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Knights in the What is Going on Here

It has been over a month since we heard anything new on Knights in the Nightmare, Sting's "turn-based RTS", but the Riviera developer has made up for that lull with official site updates, new screenshots, and a release date for Japan -- July 17, 2008.

As with Sting's last handheld strategy title, Yggdra Union, these images are packed with gorgeous sprites and tons of visual data and effects. We have no idea what is going on in half of these screens. What does "touch the box to be defeated enemy" even mean? Hit the gallery below for more beautiful but confusing grabs from the game.

[Via NeoGAF]

Dokapon Journey! Make Friends and Fight and View Screenshots!

Though Dokapon's title immediately invites comparisons to similarly named releases, like Patapon, Pokemon, Goemon, or any other Something-mon games, this board-game/RPG hybrid has little to do with pocket monsters, rhythm tactics, or mystical ninjas. As you can see from the the new batch of screenshots we've dropped into the gallery below, however, Dokapon's art direction is just as cute as its superficial contemporaries.

Developer Sting has launched its official Japanese site for Dokapon Journey! Nakayoku Kenkashite (Make Friends and Fight!), posting previews of the game's RPG-styled combat, board-game movement, and adorable sprites. Will this have a chance in hell of ever seeing an English localization? Maybe! Atlus had no argument against publishing Sting's two previous handheld SRPGs, Riviera and Yggdra Union, in the states. Dokapon Journey! could be next on the list!

Expect Dokapon Journey! to ship to stores in Japan this June 27th.

See also: Take a trip to Dokapon Kingdom (Wii)

Gallery: Dokapon Journey!

[Via GAME Watch]

The best board game/RPG hybrid you've never heard of

Dokapon games seem to alternate between two different genres: dungeon crawlers mixed with Pokemon-style combat, like the Dokapon Game Boy Advance game released in the U.S., and board games mixed with Pokemon-style combat, like this new DS game, Dokapon Journey! Nakayoku Kenkashite (Make Friends and Fight!)

Players compete against each other to defeat monsters around the town and earn money. They can also fight one another and steal their junk in what has been hilariously labeled a "friendship-destroying game."

New additions for the DS game include extremely silly minigame-based money-earning methods, including scratch-off lottery tickets and some kind of exercycle game.

Anything but a bad dream with Knights in the Nightmare

IGN has a rather lengthy preview up for Knights in the Nightmare, a "turn-based RTS" coming from Sting. Up until we saw this preview, we were all in the same boat, left to ogle a lone scan for the game.

Sting's "real-time RTS" isn't so much an contradiction in and of itself, but is actually near-real-time. Players will handle defending and attacking enemy units through the touch-screen, allowing for groups of up to 40 units to be controlled at once. With a clock going continuously for each turn, players will have to act fast in order to make sure their actions are finished before the time runs out. Once the clock hits zero, you can rearm your squad and get ready for the next encounter.

The game isn't all fighting, though, as you'll be able to affect the stats of your units through upgrades. What kind of upgrades available depend on the unit's equipment and alignment. Units may also build up their "rage" in standby mode, which will fill a charge gauge that can unleash special attacks.

As for the rest of the preview, there are a few plot points that have been revealed, but for the sake of keeping this as spoiler free as possible, we won't go into detail. For that information, hit up the "Read" link below.

Knights in the Nightmare of a really complicated game

Sting's new RPG Knights in the Nightmare has a lot going on -- so much that we might need some incorporeal wisp to inhabit us and play the game in our stead.

Part of the issue, however, is Sting's confusing description of the game. It follows the same flow as most tactical RPGs, but it's described as a five-stage process. Each round of combat begins with some sort of setup -- a scene that relates the battle to the story. Then the "tactics" phase begins and you arrange your soldiers strategically. After that, the battle begins, and you control your knights in a turn-based system.

When the battle has ended, another story scene plays. Then a "setup" phase in which you manage and level up your characters. In addition to using items, you can transfer abilities between characters via a "Transoul" system.

Knights in the Nightmare: Sting's new 'turn-based RTS'

No, we don't know what that means either, but according to the GAFfers who posted the latest scans from Famitsu, that's the genre for Sting's Knights in the Nightmare. You may know Sting as the developers (three times over) of Baroque, soon to be released on the Wii by Atlus. This new game is much less creepy, and much more cutesy.

Knights in the Nightmare puts the player into the ephemeral, energy-based shoes of a "wisp" who gives commands to knights in battle by occupying them. You'll have to "program" the knights to protect the wisp from from attacking demons. According to the quick translation, the "turn-based real-time" aspect means that there are offensive and defensive turns that run in real-time, which we can only assume means something like the Active Time Battle system.

Sting is planning to release this strategy game some time this year. The full scan is after the break!

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