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Pokedrive Red

Here's an awesome DIY project you can try out with an old Gameboy/GBC game that you're not too fond of -- turn it into a USB drive! Themadscientist101 has a photo guide showing how to cut open a window and shave off some of the inside wall to fit a USB drive into the plastic housing. You won't be able to play the game anymore after modding the cart, but if you use something crappy like Mortal Kombat, that shouldn't be a problem.

Just think of how cool everyone will think you are when you pull out a Pokemon cart to show off the Pokemon strategy guides you downloaded from GameFAQs! The girls will be fighting over you. It'll be like the Axe Effect, but in Pokemon form. For real.

Themadscientist101 also has a Lego USB mod that the ladies can't resist. Jump past the post break for photos of the brick drive.

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FFIII: Not ridiculously expensive for once

If you made a point of not picking up Final Fantasy 3 DS after seeing its redonkulous $40 tag when it first hit stores a year ago, you'll be happy to hear that the 3D remake's price has been slashed in half with an Onion Sword! Already, Amazon and GameStop/EB are selling Final Fantasy 3 for $19.99. Even if you already have the game, it's so cheap now, you won't mind buying it again (provided that you aren't still broke from buying it the first time)!

Back up and manage your game saves

Unlike Datel's Action Replay Max Duo, this game-save manager from Gametech doesn't require any GBA-slot jury-rigging or an unsightly device that sticks out of your handheld like an air conditioner. All you have to do is pop your DS cart into Gametech's discreet USB dongle, hook it onto a PC with the installed software, and you're good to go.

This $30 device can be really useful for titles like Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja or SimCity DS, both of which having only one save slot. You can also keep a back-up of your progress in case you accidentally lose the game or decide to trade it in later.

[Via Game Watch]

The Gametech DS Lite charger for on-the-go

As far as DS Lite chargers go, this has got to be the Rolls Royce edition. Featuring an in-car charger for those road trips where battery power becomes an issue, the charger also has an extendable cord allowing you (the passenger) to charge the handheld while playing. Also, the charger has a breakaway USB adapter allowing you to power the handheld from a laptop, PC or one of those iPod charger things.

Anyone plan on picking one of these up? We sure are ...

[Via Go Nintendo]

Homebrew sans the flash cart [Update]

WTF H4XThe average DS owner is quite pleased with the games available on their dual-screened wonder. As a result, the need and desire for emulation software is a bit less than...ahem...some other portable systems out there. To even begin loading homebrew apps on a DS, one has to have a bit of technical knowledge, a rather expensive flash cart, and some unwieldy hardware/software setups. Till now.

A site called Winsunx is getting ready to release a device suitably named the "Ninjapass". As opposed to previous flash cart setups, this wonderous piece of hardware is quite literally a DS cartridge, functioning normally and independently in your regular DS slot. It comes with a USB 2.0 adapter for easy access to your computer, a convenient way to save game files (previously quite troublesome), and a multi-game menu built right in. It's currently slated as a pricey $51.99, but that may be a bargain for the kinds of illicit pleasures that may come.

[Thanks, Mike Lacks!]

[Update: Fixed a typo. Good eye Mike!]

Xploder cheat saves for your DS

For those of you out there who enjoy taking the easy road, Xploder has just announced the release of their newest product the Nintendo DS Xploder Gamesaves. The product doesn't just limit you to cheating, however, as it offers a fully-functional game save management system that is controlled through their PC application and an included USB cable that hooks into your DS. So now you can archive game saves safely to your PC and delete saves you no longer need. There is also a built in RSS Feed to update you on the latest uploaded game saves online.

[Thanks Chris!]

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