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Australian Drawn to Life DS case is awesome, unattainable

This Drawn to Life-themed DS case is only available in Australia, which is great for Australian fans but heartbreaking for us. It represents the game exactly like it should, covered as it is with the game's beautiful, full-color promotional art. Every aspect of the game (that wasn't drawn by the player) is drawn wonderfully, so featuring this art on the front of the case is great.

Inside, along with the obvious spaces for a DS and games the case includes two styli and, appropriately, a small whiteboard with a Drawn to Life dry erase marker, with which you can draw things, if not to life, to vaguely toxic-smelling. The email from 5th Cell that contained these images suggests that a U.S. release may be possible if there was enough interest. We're sure there is! People like Drawn to Life, and they like putting their game systems into things.

Gallery: Drawn to Life DS Case

[Via press release]

DS Fanboy Review: Drawn to Life

5th Cell's Drawn to Life is one of the best games for kids on the Nintendo DS. Don't misinterpret that as a dismissal: there's plenty to like here, especially for anyone for whom the idea of an Actraiser/Animal Crossing mashup with totally customizable characters sounds appealing (which should be everyone). Children, especially, may find an infinitely entertaining toy in the game's drawing tool, which engages the imagination in a way that most linear video games cannot.

The game casts you as both an unseen deity called the Creator, with the power to draw elements of the world (given possession of the appropriate page of the "Book of Life"), and a sort of golem sent down by the Creator to protect the town (which you name). Of course, your first task as Creator is to define the appearance of your hero; multiple designs can be saved and switched at any time, and you can edit your hero's appearance at any point in the game.

The town is covered in shadowy black clouds; most of the (adorable, big-eared) Raposa inhabitants have gone missing, and it's up to the Creator and its avatar to clear the darkness and rescue the Raposa. The Mayor and the few remaining Raposa coordinate your efforts to regain Book of Life pages, sending the golem into action stages after a certain page, in order to regain the item desired (everything from the sun to the sign on the town restaurant).

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Drawn to Life: a bittersweet trailer

While at PAX, we saw someone sitting behind us at a panel discussion playing Drawn to Life. We engaged them in conversation, and probably accused them of witchcraft, learning that a downloadable demo was available somewhere on the show floor. We went to THQ's booth to find it, and the representatives didn't know anything about it. We were in panels most of the day, and it was the last day of the show, so we never did find that Drawn to Life demo. We found out later that 5th Cell employees were wandering the convention center with a handful of DS units, sending out demos to fans.

Those hands drawing stuff in artificially high speed could have been our hands. Those doodled characters could have been our doodles.

[Via GoNintendo]

Happy 2D Friday for Drawn to Life fans

These new Drawn to Life screens make us so happy that we have decided to institute an impromptu holiday in the game's honor. Today is 2D Friday! Happy 2D Friday, everybody.

The most important way to celebrate 2D Friday is to play a 2D game. Hug your DS for letting you do this in 2007. Nobody's around-- go ahead, give it a little embrace. Look at the gallery of brand new screenshots and marvel at how beautiful they are. You should also spend some face time with Contra 4 today. We're just going to go walk in a straight line and jump on everything in our path.

Gallery: Drawn to Life

[Via press release]

Drawn to Life's story comes pre-written

Frequent readers know that we are infatuated with Drawn to Life. It's a 2D platformer that makes use of a fun gimmick that is perfect for the DS. What's not to love? So every time some news comes around about it, we're thrilled to post it.

GamesRadar interviewed Scott Rogers from THQ about the game, and got a little information about the story. You play "The Creator" who draws in the Book of Life to create champions and items, etc., in order to save a race called the Raposa from some evil drawings. It seems one of the Raposa tried to use the Book of Life, but his drawings came out all evil, and then the whole town was covered in ominous darkness. Dude should have read the manual first.

Oh, did we mention video? There's some video too.

Drawn to Life previewed

1UP's Jeremy Parish was lucky enough to get to play 5th Cell's Drawn to Life, a game whose hype train we have already boarded, even before we knew anything about the gameplay. Parish's preview has gotten us even more hyped, because the drawing element, rather than being gimmicky window dressing, is integral to the gameplay in really unique ways.

One example given in the preview: players are asked to draw a clam to be used as a springboard. We don't know if the player's drawing affects the performance of the springboard (if, for example, the angle of the thing affects its power) but it seems logical.

The actual platforming, according to Parish, was just okay-- inoffensive, but not exceptional. We could chalk that impression up to its lack of novelty compared to the editing functions; and as long as the game isn't bad, we think the drawing will carry it.

DS Daily: Visual edition

Okay, here's what we want you to do:
  1. Go to the Drawn to Life demo page.
  2. Draw a character. Be an adult and keep it clean. Children: Be like adults.
  3. Save a screenshot of your handiwork.
  4. Upload it to Imageshack or something.
  5. Post the URL in the comments.
  6. Share a hearty laugh with your fellow commenters!
    1. While laughing, distribute high fives all around.

New Drawn to Life details paint an appealing picture

A few more screens of 5th Cell's Drawn to Life have popped up, and we're glad they did. We're getting a warm, happy morning feeling from them, because in addition to being generally pleasant, they're also pleasantly surprising.

It turns out that not only do you draw your own (jointed) characters, but you are also tasked with drawing many other of the game's assets: background details, weapons, vehicles, and platforms. Opportunities to draw these items come up during the game as obstacles: you come across a blank area and are asked to fill it in.

As evidenced by the many hours we've spent in Fighter Maker, we perk up at the sight of user-created content. With the potential to draw this much stuff, Drawn to Life has just suddenly shot to the top of our want list. We've posted some screens-- feel free to save them and doodle on them in MS Paint.

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THQ gets Drawn to Life

THQ is picking up 5th Cell's do-it-yourself platform game maker Drawn to Life for a September release in Europe. We hadn't heard of the game before, but it looks pretty cool: you draw your own characters and items to appear both in an Animal Crossingish town simulation and a side-scrolling platform game. It sounds like sort of a 2D Magic Pengel.

Is it weird that our first instinct when seeing a draw-your-own-character game is to try to imitate other game characters exactly? Or is it totally normal to want to play through a cartoony platformer as Solid Snake?

Continue reading THQ gets Drawn to Life

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