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Final Fantasy IV screens: just like importing, without the actual game

This week, Japanese gamers will be able to get their hands on the much-updated Final Fantasy IV. Unless you're importing, you've got quite a wait ahead of you before you can share in that joy, but we thought these screens might soothe the pain a bit. Check out our updated gallery below for a peek at the unlockable ability-absorbing character and more.

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

Man, look at that FFIV cartridge -- it's huge

We doubt the Final Fantasy IV cartridge will be visibly bigger than any other DS cartridge, so Tiny Elvis wouldn't even notice the difference. The FFIV developer blog reveals that Matrix Software is now using a 1 gigabit DS card for the game. The developers cite the addition of voice acting, along with FMV, as the reasons for the large space requirement. We're sure Square Enix will recoup the extra costs.

We wonder which game will come on the bigger card: FFIV or The Simpsons? Both boast loads of speech and video.

[Via Siliconera]

Friday Video: Celebrating remakes

Lately, we've had remakes on the brain, and foremost among them seems to be Final Fantasy IV. Maybe it's just because we're crazy about the franchise, but we also like the love and care that Square Enix puts into their remake efforts. Due to that, the trailer from this year's TGS just doesn't get old, which is why we've decided it deserves a place in this week's video spotlight.

Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts figurines are cute

We know that when most people think about Final Fantasy IV, they think about great music and an engaging, mature storyline and Active Time Battles and blah blah blah. The character designs, especially those in the new DS remake, completely short-circuit the storytelling with OMG CUTEness. Seriously, these lil' guys are just precious. Look at the adorable little paladin! How huggable.

NCSX is taking preorders for these Trading Arts figurines for $39. They come semi-randomly packed in boxes of nine, but each box should contain one complete set of six, along with three duplicates that can be sent to your pals at DS Fanboy.

V-Jump scans reveal Final Fantasy IV release date, Moogle-esque creatures

Much of the art and screens shown in these V-Jump Final Fantasy IV scans has already been revealed in other magazine scans, but there's new stuff, too. Like little white non-Moogle creatures called "Pochika" (or something close) who seem to be able to help out in battle. If you're really concerned about gameplay changes in the DS remake, now would be the time to go buy the Game Boy Advance version. Inheriting other characters' abilities is nothing compared to adorable mascot out of nowhere.

And, for the practical-minded gamer who doesn't care what's in the game until you can get it, this scan shows the Japanese release date for the game: December 20th. That doesn't give you much time to learn Japanese! Check out the scans after the break for more FFIV loveliness, and another look at the nice new character models.

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DS Daily: Changes for FFIV

Final Fantasy IV is making a change that makes everything new old again -- as in many later games, in the DS remake, characters will be able to learn abilities that were once unique to other characters in previous versions of the game. Siliconera has the details from a recent article in Jump magazine:

" ... one of the newer features to grace the Final Fantasy IV DS remake is the ability of your (main) party members to inherit the abilities of former party members. As I mentioned above, it is possible for Cecil to inherit Edward's Sing ability as well as Palom and Porom's Twin Magic ability ... This makes things a bit interesting as it allows you the ability to customize your characters will [sic] skills that highly benefited you from previous party members, though I don't know how much you benefited from Edward's singing."

Hmm. It's an interesting change, and we're sure opinions will be all over the place. Where do you stand? We're frankly undecided as yet, but it's not like you have to use anything ... so, does it really matter?

No Final Fantasy VII -- for now

Square Enix told petitioners yesterday that their pile of signatures was in vain -- there are "no current plans" to produce a remake of the wildly popular and much-in-demand Final Fantasy VII. Of course, earlier this year, Final Fantasy III producer Hiromichi Tanaka did not rule such a remake out, but merely said it was a matter of timing. By timing, we can only assume that Square Enix means to go through Final Fantasy V and VI first, after finishing up with the fourth installment of the series, which is as it should be. Right, Square Enix? Right?

... please?

The sheer size of the title is often cited as a reason such a remake may be unsuitable for the DS, but we would just like to point out that such obstacles are not insurmountable. After all, Archaic Sealed Heat, our favorite game that we've never seen, is set to be released on a larger-than-normal game cart.

Final Fantasy IV site expands

The official site for Final Fantasy IV has expanded from a sly tease into something bigger and better. A few character portraits are up, which juxtapose the in-game images with some of the artwork we found so eye-catching, as well as a few other tidbits. The "download" section isn't up yet, but we'll guess that eventually wallpapers will fill that space.

Jeux-France has also reconfirmed that the game will be playable at this month's Tokyo Game Show.

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

It's a whole new world for Final Fantasy IV

We don't even know where to start with these latest Famitsu scans, other than to say that they look great, and no release date for the DS take on Final Fantasy IV can possibly come soon enough. From the crazy character art to the gorgeous screens, this title looks singularly fantastic. Oh, Square Enix. Even when we want to be a little irked by this remake, since we just got another FFIV not long ago, we can't -- because you know how to massage the DS engine.

Hit the jump for the scans -- it's worth the journey, if only for the outrageous take on Cecil and Kain, which looks like it was created by the bastard child of Frank Frazetta and six random dudes at Marvel. It is, uh, different. The screens, however, are undoubtedly fantastic.

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JRPG scan-splosion from V-Jump magazine

A NeoGAFfer called king zell was apparently trying to level up his "Scan Posting" skill, because he created a thread packed densely with all kinds of new images of DS role playing games. There are multiple Final Fantasies, Tales of Innocence, Archaic Sealed Heat, and even an extended preview of Summon Night: Twin Age, which we haven't heard from in quite some time.

Be sure to pace yourself and enjoy every thumbnail-sized halftone screenshot, because this is a lot of RPG news to take in at once. There's bound to be something here for you, unless you hate RPGs, at which point you should stop clicking all those image links. We've mirrored the scans after the break, just in case the originals get stricken with a status ailment.

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DS Daily: Two fours enter, one four leaves

Our overlords at Square Enix have been making everything old new again, and since we soak up RPGs like starlets soak up fake tanners, we can't say we're exactly displeased. In fact, the only possible dilemma we face when considering the barrage of remakes is: which ones are we most excited about? We thought we'd put the question to you guys as well. So which is it: Dragon Quest IV or Final Fantasy IV? We figured it was only fair to pit two number fours against one another.

Final Fantasy IV developer interview

In celebration of the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy IV, Famitsu decided to remake a vintage interview with producer Tomoya Asano and director Takashi Tokita. No, we're kidding, it's a new interview, but we like giving Square Enix a hard time about remakery. We do that, and they take our money for games. It's an arrangement we have.

The developers discuss Yoshitaka Amano's remake of the logo, which is "really good." They also talk about the story, which Takashi Tokita is going back over: "16 years ago I was still a young man so I want to try and see if there's any parts that I feel my inexperience had a bad effect on or maybe I wasn't expressive enough at the time."

When asked why they decided to remake Final Fantasy IV after III, the two, in unison and without hesitation, yelled "CHA-CHING!" Okay, that didn't happen either.

[Via GoNintendo]

Final Fantasy IV's CG-tastic trailer

Contrasting the absolutely wicked, gameplay-filled trailer that we received last week for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, the Final Fantasy IV DS video Square Enix posted at the title's teaser site today is pretty light on action. The CG scenes, dramatic soundtrack, and breathy voice-over serve the story-driven RPG well, but if you're looking to see some combat or world map travel, you won't find much satisfaction here.

The tail end of the clip hints that we'll be seeing the game's release before year's end, so plan your budget accordingly. Hop a ride on an airship, and sail past the post break for the 3D remake's two-minute movie.

Continue reading Final Fantasy IV's CG-tastic trailer

Final Fantasy IV: Vocalist wanted

The official website for the recently revealed DS remake of Final Fantasy IV is now online. There's the usual logo and intro music by Nobuo Uematsu.

If you're in Japan this summer, you can audition for the chance to sing the game's vocal track. You need to be over eighteen and have a voice that can make a grown man weep like a baby. Any Fanboy readers feel like heading along?

[Thanks, Zshadow; via Exophase]

The FFIII engine prints money: Final Fantasy IV remake on the way

Well, if you weren't quite convinced that Final Fantasy III DS was worth getting excited over, then try this on for size: rumor has it that the same team has taken on an update of Final Fantasy IV -- one of three Final Fantasy titles heralded as a contender for the title of best game ever.

Whereas the original FFIII was passed over for a U.S. release and featured, prior to update, a nameless band of warriors, the next entry in the series originated many of the qualities that turned the franchise into a global powerhouse. The game debuted the Active Time Battle system and featured an epic storyline that's still held dear in the hearts of RPG gamers everywhere. It's been remade several times -- most recently (and we mean recently) for the GBA -- but a remake using the FFIII engine could give the game new life and improve the only thing that needs to be improved, which is the graphics.

If this is true (and it wouldn't surprise us), we'll most likely hear confirmation on it soon, since the Square Enix Party is this weekend in Japan. According to the rumor, the game is nearly finished as well, so if it's coming, we won't have long to wait.

[Via NeoGAF]

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