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Stars Catalogue now offering GBA titles [Update 1]

Two Game Boy Advance games have randomly appeared in the Stars Catalogue, leading us to surmise that Nintendo has been spring-cleaning its warehouses and found a bunch of old, unsold stock. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Mario Power Tennis are both decent purchases, we suppose, even if the price (5000 Stars each) is steep (you'd need to buy at least 20 DS games to amass that many Stars). We're still waiting on the warehouse with all the sealed Super Famicom consoles to get cleared out (it must exist somewhere).

Some other new tat has also been added, including a Pokémon sports bag, and three further items that have (inexplicably) sold out: a Raving Rabbids T-shirt, a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon bookmark, and a Brain Training pen. Don't all rush at once, please.

[Update 1: And the Kirbster has sold out!]

DS library plumps up before E3: Kirby and MillionHeir

Nintendo is proudly boasting that it won't be waiting until E3 to reveal some of their biggest upcoming games. The new DS announcements for today are Kirby Super Star Ultra and Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, both with new screens in the galleries below!

As a remake of the original SNES favorite, KSSU will use the touch screen to breathe new life into the existing mini-game compilation. Yeah, if the DS does anything well, it's mini-games. It'll be a totally revamped experience, with new Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra modes in the works, including local wireless play. Kirby has done everything right so far on the DS, so we should expect greatness from the little pink blob on September 29th.

<insert witty segue here>

Yes, yes -- another mystery adventure game is on the way in the form of MillionHeir. Get over that delightful play on words, and check out some of the previous games in the Mystery Case Files range. The DS entry will be a "painted scene" point-and-click adventure, where a cluey detective needs to find the rightful heir to a fortune. It seems like the standard pixel-hunt for inventory items and evidence -- but a multiplayer mode is also included, which is a pretty nifty addition for an adventure game. MillionHeir hits the stores on September 8th.

Gallery: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Gallery: Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir

[Via press release]

Kirby's latest ability: being delicious

Kirby is a smart choice for video game-inspired cooking projects, because his games are eating-themed. In addition, his circular shape is the easiest to recreate in food of any of the Nintendo stable -- chances are you don't have a Samus Aran cake pan. For that matter, based on the general cutesyness of his universe, Kirby could very well be made of cake or something, unlike other Nintendo characters like Mario, who are unambiguously made of human flesh.

For her cousin's birthday, Craftster indeliblechange made 24 sweet cuppin' cakes featuring Kirbies of different colors as well as various Kirbyana. The chili-chocolate (!) cupcakes were decorated using fondant. They look really great!

[Via Craftster]

Show and Tell: A stitch in time

We love sprites, the older, the better, and so do many crafters. After all, the blocky character figures are easier to recreate on quilts and cookies than are more rounded models. Sprites also lend themselves well to cross stitch, as reader Jenni can testify. Jenni, who also writes for Gamertell, has built up quite a collection of character cross stitch, and many of her efforts feature characters Nintendo fans just might recognize. Hit up the gallery for some of her work -- and if you're interested in getting started yourself, Jenni has a good piece on how to go about it.

Got something you want to show off to all the other DS fans? We like just about anything with a little Nintendo flavor, so snap a few pics and send 'em off to tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

Gallery: Jenni's Character Cross Stitch

Etna - DisgaeaBurgertime!Mudkips

Normal DS game + slightly different sticker = amazing collectible

eBay seller putermcgee's batch of DS games really isn't that different from other used DS games up for sale. The current bids are commensurate with other auctions for the same games, even. But these launch-era DS games are somewhat rarer (and more awesome) because they're all promo copies.

How much would you pay for a copy of Pac-Pix or Meteos that was once used as a store demo? Because right now they're at $7.50 and $3.25 respectively. Kirby Canvas Curse and Nintendogs (with special Bark Mode gifts!) are at similar prices, as is a European version of WarioWare: Touched! These are the best kind of collectibles: cheap and not ridiculously impractical.

[Via GameSniped]

Show and Tell: It's full of candy

We love Kirby. We can't help it; he's just a big ol' pink puffball full of love (and often, whatever is around). We're usually not in favor of beating on Kirby, but when it's for a good cause, we can get behind the idea. Also? When beating on Kirby can give us delicious candy.

Reader Mr Khan sent us in these pictures of the Kirby piñata he and some others made over the holidays for a few lucky second graders. Their assignment (which they clearly chose to accept) was to design a piñata around a balloon. What's round and full of fun? The only obvious answer was Kirby. We approve.

Remember, if you have something to show off, we're interested! From crafts to cakes to collections ... whatever you've got, if it has a little Nintendo flavor, we want to see it. Just take some pictures (or copy your web album links) and send them to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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MIDI + art + game songs = <3

Some awesome soul has taken it about himself to make visually enhanced game tunes, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Using a program called Music Animation Machine MIDI Player, which converts the musical notes of MIDI songs into art, the creator of these videos has managed to blow our minds. Sure, we always enjoy it when musical sounds are synthesized with visual imagery, but when some of our favorite songs are involved, it just makes it that much better.

We decided to put the Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily Stage 1" song up top to celebrate Rock Man's 20th anniversary, and well, because it's our favorite. If you don't look after the break to check out the equally awesome Final Fantasy IV, Kirby, Mario, and other tunes, though, you officially fail at the internet.

Continue reading MIDI + art + game songs = <3

Kirby Super Star returns on the DS

Kirby Super Star on the SNES (Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe in Japan) is one of the few minigame compilations that can be called "beloved." In a move that is only shocking in regards to how long it took, Nintendo has announced a sequel, called Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe.

The few screenshots we have reveal the return of the "Gourmet Race" event from the previous game (race against King Dedede in both speed and amount of food eaten), the "Spring Breeze" adventure mode, and what looks like a "Great Cave Offensive" style treasure-collecting game. In addition, a wireless connection icon is visible, meaning that wireless multiplayer (though not necessarily Wi-Fi) will be enabled.

Gallery: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby DS Lite comes, goes

While we would've liked some better snapshots of the limited edition DS Lite, we're still drooling at this simple, yet sleek handheld. What makes things even worse is that we weren't even able to bid on the item, as its time on the auction block has come and gone.

Made for the Australian market, according to the seller only 40 of them are even in existence in the country.

[Via Albotas; Thanks to everyone that sent this in!]

Show and Tell: In Dreamland, cake eats you!

Okay, we admit it. We're cheating a little. Instead of letting someone come to us with their nifty gaming goodness, we saw something that was simply so awesome we had to ask if we could share it with you ... and luckily, NeoGAFfer cloudwalking had no problem with us showing off this incredible cake. Hey, if it was ours, we'd want to show the world as well!

Birthday girl cloudwalking's good pal jarosh had this Kirby cake made, but the fun didn't stop there. As he was slowly dismembered devoured, the pair had fun changing his features around, as you can see in the gallery ... though the reddish filling on the knife is a little disturbing. Poor Kirby! We're not sure we could have made ourselves eat the little guy. Then again, it could be revenge for the times we've been inhaled in various Smash Bros. matches.

Can you top a nummy Kirby cake? If so -- or if you have anything else you want to show off -- you too can be in this spot, with everyone cooing over your awesome stuff. Just take some pictures and send them to showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. We'll take care of the rest.

Gallery: cloudwalking's Kirby cake

Featured Friday Video: Kirby gets his squeak on

Earlier, we brought you the metareview -- now see for yourself. After all, if you haven't yet bought the game, it's always nice to check out a little footage along with the reviews. Check out the puff doing his platform thing after the jump.

Continue reading Featured Friday Video: Kirby gets his squeak on

Metareview: Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby has a wide array of powers, among them the little known aura that inspires complete adoration. Who could look upon the puff and not smile? In that, most of us agree. But there's something that no one can agree on when it comes to the newly released Kirby: Squeak Squad -- and that's the difficulty of the game. Sure, reviewers may be extolling Kirby's virtues, but the list of virtues is not quite the same from one write-up to another.

Yahoo! Games - 70%: In terms of difficulty, this is one of the easier platformers on the DS ...This game definitely catered to the less patient and less experienced DS owners. Mini-games are another beloved aspect of Kirby titles, but Squeak Squad's are disappointing: Play a variation on bumper cars, engage in speed eating, or avoid bombs in a treasure hunt. Even the prospect of multiplayer competitions can't add much longevity to these quickly cast-aside diversions.

Cubed3 - 90%: ...people oft complain that Kirby's adventures are far too easy, thus do not manage to scale the heights of Mario's platform games. They generally point out that it is especially due to the fact that he can inhale fresh air and then just float along at the top of the screen until the end of a level. However, this really is not the case with Squeak Squad as the levels are extremely intricate, housing so many secrets that it is practically impossible to find them all on your first play through. There are eight worlds in total, broken down into separate levels, with a final boss at the end of each one. Altogether there are 37 stages, seven hidden ones and eight boss battles. The main stages and boss battles alone should be enough to keep the average gamer happy, but thankfully for those Kirby masters out there, much more is added on top of this to make the package truly complete.

GamePro - 80%: The only thing we didn't like about Squeak Squad is that it's a tad on the easy side. To say that it's forgiving is an understatement. Food, which replenishes your health, is readily available and the bosses don't put up much of a challenge. Also, the cartoonish visual style might turn off more mature gamers who like their games to have a little hair on their chests. But there is no denying the ineffable charm of this title and gamers looking to give their DS a workout should gobble this one up like it was made of sweet, sweet candy.

Kirby Squeak Squad site gets second update [Update]

The Japanese website for Kirby Squeak Squad recently received another update. In this latest update, new character bios, screens, and weapon profiles have been added to the site for your gawking pleasure. Some of Kirby's forms, such as the UFO and magician, look especially fun.

See also:
[Update: We overlooked the fact that the UFO was featured in previous Kirby games. Thanks for pointing that out to us Rhyhon!]

Kirby Squeak Squad gets Japanese commercial treatment

In this brief 14 second commercial for Kirby Squeak Squad, we get an up-close look at some of Kirby's new abilities available in the game. In getting a glimpse of the pink consumer of all things with his spiffy badger/wolverine/whatever suit, it only helps strengthen our desire to get ahold of the game.

As usual, video is embedded into the post after the break.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Continue reading Kirby Squeak Squad gets Japanese commercial treatment

Kirby Squeak Squad montage

Gotta love the puff. He's cute, he's fluffy, and he's incredibly versatile, as this video demonstrates. Nothing gets Kirby down for long. Of course, that's probably because he could eat anything that tried, but that's neither here nor there. This video montage from Kirby's Squeak Squad shows us just what happens to things that get in Kirby's way. Check it out after the jump!

Continue reading Kirby Squeak Squad montage

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