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July NPD: Sharing the spotlight

The DS can't always be on top when it comes to sales numbers. Sometimes, we must step gracefully aside and allow someone else to share the spotlight. As long as that "someone else" is also manufactured by Nintendo, however ... then things are alllllright. Considering our trusty handheld had only one title in the top ten games sold in July -- Pokémon Diamond, which rang in at #7 -- moving another 400,000 units is pretty great. At least, it's better than those other guys, which is what really matters.

  • Nintendo Wii: 425K
  • Nintendo DS: 405K
  • Sony PS2: 222K
  • Sony PSP: 214K
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 170K
  • Sony PS3: 159K
  • Nintendo GBA: 87K
We can't wait to see what happens this holiday season. We have a feeling things are going to get crazy.

Buy Heroes of Mana for a not ridiculous price

As great as Heroes of Mana might be, we can't fathom spending $40 dollars on any non-import handheld title, lest it has the words Contra on its cover or, at the very least, a cowboy pig. It's not that we're strapped for cash; we're just saving up our allowance to order a Masculator. Yeah, laugh at us now, but we'll see who's the chump when our arms are brimming with muscles. It most certainly will not be us.

Amazon and Best Buy seem to be the only retailers with any damn sense, marking Heroes of Mana to $29.99, a price more reasonable than the $40 it's going for at other shops like GameStop. If you're looking for a portable RTS to take you through these last weeks of summer, look no further! Well, unless you're looking at Ecoris.

[Via CAG]

Cheaper than full price, but more expensive than free

If you're not too confident with your LOLDS photoshopping skills, there's always another option that you might want to consider -- actually buying the Nintendo DS Lite Browser. Spending money is for chumps, we agree, but with Amazon's day-long sale, you can feel significantly less chumpy about parting with your cash.

Usually selling for $29.99, the web browsing application has been discounted down to $21.99 at the online retailer. Throw another $3 item on your order, and you'll also be eligible for Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping. You'll be loading up random images of anthropomorphised pets in no time!

[Via CAG]

Donkey Kong: King of Savings

Burabura Donkey, or DK: King of Swing as we know it in the states, puts you on a quest to recover 24 stolen medals and prove yourself as the Jungle Hero. Swinging the gorilla from peg to peg is managed with your handheld's L and R buttons, while jumping can be accomplished by hitting the two shoulder buttons at the same time.

Its mechanics are simple, and many feel that the graphics are a step back from the Donkey Kong Country series, but it can still be pretty fun if you're looking for something different in an action game. Import shop Play Asia will be selling Japanese copies of the Paon-developed GBA title for $10.90 for the next three days, so if you still haven't tried out DK: King of Swing, here's your chance!

Super Robot Discount 2

Has your anxiety for Front Mission DS's distant October release become unmanageable, affecting your work and love life? If it's any consolation, you can get your mecha SRPG fix with Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations.

Atlus, the North American publisher behind this chibi-robot game, is notorious for its low print runs, but finding a copy won't be hard at all. GameQuest Direct has marked the GBA title down to $9.99, half of its usual price! Get it while the getting's good!

[Via CAG]

Price drop Puzzle League

Planet Puzzle League has never had the popularity of Tetris, but it's no less addictive with its block-sliding formula. If you're a fan of Tetris Attack, Panel de Pon, or polished puzzle titles in general, you need to have a copy of this game.

Amazon, seeking to right the wrongs of our video gaming world, has joined us in our cause to get Planet Puzzle League into as many hands as possible. For the remainder of the day (or while stocks last), the game will be available to purchase for only $19.99, $10 cheaper than its usual price! We've embedded a Planet Puzzle League trailer past the post break just in case you need a reminder on how stylish this title is.

Continue reading Price drop Puzzle League

DS conquers all competitors in UK, prepares to assault mainland

The British gaming industry sales watchers at MCV are reporting today that the DS has overtaken both the PS2 and PC in unit sales and overall market value in the UK. They attribute the little portable's triumph to its strong sales since Easter, as well as bumper crop of high quality releases, including Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and More Brain Training, that currently account for over 15% of the all game sales!

While sales of Apple's iPod might indicate otherwise, one has to wonder how long the DS can hold onto its worldwide domination. But by then, it'll be time for some new colors or an even sleeker form factor. Onboard flash memory, anyone?

Diamond and Pearl: 10 million served

Nintendo announced that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have sold 10 million units worldwide. That's one for every dollar in this year's Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes. The games have sold a collective 5.2 million copies in Japan, with the US making up most of the rest. Diamond and Pearl just came out in Europe on the 27th, so expect this number to continue climbing.

expect the formula for Pokemon games to change any time soon. At this point, that would be harming the economy of a small nation, composed entirely of Pokemon game cartridges.

Official DS headset sale keeps your chatting cheap

Though we've featured online deals for DS headsets in the past, we've never seen Nintendo's official headset priced as low as it is right now at Amazon! The online shop has marked it down by more than 50%, selling the white accessory for only $6.99. That's even cheaper than a buffet dinner at Ponderosa Steakhouse! Admittedly, Ponderosa has some fried chicken wings that are to die for, but those delicious bits of white meat won't help you chat with your friends while playing Pokemon D/P or Planet Puzzle League... Or will they?

This deal ends today, or while stocks last, so put in your order while you can! Failing that, you could always just head to Ponderosa instead! We also suggest you try their dinner rolls.

[Via CAG]

An eight-letter word for 'reduced pricing'

We never understood why The New York Times Crosswords wasn't a runaway success, sales-wise. You would think that with Touch Generations' momentum and Nintendo's buzz for attracting older gamers, this puzzle title would be a sure thing. But even with the Gray Lady's backing, the rest of the mainstream media just didn't seem to pick up on it. Maybe Nintendo was more interested in putting its efforts and marketing money behind its own crossword game? Poor Majesco.

We suspect that the $30 tag was also partially to blame. For those of you that agree, Amazon has temporarily listed The New York Times Crosswords at $19.99, bringing the stylus-driven title down to bargain pricing where it probably should've been from the get-go. This deal expires at midnight -- or when the item goes out of stock -- so don't wait too long to jump on it!

[Via CAG]

June NPD: Nintendo continues to power the industry

Another month means another win for Nintendo. Really, we're not sure what else to say. At this point, we think the only way we could turn this around from a more-of-the-same announcement is if we could convince Reggie to tap dance on a platform made from the fragments of defeated consoles.

So, without further ado, let us reveal the specifics of Nintendo's victory. Hint: they sold more than the other guys. Again.
  • Nintendo DS: 561.9k
  • Nintendo Wii: 381.8k
  • Sony PSP: 290.1k
  • Sony PS2: 270.7k
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 198.4k
  • Sony PS3: 98.5k
The other guys do seem to be holding their own in sales, however. Everyone may still be scrabbling for Wii remotes with Wii Play, and we continue to be a Pokémon nation, but a few other titles continue to dominate the middle spots. We're okay with that. We like variety, even if the sales charts don't reflect that. They do seem an awful lot like last month's, eh?
  1. Mario Party 8 (Wii)
  2. Wii Play w/remote (Wii)
  3. Pokémon Diamond (DS)
  4. Pokémon Pearl (DS)
  5. Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360)
  6. Guitar Hero II w/guitar (PS2)
  7. Guitar Hero II w/guitar (Xbox 360)
  8. Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii)
  9. Resident Evil 4 (Wii)
  10. The Darkness (Xbox 360)
[Thanks, TrojanDan!]

Budget Brain Academy

Need to figure out your brain's weight, but not prepared to saw your skull open to pull out its spongy mass just yet? Amazon has come up with a cheap way for you to calculate its heftiness, saving you a few bucks and several quarts of blood.

For just $12.99, you can purchase a copy of Nintendo's Big Brain Academy from the online shop. The Touch Generations title has a robust Test mode that determines the weight of your brain, as well as Practice and Multiplayer options. This deal ends today, so don't sit around thinking about it for too long!

[Via CAG]

Ninja Council votes to lower its price

This discount for Naruto: Ninja Council 3 only two months after its release probably isn't a good sign, but if you're a fan of the blonde-haired ninja, you were probably planning on picking this game up anyway. Might as well do it now while Amazon has its price cut down to $19.99! The online shop makes a point to ship all orders totaling over $25 for free -- it's how they get you -- so try to muster up $5.02 worth of stuff to take advantage of that offer.

Understanding that this anime/manga license has been around the block more than some of our ex-girlfriends, we've embedded a trailer for the game past the post break to jar your memory. Apparently, you can expect to fight a butt-ton of ninjas.

Continue reading Ninja Council votes to lower its price

Harry Potter and the Combined Order for Free Shipping

The precocious wizard Harry Potter, despite not really existing, has managed to cast a spell to lower the price of his DS game by ten dollars, to $19.99. Uh-oh, it's magic! He can only keep it up for one day, and only on one site ( because it takes too much strength to maintain such powerful magic, and Harry's got to get his sleep for, we don't know, a Potions test or a Quidditch match or whatever the funniest Harry Potter reference would be.

Though it would delay the shipping and nullify the release-date guarantee, we'd like to remind you that adding this to your order of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would make the order eligible for free shipping. The DS game includes a children's movie ticket for the Order of the Phoenix movie as well, so if you can legitimately pass for a child (or if you are a child), you could have a triple threat of Potter media consumption in one order.

Phoenix Wright: Sales for All

Amazon has cut the price of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, the sequel to everyone's favorite court-based adventure game, bringing it down to $19.99. We don't expect this deal to last for long, so race your shopping cart to the checkout lane as fast as your feet will allow.

If for some reason, God forbid, you haven't played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney yet and are hesitant to start the series midway through, don't forget that you can also pick up a used copy at GameStop or EB Games for as low as $21.99! We admit, that's still pretty expensive for a game as old as this one, but it's better than paying full price. All you'll need to take advantage of this sorta-bargain is the coupon we posted earlier this morning.

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