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Summoning character images for Twin Age

The latest batch of screens from Summon Night: Twin Age reveal fifteen of the game's characters, including the protagonists Aldo and Reiha. The images depict humans, Kascuza (the human-like beast race of the RPG), and some summoned beasts that appear. They can be seen in the gallery below, so be sure to eye them over.

Since most Summon Night games don't get localized, we're excited to see how Twin Age turns out. The two GBA titles were fun, be we think the series has the potential to be even greater with stylus integration.

Anyone that agrees with us will be happy to know that Twin Age hits North American retailers one week from today.

[Via press release]

Custom headphones for Custom Beat Battle Draglade 2

In order to entice customers into picking up the new sequel to last year's brawling pseudo-rhythm game Custom Beat Battle Draglade, publisher Namco Bandai has decided to offer a bonus that makes it seem even more like a rhythm game: free headphones.

Japanese gamers who preorder Draglade 2 will receive, along with the game, a pair of over-the ear "Super Beat Headphones" just like the ones worn in the game by the new protagonist, Shibuya Goku Raio. The bonus will be available in limited quantities, though Draglade is a fairly niche game anyway.

If you manage to get a set of these through an importer, you can pretend you're in a critically-acclaimed but low-selling action game while you listen to our Muxtape!

Fresh screens from SRW OG Endless Frontier

If perhaps a large chunk of gameplay footage and the screens in our gallery below haven't sold you on this game, we really don't know what to do for you. It's okay that something we present not immediately pique your interest; you're going to like what you're going to like.

In case you're receptive to reasons why you should like the game, however, we have several. They're reasons in the form of new screenshots in our gallery below. Outside of that, we really got nothing.

Oh wait, there's boobies! People seem to respond to those, right?

Gallery: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

11 minutes of SRW OG Endless Frontier's elaborate battle animations

As shallow as it might seem, these battle animations are the only reason why we bother watching these SRW OG Endless Frontier clips, or any video for the Super Robot Wars series, for that matter. It's like loading up a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 combo video to watch an intricate series of strikes pile up with no sign of ending anytime soon.

So, here we have eleven minutes of precisely that -- floating HP-damage counts, KOS-MOS's poorly secured top, and team attacks acrobatically combining martial arts and heavy weaponry. What else were you expecting? SRW OG Endless Frontier ships out to stores in Japan this May 29th.

Gallery: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

[Via Nicovideo]

Summon Night: Skill Age

Ball lightning is 1) a mysterious meteorological phenomenon, and 2) a pretty neat ability you'll be able to unlock via skill tree in Summon Night: Twin Age! We believe this to be one of Reiha's magical Summoning techniques; more importantly, we believe this to look like something fun to do to bust up some monsters.

Atlus seems to be going out of their way to include screens featuring silly, out-of-context quotes in their press releases (along with lots of other new screens, accessible in our gallery). Who are we to turn down an invitation to laughter? Allow us to present the latest in weird Atlus-game quote screenshots: "Man, what a dump. Just perfect for humans."

[Via press release]

Heavy mechs and heaving chests: SRW OG Endless Frontier commercial

Though we still have two months before Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier ships to stores in Japan, Banpresto already has a commercial for the Monolith-Soft RPG at its official site. The 15-second spot has everything you'd expect from a Super Robot Wars title -- ornate mechas swinging swords and firing giant canons at each other.

Oh, and at some point, KOS-MOS's (Xenosaga) top spills open, exposing her cleavage for no discernible reason. Perhaps it's a special attack? Does it consume SP? We might just have to wait until May 29th comes around to find out!

Gallery: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Twin Age localized, summoned to the US

No more than two weeks after we goaded you into importing a discounted copy of Summon Night: Twin Age, Atlus has announced its plans to translate and bring the ARPG stateside this May 20th. If you're one of those unfortunate kids who made the mistake of following our advice, you have our apologies. Hopefully, you've learned your lesson.

As with Phantom Hourglass, Twin Age makes heavy use of the touchscreen, allowing you to explore maps, attack enemies, and cast spells using just your stylus. You'll have two heroes to manage, though: Reiha, a young girl versed in the "magical art of Summoning," and Aldo, a "Summon Beast." There's a lot to play with, too, including side quests, weapon crafting, and alternate story paths and endings.

Atlus has already set up a site for the English release, but you should still check out the Japanese page for its web-based demo! Click around the menu, and you'll see what we mean. If you'd rather not leave the safety of DS Fanboy's arms, you can still see more of Summon Night: Twin Age in our gallery below!

[Via press release]

Exchange twin Hamiltons for Twin Age

Playing import games can be an expensive hobby, but online shops like Play Asia provide some relief for your wallet, hosting frequent sales for Japan-only titles normally priced at $50+. This latest deal is for Summon Night: Twin Age (or Twin Edge, depending on where you look), an ARPG from Banpresto that makes ample use of the DS's touchscreen for moving and attacking with your characters.

GameFAQs has a helpful guide for would-be importers, and there's also a neat demo that appears on the official site if you navigate to one of its sub-pages. Play-Asia will have Twin Age available for you to grab for $19.90 while stocks last.

Monolith Soft reveals a little more of Super Robot Wars

When Monolith Soft first announced their Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga, many people scratched their heads in puzzlement. An RPG? What happened to the long tradition of strategy games? Why Original Generation? While these screens -- many of which showed up in those scans, just not as clearly -- might not answer any questions, they do offer a deeper peek at the title. You can check them out in the gallery below.

By "reveals" here, we really mean to say many of the characters are dressed in somewhat revealing outfits.

Gallery: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Famitsu reveals Monolith Soft's new Super Robot Wars game

In a vaguely shocking turn of events, Nintendo's newly-acquired developer Monolith Soft has partnered with Banpresto to make a new entry in the long-running Super Robot Wars series of strategy RPGs. Oh, except this one isn't a strategy RPG! Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga is actually an RPG with some action elements. The game features traditional RPG combat, with parties, random encounters, and timing-based attacks.
Since this is part of the "Original Generation" series and therefore contains Banpresto original robots, the licensing issues that keep most Super Robot Wars games in Japan don't apply to this one. Atlus published Original Generation 1 and 2 on the GBA in the U.S. The fact that it's being developed by a Nintendo-owned company doesn't hurt its chances either. Famitsu scans are available after the break.

Continue reading Famitsu reveals Monolith Soft's new Super Robot Wars game

Two PlayStation ports summoned to the DS

Further emphasizing the DS's status as the system that companies want to rerelease their old RPGs on, the latest issue of Shonen Jump revealed today that Summon Night 1 and 2, both originally PlayStation titles, are headed for the DS. We haven't been able to glean much information from the Japanese magazine's photographed page yet, but it looks like the two SRPGs will be released separately and not as a collection, the first one slated for Spring 2008, its sequel planned for Summer.

Though the GBA and DS received several Summon Night side-story ARPGs, the first two of which were eventually brought to the US by Atlus, this will be the first time that entries from the main series see a handheld port. Neither Summon Night 1 or 2 ever made it stateside -- this seems like an excellent opportunity for a North American publisher to finally localize the games!

[Via Ruliweb]

Super Robot Discount 2

Has your anxiety for Front Mission DS's distant October release become unmanageable, affecting your work and love life? If it's any consolation, you can get your mecha SRPG fix with Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations.

Atlus, the North American publisher behind this chibi-robot game, is notorious for its low print runs, but finding a copy won't be hard at all. GameQuest Direct has marked the GBA title down to $9.99, half of its usual price! Get it while the getting's good!

[Via CAG]

Atlus confirms Ontama, Touch Detective sequel, Draglade for US

If there's one thing to love about E3 -- even the all-new, scaled down E3 -- it's the flood of new game announcements that tend to come with the show. On that front, Atlus has certainly not disappointed us; this morning, they let fly with a bevy of localization announcements. One -- Touch Detective 2½ -- we expected, but the announcements that Draglade and Ontamarama are headed to English-speaking gamers are news indeed. For rhythm game enthusiasts, those last two are very good news indeed.

Ontamarama follows the story of Beat and Rest, two "Ontamaestros" who discover an evil demon (as opposed to all the good ones) is cajoling villagers into trapping Ontama, the sound spirits who bring music to the land. Of course, that means our heroes have to get their rhythm on in order to save the day. Also, the word "Ontamaestros" demonstrates why we love Atlus-style localizations. We've been cooing excitedly over this game for months, so unless you've been living under a rock that didn't have wifi, you've probably seen a screenshot or two.

Draglade is the intriguing mix of rhythm and fighting that the world has been waiting for. Well, we've been waiting, at least. In the world of Draglade, the premier spectator sport of the day is "Grapping," which sorta makes us think of breakdance fighting -- just with more potential violence. The game tracks the rise of four hungry Grappers, Hibito, Guy, Kyle, and Daichi, and their struggle to make it to the top. Can someone get us a hip hop version of "Eye of the Tiger" up in here?

Obviously, Touch Detective 2½ is the sequel to the BeeWorks game released last year. We have such a love-hate relationship with this game that we can't help but look forward to the sequel, if only because we're masochists.

[Via press release]

Keep criminals at bay with Summon Night: Twin Age

It will be months before Summon Night: Twin Age sees its August release in Japan, but that hasn't stopped Banpresto from putting out some early commercials for the RPG. The first video to debut at the official site casts the talents of geeky actor, Atsushi Itoh, to show off Summon Night's touchscreen mechanics with both in-game and real-life demonstrations! Bring your stylus past the post break for the playful clip.

Continue reading Keep criminals at bay with Summon Night: Twin Age

Summon Night coming to DS

Banpresto's Summon Night series of RPG's finally made it to the U.S. last year on the Game Boy Advance. Fans of the GBA action-RPG's will be happy to know that Summon Night is getting a new entry on the DS: Summon Night: Twin Age.

The original Summon Night games were strategy RPG's similar to Tactics Ogre, but this, like the GBA games, is more action-oriented. It stars two plucky youths named Aldo and Leeha who want to become great summoners-- you know, standard RPG stuff. They want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To find gems is their real test-- to use them to summon monsters is their cause.

Twin Age will be released in Japan in August. No word on if Atlus will pick it up for localization.

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