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DS Fanboy Favorites: Eric's top five

All this week, the DS Fanboy staff is letting you in on a few of their favorite titles. Each day, a different member of the staff will present their personal top five DS games along with a snapshot of their gaming paraphernalia and habits, in an effort to provide our readers with a little more information on the tastes and personalities of our writers.

When my afternoons aren't busied by hours of photoshopping cat heads onto pictures of my friends, I pass the time with puzzlers and plumbers on my DS Lite. But those kitten-free days are few and far between, so I end up being able to only fit either the most polished or the most eccentric games into my packed schedule. Wario: Master of Disguise? Sorry, I've got things to do and feline faces to retouch. Lost in Blue 2? I'll have to pass -- I'm already lost in trying to get these whiskers to look perfect.

My collection is a mishmash of AAA titles and niche releases, their cases piled atop one another like a Jenga stack of mismatched blocks, threatening to topple over at any moment. Just pulling a game from the middle of the shaky structure is an act preceded by hours of anxiety and self-doubt. Having my wife provide commentary during the ordeal, remarking "Oh god, it's going to crash this time for sure, I just know it. Why'd you even try, Eric?! Game over, man! Game over!" as I tug out my copy of Advance Wars DS doesn't make the challenge any easier.

So when I do manage to put aside the pussycat photos and secure a game to play, it better damn well be worth it. Journey forth and read which of those titles have captured a place not only on my top five list, but in my heart.

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DS releases for the week of January 22nd

Can you guess what title we're excited about this week? It shouldn't be too hard, since we have made it more than a little obvious that we're gung ho for Hotel Dusk, which is also making its Japanese debut this week.

DS releases:

  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215
  • Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel
For releases in other major markets, check after the jump.

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A trio of Contact gameplay videos

When you woke up the morning, your first thought was, "Man, I wish I had a whole bunch of Contact videos to watch." Right? That was you? Well, play along anyway. These videos, originally from GameSpot, offer a long and languorous look at gameplay and graphics, and we've embedded them after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

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Europe gets a little Contact

Better late than never, right? Rising Star Games has announced that they will release Grasshopper's RPG Contact in February of 2007 for Europe -- for those of you who haven't ordered it elsewhere by then. Despite lukewarm reviews, the game is getting its fair share of attention, so such a long delay before European release would be surprising ... if the DS hadn't lately been plagued by delays for the region. Sorry, guys. Just know that we love you equally!

Metareview: Contact

Grasshopper Manufacture is certainly developing a reputation for unpredictability. Opinions on their last Nintendo foray, Killer 7, were all over the place -- some loved the twisted rail-shooter, others hated it, and many just scratched their heads and offered up a simple "wtf, mate?" Their new Atlus-published RPG Contact, while a little more straightforward, seems to be getting the same wide range of responses. As this is a metareview, Contact seems like a metagame; it's the little things that are praised, the inclusion of other games, references to games, influences from games, the touches from old school games. Unfortunately, the actual game seems to have suffered a bit -- even the most praise-worthy reviews indicate some gameplay issues.

1UP - 80%: "Savvy players will almost certainly enjoy all these little references and arty concepts, so it's a shame the entire package won't hold up to their scrutiny. In crafting their gaming curiosity, Grasshopper has made some design choices that are simply curious. The autobattle system is far from engaging ... fighting enemies in Contact is a woefully straightforward process. It's impossible to dodge or block attacks. In fact, the player can only watch as Terry trades hits with his target."

Games Radar - 60%:
"Contact is a mixed bag and will delight some while disappointing others. It feels "classic," but the flipside of that is "outdated." Even though it's chock-full of personality and pomp, Contact falls short on fun, with some disappointing shortcomings. Casual RPG fans will have no problem finishing this game in less than 14 hours and a lot of that time will be spent backtracking through previous areas and grinding to boost your stats before boss fights. Also, weapons and special attacks unlocked near the end are just as unimpressive as the ones you begin with. Contact does sport an incredible surprise ending that adds depth and changes your perspective on all the main characters in the game. However, its impact is greatly diminished by the extremely short play time."

Yahoo Games - 70%: "The linearity is one area where Contact is particularly disappointing. You'll end up stuck because you can't figure out how to trigger a certain bit of scripting (pay attention to the dialogue!), or maybe you can't figure out the trick to defeating some inscrutable boss battle. Or perhaps you haven't quite leveled up enough to easily dispatch the latest round of monsters in a new area. At times like these, all of Contact's charm can't save it from the tedium that bogs down a lot of RPGs. But it's still as solid as they come, not terribly spectacular, but the perfect fare for devotees of the genre."

So it seems Contact definitely reaches out with its intriguing concept, and Grasshopper knows how much we like references and in-jokes, but RPGs have evolved over time for a reason. Some of that evolution should have perhaps been maintained for this title.

DS releases for the week of October 16th [update 1]

Big week, Nintendo fans! Looks like the winter glut of games has begun ... and so many of us already blew our gaming wads for the month on Wii preorders! Guess it's time to start making some sacrifices, since this week brings us a new Nintendogs as well as the latest published by Atlus, Contact. Grasshopper Manufacture's new offbeat RPG is our pick for the game of the week, though there's a good possibility that anything with the Nintendogs logo might just outsell the Bible, much less any games that dare to compete.

  • Contact
  • Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, Attack of the Dark Dragon
  • Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action
  • Justice League Heroes
  • Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, The
  • Lionel Trains: On Track
  • Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab


  • Justice League Heroes: The Flash
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
  • Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

And for our counterparts in the UK, the exciting release this week is Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, which hits shelves on the 20th.

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

[Update 1: Changed category from Interviews, which this ain't, to news, which it is.]

[Via Joystiq]

4 leaves take 5 4 good, 6 feet under. A shame, really.

Contact: hands-on

Contact is one of those games that after reading tons of stuff about it, reviewing message boards and reading previews, you are still somewhat lost to what it is. IGN understands. In their preview of Contact, they immediately tell you that Contact is something you have to play to ever fully understand what it is about. This leaves us very confused, but intrigued.

Apparently you, the player, are nothing more that the player of the game and you are looking in on two worlds that you somehow link together just by existing. You aren't the hero of the story, just the link. Wow. A lot to take in and understand, we know.

You do control the movements of the character Terry while simultaneously watching what a professor is doing on the top screen. Terry doesn't know you are moving him around and in a way you are God of this game, but not, because you are still only yourself. Still confused? Welcome to the club.

Contact definitely sounds different in a good, non-Jodi Foster kind of way and we are interested to see what comes of it. An action RPG at its core with a splash of deus ex machina, some rather interesting promises have been made. Contact seems like the type of game that could either succeed, or nose dive to the ground.

New Contact screens

We have heard this and that about Atlus's newest action RPG, Contact, and the mechanics of it are definitely interesting. Story wise -- it sounds a little like Pikmin.

A professor who crashes his ship and needs your help to find the pieces? Maybe the whole secret society and constant Wi-Fi connectivity will woo us.

Until then, there are some new screenshots for the game. It looks cute. No surprise, the art is done by Atsuko Fukushima. You may remember him from games like PoPoLoCrois.

Atlus is known for finding new and innovative ideas and this could be the next best thing for the DS since Trauma Center.

Pile on: Contact takes a jab at Sony meme

1UP's Jeremy Parish was kind enough to post the above picture on his blog, reminding us all that the lifetime of a particularly stinging internet meme is likely to extend beyond that of a mere mortal. The depicted DS game is Contact, an Earthbound-ish RPG from Atlus, one of the few developers that can don the "quirky" tag with pride even as they bounce around a drunken cosplay party. Our first instinct was to question Tomm Hulett, the man in charge of the game's localization, regarding the whereabouts of his elbow in relation to Sony's battered ribs.

"I'll be honest, I can't really speak for the Professor. He has a mind of his own, and he's sure to say all manner of crazy things as you play through Contact. It certainly seems like he's up on his gaming news, though, doesn't it? I have heard that battles in Contact ARE based on actual battles which took place in space, though, so who knows."

Tomm confirmed the presence of crabs in the game, though didn't specify if they were of the "giant enemy" variety as commonly found in feudal Japan.

Interview: Contact developers

A developer interview conducted by CVG reveals some interesting bits and pieces regarding the philosophy and design of Contact, soon to be published in the US by Atlus. It reveals that the game initially started out as a GBA adventure and that the Wi-Fi gameplay is a bit more unusual than you might have initially thought.

Takeshi Ogura, one of Contact's producers, explains that when "you are connected to the wi-fi there are new characters that might appear and new events that will happen. The more that you connect to the internet the more characters and events you will have to play with." Check out the interview for more insights, as well as our positive impressions of the game itself.

Import review: Contact

Gamebrink has posted a review of Contact, currently the most anticipated DS title that doesn't involve a duo of energetic plumbers. Instead, you get an eccentric professor looking for the parts of his downed spaceship in an original RPG that supports Wi-Fi play. The article praises the game for its unique story, excellent presentation and varied locations.

I especially like how the game breaks the fourth wall right off the bat, having the professor communicate to you as the player on the other side of a mysterious portable device. The professor will quiz you about some of your favorite things at the start of the game, often sharing his own opinion regarding your answers. It's a cute little gameplay device that, according to the review, really boosts the immersion factor (often quite tricky for a portable game to get right).

The only qualm brought to light was the fact that the game's combat system comes across as a bit shallow. Still, if an RPG has enough personality and a great story to tell, it can often get away with such issues. It's when things are the other way around that you start having problems.

The English version of Contact should be out later this year, courtesy of Atlus.

[Thanks Sense!]

Gamespy previews Contact

Gamespy is running a preview of the game Contact, the collaborative effort of Grasshopper Manufacturer (Killer 7) and Marvelous Interactive (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town), adapted for localization by Atlus. One of the upcoming WiFi-compatible games eliciting the most interest, and for good reason, Contact tells the tale of an extra-terrestrial professor who crashes to Earth and meets a boy named Charlie, whom he enlists to aid him in repairing his ship. By encountering others in his travels and befriending them, Charlie then brings them into this world and can enlist their aid to accomplish said goals.

The preview is a good piece, chock full of information on the game's interesting WiFi implementation and other goodies. In connecting with friends, your character becomes a NPC in their game, complete with your own scripted dialogue and look. The game is currently scheduled for a July release in America.

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