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A look at Mega Man Star Force 3 through its promo stuff

While the main Mega Man series is about to have its first new release in nine years, the universe of Mega Man spinoff games continues to expand as rapidly as ever. The latest is Ryuusei no Rockman 3, the third in the Mega Man Star Force series, which is itself spun off from the Mega Man Battle Network games.

Capcom will sell Star Force 3 artwork at Tokyo's World Hobby Fair, and while we probably won't have the opportunity to go buy a poster or a commemorative fan, we can look at the new character art featured on those items. In the newly detailed portrait of the Mega Man character, we can see the Hunter VG device that enables the new "Wizard" monster-summoning system.

Namco Bandai wished for a good-looking Dragon Ball game

Maybe the company completed a journey for the mystical Dragon Balls and summoned the Eternal Dragon, because short of magical intervention, it would be hard to create what Dragon Ball DS has become: a licensed Dragon Ball action-RPG that looks really, really great. It's Goku: Phantom Dragon Ball, basically.

Even in scans, the sharp 3D graphics come through, and the stylus controls seem enjoyable. Shown above: the maneuver for performing the Kamehameha: scratching back and forth quickly across the screen, then slashing forward -- all while brightly colored kana spell out the signature halting "ka-me-ha-me-ha."

If this successfully rips off the Zelda style, players could be in for a good time. We're excited -- if only because we're pretending it's a stylus-controlled Dragon Power remake.

Brits: Drill your way to HMV for cheap games

Summer in the northern hemisphere officially starts today, which means one thing: sharing strawberries with a loved one in a tranquil hay meadow as you soak up the rays grabbing cheap games in the sales! The folks at HMV know the heat turns us Brits into mushy-minded impulse buyers, and so they've gone and slashed prices on approximately 30 DS titles to around the £12 - £15 mark. Here's the best of what's on offer:
Remember also that HMV offers free shipping to the UK, so you won't need to leave your La-Z-Boy and expose yourself to that nasty summer sun.

Gallery: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The World Ends With You remix album is a sensory overload

We already know that the It's A Wonderful World + The World Ends With You remix album will sound amazing -- one only needs to play the game or listen to samples of the compilation on Square Enix's dedicated site to appreciate that Takeharu Ishimoto's magical soundtrack is one of the best this year -- but the packaging of the album will also look totally classy.

Unlike the original soundtrack, this album contains tracks from both the Japanese and the North American and PAL editions of the game. It hits Japan (and the iTunes Store) on July 30th, when it will retail for ¥2,100 ($19).

[Via Go Nintendo]

Kingdom Hearts, Sigma Harmonics playable at Square Enix event

Square Enix announced the lineup of their DKΣ3713 last week, but neglected to mention which of the displayed games would be playable and which would be shown only as closed-theater video presentations. DS fans lucky enough to attend the exclusive event will find themselves extra lucky: both of the DS games on display at the show, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Sigma Harmonics, will be playable. That means that we may get some new information or gameplay impressions from this show.

According to a Famitsu magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura (as translated by NeoGAF's duckroll), 358/2 Days is in the midst of being "tuned and balanced." Feedback from attendees will help shape the final game.

Avalon Code heading west, Steal Princess, Luminous Arc staying put

Marvelous has some intriguing DS wares on the horizon, yet it looks like that's where most of it will stay -- on a horizon far, far away from the majority of us. Sob.

Part of a recent financial report from the publisher contained forecasts for forthcoming releases, as spotted by a keen-eyed Siliconera commenter and posted on NeoGAF. The estimations for Avalon Code's were notable, as they included figures for the U.S. and Europe, which in turn tells us we'll be getting the diary-keepin' ARPG here in the west at some point before March 2009.

Alas, we'd only just finished chest-bumping one another and shouting stuff like "HELL YEAH" when our excitement was tempered by the realization that Luminous Arc 2 and Steal Princess didn't have figures for the U.S. or Europe. This (probably) means that those games won't be localized this financial year (despite our hopes for the former). That's not to say they'll never make the trip across, of course, but for now it's one in, and two out.

Gallery: Avalon Code

Gallery: Luminous Arc 2

[Via NeoGAF]

Dungeon Maker digs its way west this September [update 1]

We all owe Rising Star Games several evenings' worth of drinks at the bar, for without them we western folk may well have missed out on some potentially magnificent games.

And here's another one! After its recent confirmation that Dungeon Maker was coming to Europe, the company has settled on a release date of September 19th (those of you in the states needn't despair; after all, Europe is one small import away), and whipped the covers off of the PAL boxart. Doesn't that golden shovel hint at amazing possibilities? What deadly traps will it help us lay? What rare and exotic monsters and treasures will it help us ensnare? We'll know soon enough!

[Update 1: First English screens! Hit the gallery!]

Gallery: Dungeon Maker

[Via press release]

Europeans: start painting those Moogles

It's not exactly clear when the European armof the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Moogle Paint contest opened up, but it looks like it was originally set to end before June 12th, since the official rules still say that's when winners will be notified. We think it has actually just started, and that the June 12th date is supposed to be for the U.S. contest. In any case, you have from (some time) until the end of July.

If you're in Europe (there's a list of eligible locations in the official rules), you've got Ring of Fates, and you like painting Moogles, you're (eligible to be) in luck! You could win framed art, a soundtrack, or other prizes signed by character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, or even have your design used in a future game! Unfortunately, you can only enter once, so you'll have to pick one KISS makeup design to use instead of submitting them all separately.

Gallery: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

[Via press release]

More information for your Avalon Code logbook

Matrix Software's Avalon Code affords players a decent amount of customization in terms of weapons: as revealed in this latest update, you'll be able to equip a weapon in each hand, from a selection including swords, axes, crossbows and other implements. In addition, you can use items to add elemental attributes to those weapons, increasing their effectiveness against certain types of monsters.

We're sure you'll be able to identify monsters' elemental weaknesses on sight, both from having played an RPG before or from possessing a modicum of common sense (if there are ice monsters, for example, they would obviously be weak against Cap'n Crunch fire), but just in case they aren't obvious, that information will be among the data gathered when you attack the enemy with your book.

A Witch's Tale casts a spell on us

NIS America's workload for the rest of 2008 is greater than we initially thought. Not only are there localizations of Disgaea and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure to take care of, but the company is developing an entirely new ARPG, A Witch's Tale.

Due in October, the game tells the story of a tribe of witches who lived beneath the world's surface, practicing rune magic. One day, they set out to invade the surface world, but are stopped by a mysterious figure by the name of Alice, who seals the witches underground again with their own magic. The trailer above is the only media of the title released thus far, and features no gameplay sections (though Siliconera reveals that players must draw runes on the touchscreen to attack enemies), but we like what we're seeing so far: there's a fairly charming gothic fairytale vibe to proceedings.

Watch dinosaurs be kings

If you like watching dinosaurs beating the snot out of each other, you'll probably enjoy the Dinosaur King trailer above. The battle animations looked pretty cool to us, and we found ourselves letting go of some of the worries that plagued us earlier.

Even so, we were disappointed when watching the second gameplay trailer (embedded below), only to see that the stegosaurus has the exact same moves as the triceratops. If all the dinosaurs can do the same things, we can foresee the battles in the game getting old fast.

It does seem that each dinosaur has an attack specific to its own kind, though, so we hope that will be enough to keep things interesting.

Gallery: Dinosaur King

Continue reading Watch dinosaurs be kings

Filling your diary in Avalon Code

This gameplay trailer for Matrix Software's Avalon Code provides a nice representation of the ARPG's gameplay, as far as we can tell: fast-paced battles against big hobgoblins in silly hats, with menu controls in the lovely book-like interface on the bottom screen. Here, we can see a player switching out characters in the middle of this hobgoblin battle.

Interestingly, data about the hobgoblin doesn't appear in the book until the hero has pulled off a combo attack against the creature. It appears that the basic attacks still caused damage, but that there's some kind of prerequisite for obtaining monster information.

We're pretty sure the actual game will have sound, by the way.

Gallery: Avalon Code

Excavating more details on Dinosaur King

We were more interested in Dinosaur King when we thought it was just a paleontology sim. Now that more details have surfaced, though, we're a bit more wary.

According to Sega, the fossil digging is only the beginning. In this anime-based game, you also have to use the different dinosaurs that you collect to fight -- think of it as Pokemon, only with extinct creatures rather than cute, fictional animals.

Sounds good, right? So far, yes. The dinosaur-loving dorks inside of us were also excited to hear about the game's compendium, which keeps track of the dino bones that you've collected and lists facts about the beasts they came from, too. With seventy different dinosaurs to collect, as well as stylus-utilizing excavation processes and Wi-Fi battles, this seemed like something we could really get into.

Then why our hesitation? You'll probably have to check out the screens in our gallery below to fully understand, but it has something to do with the game's clashing styles. Bright colored anime and realistic-looking dinosaurs just don't seem to mesh well. Add that to a cheesy storyline (as members of the D-Team you're trying to stop Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang from destroying the world), and we can't help but lose some of our initial excitement. Still, we'll be keeping our eyes on this title, which is scheduled to release this September.

Gallery: Dinosaur King

[Via press release]

Marvelous unlocks Avalon Code site, screenshots

Japanese publishers have game promotion down to a science, nowadays. The routine: announce a game in Famitsu, release a bare official site for the title several days later with artwork and a few shots, update the site sporadically for the next several months until the game's release, launch, and move on.

Marvelous Interactive has kicked off the second stage of its operations, putting an Avalon Code page online just days after debuting the ARPG in this week's issue of Famitsu. You won't find any video or downloadable items there yet, but you can preview a dozen images to check on what developer Matrix Software is preparing for the game's 2008 release.

The screenshots don't look bad -- they're about on par with what we've seen in Namco's Tales titles on the DS and the Final Fantasy III/IV DS remakes, the latter examples being titles Matrix had its hand in. Hit the gallery below to see if Avalon Code's 3D is for you.

Gallery: Avalon Code

[Via NeoGAF]

Final Fantasy remake developers reveal new original ARPG: Avalon Code

Matrix Software has been in the press most recently for their work on the remakes of Final Fantasies III and IV. Before that, they had their own original action RPG, Alundra, which was released in the U.S. on the PlayStation by the decadent Working Designs.

Their latest project is another original work, this time for Marvelous: an action RPG called Avalon Code. From what we can see in the scan, it has impressive 3D action on the top screen, with an art style reminiscent of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The bottom screen appears as a book, and shows information about onscreen monsters, as well as your inventory. New details should show up for this game by the end of the week; until then, squint away in wonder!

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