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How would you rank the weapons of Zelda?

No, not the princess's actual weapons, but the weapons from the Zelda games. For us, the most badass thing that ever was made has to be the Titan's Mitt. That thing could help Link pick up the most heaviest of heavy items. We'll also entertain notions that the Hook Shot, Pegasus Shoes and Magic Cape are up high on the list.

But, what about the items that aren't specific to any entry in the series, like the boomerang? Well, Lore from Wired attempts to rank these items, providing grade marks to all of Link's most-used weapons and otherwise general helper-outers. Is the man insane? Well, we'll leave that judgment up to you and get back to what we enjoy most: daydreaming that we have a Titan's Mitt of our own.

You, on the other hand, can rank your top 5 favorite Zelda items in the comments. No daydreaming for you all, there's work to be done!

Nintendo-themed cases bring style to your DS

If you're still searching for the perfect case for your DS Lite, you might want to check out these handmade options by eBay's munkybaby05. Made with yarn, felt, and plastic canvas, these cases are adorably geeky, and according to the seller, will fit snugly on any DS Lite.

There's two Metroid options, including the one pictured above and a Samus vs. metroid case. If you prefer the Legend of Zelda as your game of choice, though, she also has a case featuring Link and another with a sparkly Triforce.

The cutest of all, though, are the Mario-themed cart cases, which are shaped like little boxes and can hold about nine or ten games. The game holders are available in red mushroom, green mushroom, or question block designs.

Currently they're not too expensive for handmade items ($18 including shipping and handling for the DS Lite cases, $11 for the game cases), but of course, you never know with eBay.

[Thanks, GenoBoost!]

Huge discounts and prizes at Play Asia's Year of the Rat Lucky Sale

Bringing in the Chinese New Year, import shop Play Asia has slashed the prices on over five thousand of its in-stock games and accessories. What's more, each order you put in between today and February 29th will count towards an entry for you to win a variety of Japanese consoles, games, and store credits. There's just too many items on sale to list, so we've picked out a few from the DS and GBA sections that might pique your interest.

DS game sales:
  • Ryuusei no RockMan: Dragon, Leo, and Pegasus - $48.90 $9.90
  • Nodame Cantabile - $48.90 $14.90
  • Operation: Vietnam (US) - $24.90 $16.90
  • Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - $58.90 $19.90
  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry (DS Collection) - $58.90 $19.90
  • K-1 World GP - $48.90 $24.90
  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 - $48.90 $29.90
Jump past the break for the accessory and GBA bargains!

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The Legend of the Engraved DS

New York City's Nintendo World Store has been offering a DS engraving service for over half a year now, so we're surprised that we haven't heard from more people who've taken advantage of this $20 customization. The etched system above comes from Zelda fangirl Kimya, showing off a Minish Cap-era Link handling a gust jar.

What would we get if we had the opportunity to have our handheld engraved, you ask? Well, we have a certain lizard in mind ...

See also: Someone put a damn unicycling llama on their DS

Reminder: End of the Year Blowout!

Each day, between now and the 26th, we're going to look at a different piece of the DS Fanswag End of the Year giveaway as a reminder of exactly why you need to hightail it over there and enter -- and we figured we might as well start with the crown jewel: the Limited Edition Legend of Zelda DS Lite with Phantom Hourglass. It's gold. It's gorgeous. And it comes complete with one of the best games this year. Don't you want it? It's part of the grand prize, so if you're interested, head over and throw your name into the hat! Remember, you can enter once per day. And if you're having any trouble with the comments, check here for a handy walkthrough.

Promotional Consideration: Why we're not watching the Spike Video Game Awards tonight

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

American cable channel Spike premieres the 2007 edition of the Spike Video Game Awards tonight at 9:00 PM (likely re-airing it a dozen times over the course of the next couple of months). Despite the scorn it received from gamers in its previous years, the show lives on, now in its fourth year.

There are many reasons one could give for refusing to watch the two-hour program tonight -- the event really is as ridiculous as you'd expect a video game award show to be -- but one specific flaw brought about our decision to avoid the production ...

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Friday Video: Bundles are beautiful

What's a dedicated DS lover to do when two sweet new bundles hit the streets? There's really only one option on the table: shoot a video of the boxes, complete with music and dramatic close-ups. It's just such a random thing (and yet, exactly what we would probably do) that we couldn't resist sharing it with you as part of this week's video spotlight.

Zero Punctuation disembowels Phantom Hourglass

We've all played or heard of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. We all know that everyone who played it loved it. Let's move on. Wait ... what's that? Not everyone loved it? Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, in fact, despised it?

Apparently so! But hating on a game is never as amusing as it is in The Escapist's "Zero Punctuation," so we don't mind. We found this review to be rather funny. If you don't feel like your poor heart can take it, though, feel free to watch some other reviews of Phantom Hourglass that involve girl cosplayers.

Warning: The audio in this video makes it NSFW. Oh, and there's some bad visual bits, too.

[Thanks, Brian!]

DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

For a franchise as lengthy and storied as that of The Legend of Zelda, we're honestly surprised that Nintendo has managed to keep things fresh and engaging throughout each of the titles. Take Wind Waker, for example, which was quickly met with cries of "Cel-da!" and "This looks like utter crap!" by many internet-faring folks following its unveiling, but managed to be one of the best entries to date (it was our favorite before Twilight Princess hit the scene, to be honest).

But, for as much as Nintendo has tried to keep the franchise alive and well, The Legend of Zelda games have always maintained a set of core features and values, becoming a bit formulaic lately. Hey, don't get us wrong, we love the games, but you have to admit that it's becoming old hat in the way that they are doing things, always sidetracking you with another task when all you want is entry into one area of the game (see: where you need to go). This "gopher" way of doing things (go for this, then you can go for this) is kind of becoming a problem with the franchise.

One of the ways Wind Waker was better than its predecessors and tried to nip this in the bud a bit was the inclusion of its open seas, allowing the player to go wherever they wanted from the get-go. Sure, the fields and other locales that made up Hyrule proper in these titles (even in Twilight Princess, which released several years after Wind Waker) were accessible and presented an illusion of a game world that was freely navigable from the outset. The reality was, in fact, different.

So, what does this have to do with Phantom Hourglass? Everything.

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Fan-made Zelda video makes us drool

Because this video has been out since May, you might have seen it already. If not, though, we highly recommend taking a look at this fan-made Zelda movie called "Dark Sage." Using a program called 3DS Max, Youtube member Coloniser combined his game designing skills, talent, and awesomeness to create this Zelda homage.

We're definitely impressed by this project, and only hope that there will be a sequel in the future.

[Thanks, Jack!]

Lon Lon Milk refills hearts of brave adventurers

If you've had a nasty run-in with an Octorok recently, or got in a scrape with a Stalfos, then there's only one thing for it, dear reader: you need Lon Lon Milk, and you need it fast.

And right now, your nearest vendor is none other than Etsy user tiffanybell, whose Lon Lon Milk Bottle charms come packed with heart-filling, nutritious* Lon Lon Milk.

Yours for a paltry 20 Rupees three bucks.

* Probably.


The "Enemy Bait" item was required in three of The Legend of Zelda's dungeons, to get past hungry Goriyas like this one. As an aside, that's one of the least intuitive puzzles we can think of, and we have no idea how we ever got through it the first time.

But the Enemy Bait was sold (by the "BUY SOMETHIN' WILL YA?" guy and his friend, the "BOY, THIS IS REALLY EXPENSIVE!" guy) primarily as a means of diverting enemies during a fight. Our question: have any of you ever used Enemy Bait for that purpose? Did you even consider using Enemy Bait in the overworld? Was it useful?

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