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Demo de Harvest Moon

Ready to learn some valuable life skills for once, we decided to enroll in Harvest Moon A&M and take a class on "Playing Puzzle de Harvest Moon." We were motivated not only by our desire to improve ourselves and learn a trade, but also by the fact that the class is about five minutes long and is, in fact, a Flash game and not a class. Further rumination on the subject brought us to the conclusion that Harvest Moon A&M was a thing we just made up.

Anyway, now we know how to play Puzzle de Harvest Moon, even though the tutorial totally didn't prepare us for how frantic the actual round was going to be. Of course-- what's faster-paced than farming? We're quite impressed with the unique design-- it's not often that a puzzle game comes along with completely fresh gameplay.

[Via GoNintendo]

Harvest Moon DS Confusion

The new entry in the Harvest Moon series, called Harvest Moon DS Cute, is something of a mystery to us. Why is this specific one cute, compared to all the other cute Harvest Moon games? Do you grow teddy bear plants or something?

We think we've figured it out. What has happened is that two Harvest Moon games have gotten mixed up-- a confusing situation that we will do our best to untangle.

We're guessing that the Harvest Moon DS Cute we're getting early next year is the female-focused version of the first Harvest Moon DS. Like other girls' Harvest Moons, it's the same as the original, with the genders swapped on the protagonist and the love interests. Thus, the 'cute' is a hint at its girl-targeted design. This is all speculative, of course.

The game we've seen recently in scans and in this new GAME Watch article is a sequel to these Harvest Moons, called (roughly) Harvest Moon: The Sparkling Sun and Friends. It's a new game with Wi-Fi integration. We don't think this one is Cute, mostly because it's too new and unlikely to make that release window.

There are too many Harvest Moon games.

Harvest Moon DS Cute hits the U.S. in Q1

If the tedium of tending to a farm, planting crops and tending to livestock, sounds like a recipe for fun to you, then you no doubt have been a longtime subscriber to the Harvest Moon newsletter. In ordering from its catalog, you've probably gathered quite the collection of games. Good for you.

And you should know that the good times are going to keep rolling, as it has been revealed a new game in the series is coming to the DS during Q1 of next year. Of course this only applies to those of us in the U.S. and not other regions, which are likely to receive the game at a different time.

Hit all of the various links below for your flavor of coverage.

Read - Massive release list from Nintendo
Read - Scans for the game from Famitsu
Read - Japanese site for Harvest Moon DS Cute

DS Daily: Harvest Moon

If you're in the northern half of the world, did you notice that harvest moon last night? Wednesday the 26th marked the full moon nearest to the autumn equinox, and of course, it made us think of the franchise of the same name. What, you expected us not to make the connection with games? We're serious fans here. Geez.

But are you? Of Harvest Moon, that is, and Rune Factory, as well. How do you feel about the franchise? We've noticed that it's usually one of those 100% things: people either love it or avoid it like the plague. How about you?

Rumor: Harvest Moon bundle for Europe?

A mysterious NeoGAF poster called CubeRevolution is reporting, via equally mysterious sources, a new DS Lite bundle for Europe, to be released in September. The purported bundle will consist of a pink DS Lite and a copy of Harvest Moon DS, and will retail for 149.99 Euros, which, for those of us who don't habitually shop with Euros, is the usual cost of a DS Lite alone.

CubeRevolution said that an official statement about this bundle would be made during the Leipzig Games Convention, which takes place from August 23-26. If you a) live in Europe, b) want a pink DS, and c) would enjoy either Harvest Moon DS or an extra game to trade in, we recommend waiting until after the Games Convention to make your purchase, just in case this turns out to be true.

Rune Factory - fight for your right to harvest [update 1]

Even though the sequel to Rune Factory: a Fantasy Harvest Moon is starting to get attention, don't forget that the original is due for its North American release over the next few weeks.

IGN recently put up some screens, videos and an interview with the game's U.S. product manager. The video shows off the game's new direction: combat. It all looks pretty straightforward, but that energy you spend fighting is going to have to come from somewhere - the crops you produce. We're undecided as to whether this is really going to work, surely the peaceful gameplay is what gives Harvest Moon its unique feel?

Aside from the combat, it looks like all the series' traditional elements are in place: tending crops, making friends and wooing the girl of your dreams by presenting her with vegetables. If only real life were so simple.

Cooking and forging will be handled via the touch screen, along with inventory management. You'll also be able to trade items and screenshots over wi-fi, perhaps landing a husband or wife in the process. The accompanying video gives a July release date for Rune Factory.

[Update: fixed grammatical error]

Harvest Moon Crossing

Harvest Moon DS saw its US release over half a year ago, but the colorful farming sim didn't cross the Atlantic until earlier this month. A TV commercial advertising the game has been airing in the UK, and we were surprise to see how similar its presentation is to Nintendo's commercials for Animal Crossing: Wild World in Japan and Europe.

AC:WW was an indisputable success sales-wise in every territory, so we can see why Nintendo would want to mimic its marketing push with Harvest Moon DS. Compare the video clips yourself after the post break to see what we mean.

Continue reading Harvest Moon Crossing

Rune Factory 2 screens burst into light

We don't even have the first Rune Factory yet, and already there are screenshots from the sequel. This is getting entirely too common with games we're interested in, like Professor Layton and his Many Mysterious Venues. Rune Factory 2, like its predecessor, is a spin-off from the Harvest Moon series. There's some debate as to whether or not we even need the first title, but we're willing to give it a spin when it finally comes out. In the meantime, we'll check out these shots from the sequel

Continue reading Rune Factory 2 screens burst into light

Rune looks like a lady

With only a few weeks left before the North American release of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (5/1), developer Neverland Co. has announced a sequel to its farming sim and RPG hybrid. The latest issue of Famitsu has screenshots for the follow-up, and they show a remarkable amount of improvement to the original's graphics.

It's still too early to call the redhead protagonist's gender, but our money's on the character being a guy. You can never tell these days, what with all the effeminate farmhands running around. Let us know what you think -- is he one of the dudes? Or is she the princess of Cootie Town? Check past the jump for the Rune Factory 2 magazine scans and a full profile shot of the androgynous hero.

Continue reading Rune looks like a lady

DS releases for the week of April 9th

Well, unless you're just dying for a little portable Cake Mania -- and we know some of you are, you baking fiends -- then if you're in the U.S., all you can do is see what everyone else is going to be playing this week. And the you can make time for that stack of games you haven't finished yet.

U.S. releases

  • Cake Mania
For the rest of the world, hit the jump.

Continue reading DS releases for the week of April 9th

Upcoming releases for Europe

If you are the kind of person who might have a few euros in your pocket, then you might want to break out a calendar and that special red pen, because the latest list of upcoming DS releases is full of stars. Even better? The next two months are pretty packed. Makes up for a few of those lackluster weeks, eh?

Hit the jump if you wish to grok the list in fullness, and remember, this is by no means complete. Do we need to mention also that it's subject to change? In fact, since it's a European list, we're pretty sure it will change, and probably often.

Continue reading Upcoming releases for Europe

Harvest Moon: The Island I Develop With You screens

While the title itself is different, it still contains one key element -- Harvest Moon. The popular series that took the sweat and toil out of real farming and made it fun in a game is branching out to sea.

After a terrible disaster while at sea you are stuck on an island with a few other colleagues. Instead of just being stranded on an island, you are going to be stranded on an island and farm it. Genius! Take a look at the new screens and see the excitement yourselves.

We are thinking pineapples. Lots and lots of pineapples.

Harvest Moon DS movies

IGN posted three Harvest Moon DS movies yesterday. They showed "HotBoy", as he was named, doing regular tasks like cleaning up his plot by removing branches, shrubs and breaking up rocks.

Other activities included getting told he is lazy by townsfolk, playing fetch with his dog and, get this, taking a few swings at the mayor with gardening tools.

Not the best way to make new friends but hey, the guy was a jerk, what can we say?

Though Harvest Moon DS has been pushed back, things continue to look good.

A bounty of DS scans

Gotta love those fans who are so dedicated when it comes to sharing their pretty-shinies with the rest of us. These Famitsu scans of Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book surfaced at NeoGAF amidst a bevy of other drool-worthy images. Luminous Arc and Ninja Ja Ja Maru-kun: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword are also featured, along with Chocobo, at Go Nintendo. The original post boasts some peeks at Harvest Moon and Gundam titles as well. Surely there's something to rev every motor there!

[Thanks, creamsugar!]

Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On

An all new Harvest Moon has been announced! Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On has a very catchy name and it obviously tells gamers that they are changing it up a bit and taking the farm to a whole new level of island goodness.

So many wish they could live on an island, including us, and now is our chance. Well, this is as close as some of us may get anyway.

Some new features include the ability to grow rice and being able to choose between either a male or female character right at the beginning.

Time to get back into Harvest Moon!

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