and holiday guru needs. When we last checked the listing on eBay, this little plumber had reached $35. The creator, hazelsmrf, claims that all parts are working, with the exception of the actual nutcracker.

hazelsmrf states that this is the first in a long line of custom made nutcrackers. Next on his list, and rightfully so, could be Chuck Norris. Get you wallets ready! Your mantel, desk or dashboard is getting lonely.

[Via QJ Net]

Wii Zelda gift in Animal Crossing

Not too long ago we helped spread the word that Nintendo would be delivering a special gift to Animal Crossing: Wild World players in celebration of the launch of the Wii. If you are one of those lucky players able to log on, you would have found a letter similar to that pictured above. Plus, you already have your super sweet present sitting in a special place. For the rest of you, we won't ruin the surprise. If you are a Zelda fan, this gift will light up your day.

[Thanks notawesome!]

Double trouble -- two new Fullmetal Alchemist videos [Update 1]

As wanna-be alchemists, we have yet to grasp the idea of turning random objects into ass kicking devices. Trust us, we have tried and failed several times. Something about making a ten ton bowling ball of destruction come out of thin air is very appealing.

The two new videos for Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy are an introduction of sorts for lead star Edward and his masculine friend, the appropriately named, Alex Armstrong. One thing we do know is don't test Edward's temper with whirling tornadoes of fire. He really doesn't take it too well.

See the videos after the break!

[Update: Fixed the link and general computard mistakes.]

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Looking at Link from a different angle

After venturing through an endless wasteland of blue screen, the New Golden Boys created a short taking a look at the darker side of Link. Featuring interviews from different characters in the the Legend of Zelda series along with a few geeky game store clerks, the whole scene is all too familiar to Zelda aficionados such as ourselves. The short is set to air tomorrow night on MTV's unfortunately named The G-Hole Special.

***CAUTION*** This isn't safe for those sensitive to foul hand gestures or talk of molestation. Just thought we'd warn you. Catch the video after the break!

[Via The Girl Gamer]

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Atlus giving jobs to ninjas in 2007

Yesterday, a NeoGAFer got their hands on a press release from Atlus with some interesting news for eBay resellers and ninja lovers alike. Their game, Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja, is making its way to the US February of next year. Here is a snippet from the release:

Finally, a dungeon RPG strong enough for a man... but played as a hot chick! Drop your stylus, you pansy, and get back to the old school, hardcore, monster bashing we all grew up on! See if you have what it takes to conquer the impossible levels and gruesome bosses. After all, does it get any better than the feeling of cold steel at the palm of your hands?

Hmm ... played as a "hot chick," Atlus? Trying to kill two birds with one stone by appealing to both lustful men and women with low self esteem? On top of that, we totally disagree that "ninjas are sooo yesterday!" Ninjas are the past, present and future!

[Thanks JC!]

Choir rejoices with the sound of Nintendo

If you haven't noticed, we have been big supporters of musical interpretations done by fans. It's kind of a kick we are on. Something about all these different types of musicians coming together to represent the powerhouse Nintendo through a variety of instruments captures our attention like a moth to flame.

The newest type of musical Nintendo fandom we discovered is done by a lively choir. Not only do they sing the songs, some of the members will add a few performances for comedic purposes. Everyone seemed to do a great job, except for "Mario." Maybe it's the way he is jumping but it is way, way off.

Enjoy the video after the break!

[Thanks Amir Shah!]

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DS taking Time's Gadget of the Year race by storm

In the spirit of races today, we were surprised to see our favorite system included in a long list of fancy gizmos featured in Time Magazine's Gadget of the Year contest. The DS has some pretty tough competition -- Apple MacBook Pro, Palm Trio 700w.

Last we checked, the DS was winning with a whopping 59% with the next in line only carrying 27% of the votes. So, we encourage you to vote for your favorite gadget (meaning the DS of course). Wouldn't want the Nintendo mafia knocking on your door ....

[Via Joystiq]

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