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Picross DS gets downloadable content in the US

We mentioned previously that the European and Japanese releases of Picross DS had weekly downloadable puzzles, some of which were drawn from Mario's Picross and Mario's Super Picross. Well, being total skeptics, we didn't believe we'd see this feature in the US. It's just too cool for us!

It turns out we were delightfully wrong. Starting on the game's July 30th release date, players will be able to download new bonus puzzles every week. That should be great for people who, unlike us, will complete more than one puzzle!

Picross DS gets a nice review

Since we haven't picked up Picross DS yet and are therefore unable to review it, we're going to assume (pretend) that our friends at 4 color rebellion have reviewed it just for us. And according to the Official 4cr (for DS Fanboy) Review, Nintendo's puzzler will be worth picking up when it arrives in the US in July, and is worth picking up ... now, in Europe!

The review is especially positive about the online features of the game, including the ability to share your own puzzles online, and free weekly downloads of extra puzzles. Some of the downloadable content includes puzzles from Mario's Picross and Mario's Super Picross! Technically, we shouldn't be happy about recycled content, but it gives us a warm, happy feeling.

The only real complaint they have with the game is the stylus control, which seems like it should be a natural for Picross. Luckily, it's optional! So we can all just pretend it didn't happen and doesn't exist.

More evidence of a US release for Picross DS

The cat is slowly emerging from the bag, it would seem. We knew that Picross DS was in Gamestop's computers as a July release, and now the ESRB has pretty much confirmed it by rating the game.

Just think, this summer we could be filling in squares and making pictures just like they do in Europe. Well, you could be. Availability isn't the issue for us; being able to buy the game isn't going to magically make us less awful at Picross.

[Via Siliconera]

Picross DS bound for the US, one way or another

Relations between the US and Europe have been strained enough over uncompromising war policies and disparate diplomats, but Nintendo's decision to localize Picross DS for our Atlantic opposites while ignoring North America's pleas threatens to escalate the conflict even further. Already, protesters are rallying on embassy steps, stomping on french fries and singing hymns of freedom.

Hoping to avert an international crisis, GameStop has put up a Picross title on its site for $19.99, announcing a July 31st stateside release for the logic puzzler. For some, that distant date is unacceptable. Others refuse to even believe that it's the same game and not a generic product. To appease their ire, online shop SendIt has agreed to offer the UK version of the game at a discount. Picross DS has a £14.89 (approximately $30.00) listing on the site, and CAG forumers have reported paying $32.87 after US shipping and handling charges. As far as import prices go, that's quite a deal!

[Via CAG]

Learn to play Picross in five easy steps

Curious about how Picross DS works? Feel like torturing yourself with preview materials for a game that has yet to be announced for the US? We were, and we did!

The European Touch Generations page has a rather nice interactive Flash presentation that demonstrates how to work a Picross puzzle. It describes an aspect of gameplay, demonstrates it with an animation, and then the user can click to the next lesson. Sort of like an animated Powerpoint presentation. At the end of the short presentation, you get a small Picross puzzle.

We actually had a pretty hard time grasping the Picross "strategy" before running this demo. So we can give an honest DS Fanboy Testimonial-- It Really, Really Works!

[Via GoNintendo]

Europe gets Picross DS

We didn't think the awesome Picross DS would ever find its way out of Japan. But Nintendo surprised us, as they tend to do now and then, by announcing that the puzzler will get a European release on May 11th.

They're branding this as part of the Touch Generations series, and mention that it will include 300 puzzles, and features like a "Daily Picross" mode, puzzle creation (with Wi-Fi sharing),and unlockable minigames. For the Americans out there who feel left out-- don't worry! Even if Nintendo doesn't release Picross DS, this European version will have English text, so it's still good news for you, if you don't mind importing!

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