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Thirty homebrew apps and games to try out

Looking for some reasons to throw yourself into the homebrew scene? Or do you already have a flashcart, but you're not sure what else to look into after trying out the recommendations in our homebrew cookbook?

GBAtemp has put together a list of 30 homebrew releases -- 13 of which are applications, the remaining 17 being games -- that warrant your attention. Videos, screenshots, and short summaries are provided for each downloadable item, giving you a quick synopsis of the notable projects out there. We've previewed most of the mentioned games before, like Setsuzoku no Puzzle, BulletGBA/Vulkanon, and WarCraft: Tower Defense, but having them all rounded up in one place is convenient.

DS tapped for Magic: The Gathering card viewer

Before you get carried away with fantasies of playing Magic: The Gathering matches with your Nintendo DS, try to remind yourself that this is only a simple homebrew application for viewing the game's cards. As far as we know, Wizards of the Coast has no plans for turning the king of collectible card games into an online-supported release for the DS, further confirming our suspicion that life isn't really worth living.

Even if you can't actually make a deck and play with the cards in this dressed-up GIF viewer, it's still a useful resource that allows you to look up artwork and information for over 1800 cards. Displaying everything book-style, the program fills the top screen with the selected card while icons on the touchscreen sort everything by color, type, set, and rarity. Developer Sylus101 promises to add more cards and features, but, at the moment, the card library is limited to sets from the Ravnica, Time Spiral, and Lorwyn blocks. Core sets and older sets have yet to be added, so you might not be able to find some of your favorite cards, including the best Magic: The Gathering creature of all time, Phelddagrif.

[Via Dev-fr]

Top 5 desired app list causes us to reflect on our own desires

In constructing their own list of desired applications for the DS, Nintendo Gamers Online might have failed to recognize that the homebrew community is hard at work to come up with solutions to these issues. Someone is attempting to create a fairly decent GPS program, VoIP is already possible and Nintendo already released their own mp3 player in Europe.

So, we figured it would be best if we asked some folks who knew best about the DS: you. What kind of applications or functionality would you like to see come from the DS? Sure, some more fleshed-out DS/Wii connectivity would be nice, but that's the obvious choice. Come up with some good ones!

On the lookout for some homebrew?

We're always on the lookout for sweet homebrew to run on our DS, in the hopes that even more value may be extracted from our most sound of purchases. And, sure enough, we came upon this list of notable homebrew games while traversing the dangerous series of tubes today. Sure, we played some of the games on the list, but a majority of them are new to us. And we like new. Oh, how we like new.

What are your favorite homebrew games and/or applications to run on your DS?

[Via Gnomes Gaming on the Go]

DS VoIP app available for testing

I don't have one.What's that? You're already two hundred minutes over your monthly limit and you just have to tell your friend the latest news? Well, practical solutions include borrowing another friend's cell phone and/or displaying a modicum of patience, but we never were much for practical around here.

For those with homebrew capabilities, a new VoIP app has been written by JSR. It's still in the testing phase, but since we're too stupid to actually code anything, this is how we get those "we're contributing!" fuzzy feelings. Do what you can, we say, and if you also want to shout at your buddy through a DS, all the better. Check it out.

Calling all bloggers, part three: the deadline

We put out the call ... and now it's about time to close the gates. If you're waiting to send in your application to write for Wii Fanboy and DS Fanboy, send it in soon, because we're not going to take any further apps after Wednesday, December 27th. Anything received after 11:59 pm EST that night is heading toward that virtual trashcan in the sky. So get those apps in -- this is your last chance!

Tragic blogger shirt found here. We couldn't resist using it.

Calling all bloggers, part two: FAQ edition

Now that we put out the cattle call, we're gonna take a moment to explain the branding ... er, the position itself. We've had a few questions in the comments, so we'll address those -- and we have one for you, dear reader. In this time of transition, take a moment to tell us what you want to see. If you controlled DS or Wii Fanboy for a day, what would you implement? What would you like to see for the future? Let us know, either here in the comments, or through the comment submission form here.

Check after the jump for the skinny on the applications.

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The easiest homebrew solution yet

Hot.We've reported on the surprisingly well-established homebrew community on the DS; there's a whole wealth of wonderful applications you can coerce your DS into performing. To most, however, the prospect of "hacking" the DS is "scary", and despite some of the easier methods out there, it still seemed a little much.

Well, we no longer think it could get any easier. The newest device to come out of haX0r-land, the sillily named DS-Xtreme, is nothing more than a DS cartridge. It works as a simple mass-storage device ... simply move the applications or files to the cartridge using a USB connection, and poof, instant homebrew. It comes with a built in MP3-playback app, and it has two bitchin' LEDs for good measure (check out the embedded videos after the jump). The downside? It only contains 512 MB of memory, and it can't run anything built for the Game Boy Advance. Still, for the fence-sitters out there, this might be enough to push you over the edge. Check it out.

[Sillily is so a word.]

[Thanks, Gordon!]

Homebrew how-to

Intrigued by the notion of playing old school games on your DS but don't know where to begin? Would you like to use your DS as a map or check out a free browser? Never fear -- no matter how technically challenged you may be, there's a solution for you. This time, it comes in the form of a beginner-friendly guide to checking out homebrew options for your very own Nintendo DS.

So what is homebrew? It's any unofficial application (game, program, or other) for a particular system. Still not getting it? Just think of these apps as homemade. Many armchair (and some official) developers see uses for the DS that go beyond Nintendo's vision for their system. That's where homebrew comes in. However, most systems (the DS included) are protected from such unofficial use, and so would-be users need to employ a workaround. This means that there is some element of risk, however small, when you turn to homebrew. Be careful with the things you put into your DS -- make sure they're tried and tested before you take a chance, and remember, you try these things at your own risk. And when you're just starting, it helps to have a guide. That's where the first s0rethumbs guide to homebrew comes in.

The guide takes you step by step through the process of preparing to use homebrew apps. After all, understanding is one thing -- actually taking the plunge is another, and the guide is very helpful when it comes to recommendations on what to get and what to do with it once you have it. While this guide covers the basics about preparing for homebrew and looping around the built-in protections, it doesn't get into applications. Baby steps, people. They're saving those things for future guides. So if you're looking to get started but haven't a clue what to do, check it out.

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