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Rumor: Marketing website reveals new licensed games

After Xbox 360 Fanboy found some unreleased information on marketing firm Intellisponse's website, NeoGAFfers quickly figured out how to access more of their info (because it was a very simple process). As a result, Xbox 360 fans had a sort of impromptu E3 of rumors, videos, and news.

The DS fallout from the release of Activision and Disney survey materials isn't quite as explosive, but it has enabled us to learn a bit about some planned or proposed new games from the companies. Unfortunately, the newly-"announced" DS games consist solely of licenses, from the expected (Transformers 2) to the sadly kind-of expected (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) to ... what? (Gossip Girl). We've posted the full text about each game from the now-defunct site after the break.

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DS Fanboy Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

If you happen to know what (or who) a Pevensie is, you've probably either dabbled in the readings of C.S. Lewis or watched the blockbuster Narnia fims. You should be familiar with the formula by now, though: with a big movie comes a video game. The existence of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for the DS and other platforms is to be expected.

Those of you who fell in love with C.S. Lewis's magical world probably want to experience it in any way possible. Of course, you also want to have fun while doing so. With games like these, fun is never guaranteed, and as I made my way through Prince Caspian, I clung onto that careful caveat.

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New Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals trailer shows us villain, portals

With the new demos and videos available on the Nintendo Channel, we figured we'd nab this one for you all to see (without having to turn your Wii on, if you have one).

When we heard about Disney's sequel to the first Spectrobes title, Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, we were interested in what innovations the game would bring. Of course, that "innovation" turned into only more of what the first game presented, as the game adopted the model of providing fans of the first game with more and more of what that title offered. Likely, it'll work, because in these kind of games, folks are usually looking for just that.

Anywho, check out the new trailer above. It not only shows off the new bad guy you're supposed to hate, but also a good deal of CG. So, what do you all think?

Disney Fairies will please little girls this winter

Disney announced today that a game called Disney Fairies will be heading to the Nintendo DS this holiday season. Apparently, Disney Fairies is an entire franchise, spanning books, online minigames, movies, and maybe even other forms of media, too.

The DS game will let young girls (we hate to generalize, but come on) dress and accessorize Tinker Bell, as well as barter for more clothes from other fairies. (After all, why not let Tinks wear something other than a leaf dress?) Other activities will include minigames, of course, and completing tasks for the fairies of Pixie Hollow. Disney Fairies will also make use of Disney's new DGamer service, which launched last week.

Confession: If this game had come out when this blogger was a wee lass -- oh, never mind, there's no sense in shaming the DS Fanboy staff and girl gamers all over the world. (Oops, too late.)

[Via Kotaku]

A glimpse into developing Prince Caspian

For those of you who had their eye on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, the pair of behind-the-scenes videos over at Videogamer might be of interest to you. Of interest to us is the claim that the DS cart for this game is absolutely, 100% full. They really did cram as much as they could into that little black piece of plastic.

In the videos, you'll find some commentary, interview snippets and peeks at the development process. For those of you that find that sort of thing infinitely interesting, get to clicking!

Source - Making of Prince Caspian part 1
Source - Making of Prince Caspian part 2

New DS demos are the old DS demos

When we turned on our Wii earlier to check and see if the recent habit of providing us with new DS demos every week would continue, we stumbled upon something very odd. You see, this week's new DS demos are, in fact, the first set of DS demos that released alongside the Nintendo Channel. Just now, they don't have an expiration date attached to them.

For those of you with a bad memory (or no desire to click links), the list of demos available has been placed past the break.

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Disney's DGamer service launches today

With the release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian comes a Disney innovation that we've been curious about: the DGamer service. While we'll reserve our own opinions until we get to try it out (read: soon), it's pretty evident that such a feature is aimed at the younger crowd.

If you get Prince Caspian, you can connect to the community on your DS (via Wi-Fi). First, though, you'll have to register for an account at the DGamer website. One feature of the DGamer community is the ability to make an avatar, although (to reiterate) you probably won't enjoy the options unless you're a tween-aged girl or boy. You can also chat with friends, check out leaderboards, and earn achievements "honors" from DGamer compatible games. These honors can then transfer to your avatar -- for example, you can unlock costumes in Prince Caspian that your avatar can then wear.

If you ask us, though, the parental controls are a little silly. They use an honor system of sorts, which asks you to type in your parent's email address, but I just typed in my own -- what's to stop a young'in from doing the same? Besides, just think of all the crazy DGamer shenanigans I'll get into now.

[Via press release]

Inspect these Spectrobes screens

Even if our internet petition to get Bokura wa Kaseki Horidaa localized doesn't end up working (current number of signatories: four), our urge to excavate stuff and then send our discoveries into bloody battle can still be fulfilled, thanks to Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals.

The sequel to the million-selling Spectrobes is out later this year, and Disney fired new screens our way earlier today (none of which feature the DGamer service, sadly) -- head to our new Beyond the Portals gallery to check them out. It all looks eerily similar to the first game, though if Brain Training taught us anything, it's that you don't mess around with million-selling formulas.

[Via press release]

Disney's DGamer service: moderated chat, embarrassing avatars

Disney has released some screens of their DGamer service, a social network integrated with the company's upcoming DS games that allows avatar creation and chat. There's a lot to like about the service, in general: it provides a platform-wide (or, at least, common to Disney's games) interface for connecting with online friends, and avatars and accounts are usable on both PC and DS. Chat is moderated by Disney employees on the lookout for potential security problems. It also includes "Honors" for each supported game, which are similar to Xbox Live's Achievements. You'll be able to see how much time someone has put into Prince Caspian, and then ask them why they're playing so much Prince Caspian! That's the first game to support DGamer, but Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals will as well.

The downside is that you have to represent yourself as something like the avatar pictured. Do you want to connect with your friends if that's how you'll be doing it? Maybe it's a security feature -- kids won't want to talk to strangers looking like that. Oh, and also it's got its own version of friend codes.

Rumor: Disney looking to take on Mario?

Each month, the EGM rumor mill churns out some very interesting topics of conversation. Well, the latest rumor that will be on the minds of all Nintendo-faithful is Disney's supposed intention to take on Nintendo's platforming plumber with their strongest mascot, Mickey.

Most of us probably played Mickey's Illusion games back on Sega's systems, so we recall that Mickey can be in a good game (some of you probably count those Kingdom Hearts games, as well?). But, does he have what it takes to compete with Mario? Perhaps, with Warren Spector supposedly heading up the project.

It seems silly that anyone would try to compete with Mario, but hey, that's just us. What do you all think?

Disney officially names Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals

Fans of the first Spectrobes title may rejoice, for the game that supported those odd little punch cards is getting the sequel treatment. The new game will be called Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. It follows the story of Rallen and Jeena, along with portals, which will lead to more collecting. You should pretty much know how this works by now.

Other new features include:
  • a new 3D perspective
  • a map to assist in exploration
  • different excavation and battle features
  • and last, but not least, Dgamer and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support for battling online
Considering that last tidbit of information and having never gotten into the first game ourselves, we're thinking about checking out a sale or two and seeing what the game is all about. For more information, you can check out the official website for the game or head past the break for the press release.

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Ultimate Band shreds out first screenshots

With Guitar Hero DS apparently chasing the "Assassin's Creed Award for Puzzling Lack of Pre-Release Media or Any Information Whatsoever Really," it's been left to the DS's other upcoming music game to clamber up on stage and show us what it's got.

Disney's Ultimate Band, then. Developed by Fall Line Studios, it promises to let DS owners sing, and/or play the guitar, bass, and the drums to a selection of tunes that spans rock, alternative, popular, emo and indie rock music. According to the press release we received today, this will allow us to "realize [our] dream of becoming a rock legend," presumably without the suicidal tendencies, overdosing on recreational drugs, trashing of hotel rooms, and other bad stuff.

The two screenshots in the gallery below are the first for the title, and came to us in a quite ludicrous 512 x 768 resolution. One of them features what looks like a guitar selection screen, but the other is far more interesting, in that it seems to show gameplay, with little d-pad icons scrolling across the strings of a guitar. According to Hannah Montana aficianado JC Fletcher, this is the exact same gameplay that appeared in Hannah Montana: Music Jam. Fortunately, those sections were "pretty good," so there's still hope.

Gallery: Ultimate Band

[Via press release]

Disney promises the Ultimate Band experience on the DS

Disney has announced a new Wii/DS music game called Ultimate Band, developed by Fall Line Studios. The game is a Rock Band-style multi-instrument simulator that doesn't use any wacky peripherals (except, of course, for the supremely wacky peripherals both systems use by default). Both versions will allow players to play guitar, bass, drum, and vocals, and will feature "a broad selection of current hits and all-time rock favorites." Yes, many of those "current hits" will no doubt be the latest from Disney Channel stars.

Of the two, the DS version definitely sounds the most interesting: it is advertised as a "rhythm-based music game with a built-in recording studio" that allows players to record guitar, bass, drum, and vocal tracks for original songs and mix them in-game. We're slightly wary, having been fooled by promising-looking Disney music games before. Both versions will use Disney's Dgamer social network ... thing.

We foresee problems when Disney decides to start making sequels to a game they've already labeled "Ultimate." Although Square doesn't seem to have had any problems in that area.

DS releases for the week of February 25th

Unfortunately, not every week can be last week, but maybe you'll find something to interest you in this latest crop of releases, especially with the wide variety of titles hitting shelves across regions today. From the latest Naruto title to Soma Bringer's debut in Japan, it's an unusual week for DS games. Be sure to let us know what interests you!
  • Brain Assist
  • Bratz: Super Babyz
  • Bubble Bobble: Double Shot
  • Disney Friends
  • Fantasy Aquarium by DS
  • Mazes of Fate DS (for real this time?)
  • Naruto: Ninja Destiny
  • Petz Wild Animals: Tigerz
  • Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air Force

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Friday Video: Montana in Europe

With the game's impending release in Europe, a new trailer for Hannah Montana: Music Jam is circulating. We're reminded of our naive, unexpected interest in the title before its American release. We were impressed by the multiple instrument simulations, thinking we had stumbled upon a Jam Sessions killer. We found out later that we had not. Even just considering the guitar/bass/drum gameplay, it's a miss due to the sound quality.

If nothing else, this trailer demonstrates the most effective method of having fun with Hannah Montana: Music Jam: appearing in commercials for Hannah Montana: Music Jam. That was our mistake -- we tried playing the game instead.

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