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Bwahahaha! Wario Land Advance for $9.99!

Still upset over Wario's lackluster return to platforming, Wario: Master of Disguise? Why not wash that awful taste out of your mouth with one of the anti-hero's more polished titles? Import shop Play Asia is clearing out its stock of Wario Land Advance (Wario Land 4 in the US) by putting up Japanese copies of the GBA game for $9.99.

This sale ends next Tuesday, so you have several days to ask yourself, "Do I want to play an awesome game or not?" Jump past the break for Wario Land Advance's opening movie and a speedrun of the first level.

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Wario: Master of Temporary Price Drops

Amazon's Deal of the Day has allowed Wario to put on a mask and transform into Much Cheaper Wario. For today only, you can pick up Wario: Master of Disguise for $12.99. That's ridiculously cheap for a first-party Nintendo game. That's approaching Geist levels of markdown.

We support even the temporary cheapening of games. If you've been waiting for a reasonable price on Wario, now you're somewhere closer to it.

[Via CAG]

Age of Hella Cheap Games, revisited

When we last fixed our gaze on Cheap Ass Gamer's list of DS discounts at Amazon, we were presented with eight marked-down titles -- two of which were worth your money, the rest being of middling quality. Since then, the thrifty tally has expanded three-fold, its ratio of rad-to-bad offerings also steadily increasing. Here are a few highlights from the 29 27-strong bargain lineup:

  • Nintendo DS Lite Pro Point Stylus
  • Bomberman
  • Magicial Starsign
  • Resident Evil Deadly Silence
  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
  • Sonic Rush
As you probably already know by now, Amazon waives its shipping fees on orders totaling over $25. We can't predict how long some of these deals will last before going out of stock or returning to their original price, so now is not the time to be indecisive! Break your piggy banks open and run past the post break for the full list of games on sale.

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Dragon Quest, Super Mario, Boy and Girl in Itadaki Street DS

Itadaki Street DS apparently didn't have enough characters to choose from-- the entire Mario and Dragon Quest casts are just too limiting, you know? Besides, nobody can relate to wacky characters like a plumber and a plumber's brother, who is also a plumber.

Square Enix has nicely included some characters who will do less to draw players' attention away from the serious business of strategic board game play: "Boy" and "Girl." They look just like we would if we were three feet tall and didn't have noses!

We've got some screens of Boy and Girl, and of Itadaki Street in general, after the break. And check the link for character art and a few board layouts.

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WRUP: Master of Disguise edition

No, not that Master of Disguise, we're talking about Wario: Master of Disguise. That's right, we plan on playing that all weekend. What will you be playing this weekend? Will you be playing Wario: Master of Disguise, as well, or perhaps you had your eye on another release this week, perhaps Rayman: Raving Rabbids?

So, what will it be?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

Metareview: Wario: Master of Disguise

The reviews are coming in and they're all over the place for Wario: Master of Disguise. We've grown to expect innovation and even brilliance from Mario's unruly counterpart, but the thing about innovation is that it's a risk ... and often, opinions can vary, as we see below.

GameSpot: 61% - "...the game's real problem is that it stops being interesting after about an hour. Cutting down a chandelier with a laser is cool the first couple of times you do it but not the 100th time. By the third or fourth episode, you've interacted with the same objects and experienced the same set of eight minigames so frequently that the process of switching costumes and using the stylus becomes rote."

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DS releases for the week of March 5th

Here in the U.S., the best system ever DS might not have had much going on last week, but this week's release of Wario: Master of Disguise is likely to make up for all that and more. Everyone's favorite anti-Mario is one of the most anticipated games this year -- and so we can already guess what you'll be playing this weekend!

DS releases in the U.S.:
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing
  • Wario: Master of Disguise
For the rest of the world's releases this week, check out the lists after the jump. It's a particularly good week for (almost) everyone! For those of you in Australia ... well, next week looks huge for you, so bide awhile.

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Yet another 'games to watch' list

We can only guess that it wasn't enough for the DS to steamroll everything and everyone in 2006. Nintendo wants to own 2007, as well. Not that we're complaining; after all, we are total slaves to our beloved handheld. But it just seems altogether crazy that there could be so many lists predicting great games in the coming year, and that the lists could vary so much. No matter your pleasure, 2007 is bound to be packed with more DS games than you can possibly afford. And in celebration of our future indecision, IGN has offered a list celebrating ten of the best coming games for the year.

We've included the full IGN list after the jump, and we'd love to hear how it compares to some of the other lists you've seen since the end of last year, because there's been a ton. We've even dipped a toe into the list-making process ourselves.

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A double dose of Wario trailers

In the pair of embedded videos, available past the post break, we're shown two different gameplay segments of the upcoming Wario: Master of Disguise. The first video is a drawing minigame, much like the ones that have been featured in Wario's series of WarioWare games, demanding the player color in the segments before the bomb's fuse finishes burning. The second video shows a matching minigame where the player must match objects with their corresponding containers. Items include gold, diamond and ... poo.

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Yet another Wario: Master of Disguise commercial

Not completely unlike the first commercial, this latest one is brisk and shows some of the abilities available to Wario in his many disguises. The video even shows Wario taking on one of the game's bosses, so if you do not want that ruined for you, avoiding this video is an option.

We've embedded the video past the post break.

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Wario shows off his mastery of disguise

The official site for the upcoming Wario: Master of Disguise has been updated with a shiny new video you won't want to miss. It does take a while to load, so head outside, wash your car or take a quick trip across the country, and when you return, it should be loaded. Probably.

It's worth watching anyway! But you'll have to head to the site to see it.

Wario: Master of Disguise screenshots magically appear

By way of Jeux-France, we've got some new images of Wario: Master of Disguise to present. These new shots, obviously, give you a look at all of Wario's kickass costumes, which give him a whole bunch of different abilities.

We found out, while watching the recent Japanese commercial for the game, that one needs to use the stylus to transform Wario into his different forms. We've stolen included all of the screens into the post, past the post break.

Screenshot get!

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New TV commercial for Wario: Master of Disguise

A new commercial for Wario: Master of Disguise (previously known as Wario: The Thief) has hit You Tube, giving us all a glimpse, although it is short, into the new game. The video also reveals the 7 new disguises available to Wario, as well as how we'll be switching outfits. Hint: it's with the stylus.

As always, the video is available past the post break.

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2007: the year of the DS (again)

2006 was a banner year for gamers, particularly DS gamers. We've got it all: a rainbow of system colors, an incredible library of games, and powerful studios clamoring for a piece of the action. Our favorite handheld consistently rocked out, thundering over the competition -- all the competition -- for the entire year. The DS avalanche of awesome can't possibly continue at this rate ... and yet, when we look at the forthcoming year and the incredible parade of titles set for the year, it seems that the DS will, in fact, continue to dominate global gaming.

And we're totally okay with that. Just so you know.

If you're still scrambling to finish some of the titles from the latter half of 2006, play harder -- no matter who you are or what you like, you're sure to find at least ten games this year that are must-haves, and that's just among the games we know about right now. What's worse (or is that way, way better?) is that most of them are slated for the next few months. So run through Portrait of Ruin and put aside the hard rockin' Elite Beat Agents (your fingers will thank you for the break), and check after the jump for a few of the games that will drain your free time in 2007.

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Wario The Thief magazine scan

A scan for Wario The Thief has shown up over at French gaming site Jeux-France. The scan, which originates from Famitsu, popular Japanese gaming mag, and shows some of Wario's new costumes for the game. Featuring what is being called as Space Wario, Graffitti Wario and Doctor Wario, each costume gives Wario special abilities.

Obviously, each of these special abilities will be necessary to pass the game's many obstacles. Currently set for release in January of the next year in Japan, nothing has been said in regards to a release in other territories.

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