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DS Daily: Armchair sales warrior

Every month, we post the new NPD numbers detailing the sales of game hardware in the US. We spend a lot of time talking about Japanese sales as well. Typically, the DS is at the top of the sales list, though it is occasionally overtaken by the Wii, or, in Japan, the Monster Hunter machine.

When the DS does top a sales list, does it inspire pride? Does it make you happy to be on the winning team? Is it like watching the stock market, except instead of making money, you're earning shares in the DS's popularity? Or does it excite you for more practical reasons, like the fact that continued DS sales probably means that new games will be coming out for the current DS for a while?

July NPD: Post-E3 mellow

Here's our theory for the overall drop in US sales in July versus June: just reading E3 coverage in the middle of the month was enough gaming excitement for a significant portion of the audience. Too crazy? Here's another one: people decided to reduce their spending now in anticipation of stuff coming later. And, for fun, one more: it was just too hot outside for video games. Who needs logic when you've got imagination?

It's easy enough to explain the DS's drop (which, we must point out, takes it from number one to number one): June saw the release of a huge new game and hardware bundle, sales of which were largest at launch. The rest: who knows? The top ten games are after the break.
  • DS: 608K175K (-22.35%)
  • Wii: 555K111K (-16.7%)
  • PS3: 224.9K 180.1K (-44.5%)
  • PSP: 221.7K 115.3K (-34.21%)
  • Xbox 360: 204.8K 15.2K (-6.91%)
  • PS2: 155.5K 33K (-17.6%)

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June NPD: Solid Snake farts in our general direction

June was the month of Sony, Sony, Sony ... and DS. With the PlayStation brand achieving positive results across the board (MGS4 undoubtedly being the reason for doubling May's PS3 figures), Microsoft picked up a small increase in sales for the Xbox 360. The DS performed spectacularly as always, and gained a massive jump in sales thanks to Guitar Hero: On Tour.

The only console on a downslide for the month was the Wii, yet it still trounced all non-Nintendo competition. It's like those guys at school who barely even tried and still got top marks, while everyone else studied their butts off to scrape by. Ah, the mysteries of life.
  • DS: 783K 368.2K (+ 88.7%)
  • Wii: 666.7K 47.5K (- 6.6%)
  • PS3: 405.5K 218.4K (+ 116.7%)
  • PSP: 337.4K 144.7K (+ 75%)
  • X360: 219.8K 31.8K (+ 16.9%)
  • PS2: 188.8K 64.4K (+ 51.7%)
Software sales are waiting for you after the break! YA RLY!

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May NPD: Buoyant

"Safe and steady" was the theme of May's NPD figures, with no console either enjoying a majestic surge or suffering a crushing collapse -- the DS simply registered a decent if unspectacular 9% rise in hardware sales. As it turns out, that bump was timely, because it meant the console reached 20 million units sold in North America, a landmark that has now been passed in all major regions.

Of course, we could snicker at how the PSP only clinched 29% of the handheld market, and so we will.
  • Wii: 714.2K 39.1K (5.5%)
  • DS: 414.8K 37.8K (9.1%)
  • PSP: 192.7K 10.4K (5.4%)
  • Xbox 360: 188K 1.4K (0.8%)
  • PS3: 187.1K 21.6K (11.5%)
  • PS2: 124.4K 8.3K (6.7%)
Software sales are waiting past the break.

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April NPD: Freefall

Ouch! Only the Wii escaped a big drop in hardware sales this month (thanks, we suspect, to Mario Kart), with DS numbers tumbling a hefty 40.6% (perhaps that Metallic Rose model is arriving in the nick of time?).

Fortunately for Nintendo, every other rival platform chose this month for a dramatic plummet -- we can't be the only ones surprised that Grand Theft Auto IV didn't give the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 a bigger end-of-month bump?

Hardware sales
  • Wii: 714.2K 6.8K (0.94%)
  • DS: 414.8K 283.2K (40.6%)
  • PSP: 192.7K 104.3K (35.1%)
  • Xbox 360: 188K 74K (28.2%)
  • PS3: 187.1K 69.9K (27.2%)
  • PS2: 124.4K 91.6K (42.4%)
Software figures are past the break.

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March NPD: Nintendo duo dominate

While its opponents largely stumbled and stuttered through March like rundown old carthorses, the magnificent Nintendo stallion romped to an emphatic victory. In any typical month, the DS might have been expected to lead the charge, but March was the month of Brawl, and there was much rejoicing. Not for the first time, the Pacht-meister was right on the money.
  • Wii: 721K 289K (40%)
  • DS Lite: 698K 111K (15.8%)
  • PSP: 297K 53.9K (18.1%)
  • Xbox 360: 262K 7.4K (2.8%)
  • PS3: 257K 23.8k (9.3%)
  • PS2: 216K 135.8K (62.9%)
For software sales, follow past the break.

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Pachter: More DS domination on the cards for March

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has once again whipped out his crystal ball and claimed that the DS (hand-in-hand with the Brawl-fuelled Wii) romped to victory in the U.S. during March.

Pachty estimates that the handheld shifted 700,000 units, more than double the number of PSPs sold, which he places at 300,000. An impressive margin to be sure, particularly after the DS coughed and wheezed its way to a narrow 21,000-unit sales victory in January.

Will Pachter's predictions be proven correct? We'll know very shortly, as soon as NPD coughs up our monthly data!

February NPD: Natural order restored

Sales were up across the board in February, which is really the best kind of news (yes, even better than the kind that lets us be jerks to consoles with falling sales). Even bester is that our old friend the DS is back on top of the charts, having sold a remarkable 336,000 more units in February than in January. If pressed, we would guess that this is because there are now DS Lites in stores. Some of those Lites were in a fancy new color, as well, which may have driven some repeat sales.

Software sales were ... not awesome for the DS, unfortunately. Only Mario & Sonic represents the handheld on the charts. At least its sales went up.
  • DS Lite: 587.6K 336K (134%)
  • Wii: 432K 158K (58%)
  • PS2: 351.8K 87.8K (33%)
  • PS3: 280.8K 11.8K (4%)
  • Xbox 360: 254.6K 24.6k (11%)
  • PSP: 243.1K 13.1K (6%)

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January NPD: Precipitous

The good news this month is that yet again, the DS Lite occupies the top spot on an NPD list. The bad news: that's only true if you organize the list by the percentage in which sales dropped since December. Keep in mind that Christmas is over -- a phenomenal success of a Christmas, at that -- and we're back to normal sales levels. In fact, we're not even back to normal sales levels yet, thanks to hardware shortages.

Still, there's no way we can make a 90% drop look good. Speaking of not good (for us), the software sales are after the break. The DS brings up the rear in software sales as well, with the top 10 showing attributable entirely to Mario's leisure time.
  • Wii: 274K 1.08m (80%)
  • PS3: 269K 528K (66%)
  • PS2: 264K 836K (76%)
  • DS Lite: 251K 2.22m (90%)
  • PSP: 230K 830K (78%)
  • Xbox 360: 230K 1.03m (82%)

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December NPD: Apparently people shop for nonessential items in December

It's the weirdest thing. Right around November and December of every year, sales of luxury and entertainment items go way up. December of 2007 was no exception for our favorite entertainment item. How much of an exception was it not? How about 2.47 million units in one month alone? 2007 was already a fantastic year for the DS, with 8.5 million systems sold. But considering the constant chart-topping success of the DS, it's pretty remarkable that fully one-third of the year's total DS units sold were sold last month.

Let's look at some little arrows to help put the numbers in perspective.
  • DS Lite: 2.47m 940K (61%)
  • Wii: 1.35m 369K (38%)
  • Xbox 360: 1.26m 490K (64%)
  • PS2: 1.1m 604K (122%)
  • PSP: 1.06m 493K (87%)
  • PS3: 797K 331 (71%)
Head past the break for the December software charts, where we welcome an old friend back to the chart. We've also got the 2007 totals posted, which are, of course, DS-eriffic in the hardware section.

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November NPD: Holy holidays, Batman!

Between the holiday demand and perhaps the influence of a few particularly sweet bundles, sales of the DS Lite tripled in November in the U.S. Yes, folks, that's like taking a Lite and turning it into Lite-Lite-Lite. Oh, and it must be said -- we're back on top, as well. But with 1.5 million units sold, how could we not be? Not only is the DS in demand, but it's actually available. We hear that's a huge plus.

On a hilarious side note, no DS games made it into the top ten in sales. It's all about the hardware. Or maybe there are just so many games from which you may choose (though you wouldn't know it from our tastes) that no one game managed to crawl to the top.
  • DS Lite: 1.53m 1.07m (234%)
  • Wii: 981K 462K (89%)
  • Xbox 360: 770K 404K (110%)
  • PSP: 567K 281K (98%)
  • PS2: 496K 312K (169%)
  • PS3: 466K 345K (285%)
Oh, yeah. Everyone else did okay, too.

NPD says games help reduce stress, we say Animal Crossing soothes us

NPD doesn't see fit to provide us just with monthly sales figures, apparently, as they also conduct research in their secret underground bunker. There, beakers full of bright, colorful liquid of an indiscernible nature and men and women in long white coats conduct experiments. Tirelessly disassembling current hardware on the shelves and occasionally injecting caged monkeys with unknown fluids, these vigilant smart types have come to a conclusion regarding the association between stress and video games.

According to the NPD, 63% of U.S. citizens play games. 30% of these gamers say they're playing more games than they did last year. Many also cite that games are a way to alleviate stress and help them unwind. We can understand it, because there is something almost zen-like in fishing in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Actually, just about everything in that game is calming and helps us unwind, even picking weeds.

October NPD: Back where we belong

Well, to be honest, we belong in the top position, but we won't begrudge the Wii a little love when it comes to sales numbers, since we know there are still people suffering the slings and arrows of fate (and Best Buy) to get their hands on a console. No, we're cool with sharing the spotlight. We don't even have to move a lot of software to stay up there, either; two DS games appeared in the top ten, and neither above the midway point. People just like the hardware, and really, who can blame them?
  • Nintendo Wii: 519K (5 million total)
  • Nintendo DS: 458K (13.6 million total)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 366K (7.1 million total)
  • Sony PSP: 286K (8.8 million total)
  • Sony PS2: 184K (39.4 million total)
  • Sony PS3: 121K (1.9 million total)
Mosey on past the break to see the top-selling games.

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NPD says never mind, maybe

Following yesterday's news that the NPD would be scaling back their monthly gift of console hardware and software sales figures, the NPD has come out to answer the hordes of screaming gamers who look to this information every month to be ... well, informed about their hobby and passion. NPD spokesperson David Riley doesn't want us to think it's such a bleak future, however, as he explains it could very well be a decision left up to the console makers.

Turns out, up until November 2006, it wasn't policy to share the data. But, due to a torrent of media requests and some internal conversations, the company eventually came to the conclusion that the numbers would be released. So, given that, if the go-ahead is given by the console makers, then this could all be a lot of nothing and NPD will continue to do things as usual.

[Via Joystiq]

NPD to play hide-and-seek with sales figures in the future

You know, as people obsessed with gaming, we often find ourselves relentlessly looking over screens for upcoming games, video trailers and sales numbers. For fanboys (and fangirls), it's often the ammunition that fuels their "lol ur console is teh suk" cannons, allowing the great and wonderful internet debate to rage on in message boards far and wide.

Now, the NPD is attempting to take that away from North American gamers, as word hits that the monthly NPD figures will no longer be accessible to the public proper. So, where it might have been possible to see console sales figures and top ten software sales, we're now only going to have access to the top five software sales. Of course, console manufacturers Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft can still release the information ... if they wish.

[Via Joystiq]

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