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Metal Slug 7 in 2008 for Europe?

According to French gaming site Wiiz, our brothers and sisters across the pond might be getting Metal Slug 7 later this year. Should this go down, we imagine you'll be just as intoxicated by the action on your DS as we will be when the title hits U.S. shores.

Considering that Wiiz doesn't source anyone for this "news," however, we're going to keep this one filed under the Rumors section.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via Go Nintendo]

Sealed Game Boy games will make you break your piggy bank

Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this right now. Do you want River City Ransom EX sealed for $17? If you're ready to say anything but "yes," we kindly ask that you close your browser window, call your mother and apologize for being such a disappointment.

If for some reason you're not keen on the game and still manage to have a working brain (or, you know, you already own it), there's plenty of other Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on offer. It's a nice mixture of great first-party and third-party titles, if we may say so. You know, in case you wanted to bulk up your GBA collection.

[Via Gamesniped]

StillAliveDS update adds in-game level editor

While Nintendo is busy hampering the momentum of homebrew developers on the Wii, it's business as usual for the scene with the Nintendo DS. Programmer T4ils has put out a v1.1 update for StillAliveDS, his popular 2D remake of Valve's first-person action/puzzler, Portal.

In addition to general improvements and bug fixes, the indie game now features an in-game level editor! The video above demonstrates how easy it is to lay out and test your own stage. After you've saved your map, you can even upload it to the online Custom Game Directory from your DS!

It's strange to see a homebrew title implementing such a relatively advanced feature (for the DS) that only a few commercial games support -- Picross DS, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, N+, Steal Princess, and Bangai-O (sort of). If you have the tools necessary for loading homebrew games on your DS, you should be playing this!

Gallery: StillAliveDS

Metal Slug 7 site updates with new screens

The official site for upcoming SNK title, Metal Slug 7, has updated with some new goodies for fans. For those of you who want to know more about the cast of the game, there's an updated character profile page. Also, you'll find a boatload of screens showing off gameplay, the rankings screens and "Combat School," which looks like training missions.

You can find all of the new screens in our gallery below, so head on in and check out the eye candy.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via Go Nintendo]

Fresh screens appear for Bleach: Dark Souls

Click to enter gallery

When it was confirmed that the sequel to Bleach: The Blade of Fate would be arriving stateside, we were ecstatic because, as you all know, the DS needs more good fighting games. And, aside from Jump Ultimate Stars, this is to be the best.

For those of you still waiting to get your hands on Bleach: Dark Souls (we realize a great deal of you imported it because you show up at Game Night), check out our gallery below. We just updated it with a bunch of new images from the game. Hopefully, it'll help you with that wait.

Gallery: Bleach: Dark Souls

No GBA version planned for Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Despite its fanboy following and favorable reviews from critics, the GBA adaptation for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night will not see a follow-up on single-screen portable, according to Sierra's 2008 Spring Event held over the weekend.

Interestingly, of all the platforms The Eternal Night released on (PS2/Wii/DS/GBA), the GBA version, a 2D platformer/brawler some described as Devil May Cry meets Astro Boy: Omega Factor, has the highest average review score by a large margin. Quality doesn't equal quantity sold, however, especially on a dying console, and we're not surprised that Sierra opted to not complete its The Legend of Spyro trilogy on the GBA.

Dawn of the Dragon for the DS is scheduled to ship in fall 2008. Based on the screenshots released so far, it looks to be another 3D action platformer with occasional sidescrolling stages. Mark Hamill will reportedly lend his voice to one of the game's characters, and Elijah Wood will return to voice Spyro. Christina Ricci will take over Mae Whitman's role as Cynder. We can imagine her disbelief over the replacement : "Her?"

For reference, we gave the DS version of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night a 5.0/10 in our review (GBA version: 9.5).

Ban-kai!: Sega to bring Bleach DS sequel stateside

Likely surprising no one considering the popularity of the Bleach manga/anime series, Sega announced its plans to publish Bleach: Dark Souls (or Bleach DS: 2nd Kokui Hirameku Requiem, as it's known in Japan), the follow-up to Bleach: The Blade of Fate, this summer in North America.

The Treasure-developed 2D fighter features a number of improvements on the original:
  • an exclusive storyline that takes place in between the series's first and second season
  • 44 playable characters (The Blade of Fate has 26)
  • 30 new Power-up Cards and Power Crystals
  • Bleach encyclopedia containing "fun and interesting facts about the entire Bleach universe"
All that comes on top of the game's four-player online battles and multi-plane stages. Hit the gallery below for English-translated screenshots from Dark Souls, or check past the break for a two-minute trailer from the Japanese release.

Gallery: Bleach: Dark Souls

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GDC08: Now for some Monkey Business

As you already know, we're in love with wacky 2D platformers, the crazier the better. You need only look to our romantic exchanges with Barnyard Blast, Sanuk Software's low-budget Castlevania spoof, for evidence of our forbidden flirtations.

At an IGS session yesterday, EA Tiburon's Kyle Gray demonstrated a new DS game, tentatively titled Monkey Business, currently in development and after our own heart. The colorful game's hero, a British explorer named Hatsby, could be seen battling an opera-singing boss and a robotic construct of Big Ben.

The combo system seems reminiscent of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, and there's some unclarified puzzle mechanic played out on the touchscreen -- what's there not to love? We were surprised to hear that EA greenlit the project, even if only for its EA Casual Games division, but Kyle explained, "It's this weird new face of EA ... They're actually looking to do new things, now."

Swing past the post break for more videos from the Flash prototype of this very interesting platformer.

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Homebrew game bears Devilish Resemblance to original Castlevania

Likely taking inspiration from Koji Igarashi's formula of remaking Symphony of the Night ad nauseam (har har har), homebrew coder Frosty Chaotix is working on his own vampire-slaying update for the first Castlevania NES game. He released a demo for Castlevania: Devilish Resemblance yesterday to show off his progress on the project's engine, and it looks fantastic! Of course, most of that can be attributed to the ripped 2D assets from previous titles in the series, but it's still an impressive project.

So far, this proof-of-concept build has Simon Belmont walking, jumping, and whipping to his heart's content, all within the confines of a single test room. While there's still a lot left to be implemented -- e.g. enemies, interactive objects, touchscreen controls, etc. -- the soundtrack, grabbed from OCRemix, is the cat's galoshes. We totally wouldn't mind vanquishing the Prince of Darkness to this music!

See also: Leaked Castlevania screens or whipped-up fakes?

Gallery: Castlevania: Devilish Resemblance

[Via GBAtemp]

Jump Ultimate Stars translation project forked, anxious gamers hoping to spoon with new lead

Localizing Jump Ultimate Stars, the acclaimed 2D fighter featuring hundreds of Shonen Jump characters, would be a licensing nightmare for any US publisher, so don't expect an official announcement for a US release any time soon. We've rested our hopes of ever playing the game in English on the fan-lead translation project instead.

But with over eleven months passed since the effort began, we've yet to see any public patches, and many are starting to worry that the project has stalled, doomed to sit around incomplete while interest dwindles. Deufeufeu, the same ROM hacker leading the FFTA2 translation team, has stepped in to kick the effort back into gear, forking the project and bringing some much-needed organization to the process.

Having already created a "working patch system," extracted all the game's text, and readied other elements important to the game's translation -- all within a week -- Deufeufeu promises to deliver a patch this weekend, with regular stable and unstable releases to follow. Bring your koma deck past the break for more Jump Ultimate Stars screenshots sprinkled with English text.

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Mr. ESC is a lifesaver, knows his way around a building

We've made our interest in a certain game involving rescuing certain individualities from certain doom in certain dangerous situations well-known (certainly!). With each new piece of media that comes, whether it be screens or video, like in this latest trailer, our desire grows. It was given great marks on the PSP and folks seemed to dig it on XBLA, so we're excited to see how the game will fare on the DS and how the different control schemes will handle.

Gallery: Exit DS

Samus vs Ivy! Cloud vs Chun Li! Link vs Mega Man X!

Before your head explodes, no, this game isn't a planned release, commercial or non-commercial, for the DS. Card Sagas Wars is a homemade PC project created with M.U.G.E.N, a "freeware 2D fighting game engine." The music and backgrounds have been ripped from a variety of popular games, but it looks like the character sprites have been redrawn for a consistent (and totally awesome) look.

If anything, Card Sagas Wars' developers are ambitious, setting out to include a collection of playable characters that would put even Super Smash Bros. Brawl to shame, its posted list of 995 "Blue Series" cards ranging from Killer Instinct's Cinder to Castlevania's Soma Cruz. A demo with four playable fighters is currently in the works, but no concrete date has been set for its release. You can see an older, less epic trailer for Card Sagas Wars past the break.

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Study says girls prefer 'easier' 2D games

Here's an interesting little nugget we stumbled across: according to a recent study, girls prefer 2D over 3D when it comes to games.

To reach this conclusion, author Tina Ziemek offered a pool of 34 13- and 14-year old students a selection of six Nintendo 64 titles (Yoshi's Story, Bust-A-Move, Mischief Makers, Banjo-Kazooie, Wetrix, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), and noted down which of the games each subject preferred to spend time with.

As it happens, the females in the group opted to play Yoshi's Story most of the time, while the males chose Zelda. Ziemek also notes that a lot of the kids commented on the easiness and accessibility of the 2D games in interviews, and that the females "disliked the confusion in the 3D video games, whether it was unclear directions, objectives, camera perspectives, or not knowing how to control the character."

Ziemek's final conclusion? That the majority of females would rather play games that are "easy," while the majority of males would rather play games that are "challenging." If Ziemek's findings are correct, this may partly explain why so many females pick up a DS -- after all, which other platform has such a delightful array of 2D software?

[Via Kotaku]

Don't escape from these Exit screens

The upcoming Exit DS is something that we, honestly, can't wait to get our hands on. Frankly, we were jealous the PSP got to enjoy the game for quite some time. Finally, our jealousy can be neatly stowed into an overhead compartment on some plane off to nowhere.

These fresh screens come courtesy of Game Watch and number in the lots. Seriously, Game Watch has tons of screens up and they're pretty good. Frankly, we need this game. What about you all?

Gallery: Exit DS

Custom Tank looks incredibly non-budget

Much like D3's other recent Simple series announcement, THE Zombie Panic, we question whether THE Custom Tank actually began its life as a Simple game. It looks like a lavishly-drawn, fully 2D action game -- which, these days, is actually more expensive than 3D. The thing's even got wireless (but not online) multiplayer! That doesn't sound like a super-low-budget game to us.

Custom Tank features (duh) customizable tanks, to which you can add parts found in battle. There are 20 varieties of main weapon, 40 subweapons, and 16 different kinds of armor.

With that Metal Slug-esque cutesy/gritty visual style, and the customizable weapons, we hope to see more of this game soon. We can start with the gallery of screenshots available at GAME Watch.

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