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Archaic Sale Heat: SRPG import for $11

Now might not be the best time to order a Japanese copy of Archaic Sealed Heat, what with E3 right around the corner and a U.S. localization likely, but Play Asia is doing its best to convince us otherwise! The import online shop is selling copies of the gorgeous Mistwalker-developed title for only $11.90 (plus s/h). The deal lasts until next Monday, too, so they're giving us a lot of time to talk ourselves into it.

As far as SRPGs go, you really can't find anything cheaper! Well, unless you pick up Square Enix's iPod-exclusive Song Summoner for $4.99.

ASH pops up on ESRB's site

Tactical title ASH, short for Archaic Sealed Heat, could be headed to the North America. It recently popped up on the ESRB's website, which, as you all know, pretty much means we can expect to hear news confirming our suspicions soon. The question is, though, do any of you still care about it, since it wasn't received with wide, open arms abroad?

Any of you interested in ASH? Did you already import it when it was on sale?

Import your games for cheap during Play-Asia's Easter Egg Sale

If you're keen on importing games, it seems like there's no better time than now. Play-Asia is having an "Easter Egg Sale," which means that all in-stock items that weren't released in the past thirty days are 20% off. The sale ends on March 31st, but you might not even want to wait that long, as items are going out of stock quickly. Some games that might be worth picking up:

  • Ouendan 2 -- $24 (it's been on sale before, but $24 is the cheapest we've seen it)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin - $39 (you've gotta love the cute little Taiko drum)
  • Arkanoid DS w/ Paddle Controller - $39 (yes, this is being localized for Europe and likely NA, but it's not too bad of a deal if you're impatient)
  • Paddle Controller - $16 (or, you can just get this -- currently only available in pink)
  • Archaic Sealed Heat - $16 (not the most import friendly, but you should be able to get by on a tactics title -- especially for this price)
  • Power Pro Kun Professional Baseball - $23 (one of the best baseball options for the DS)
  • Choushoujuu Mecha MG - $16 (mmm, mechas)
  • Daigasso! Band Brothers - $39 (another good rhythm game, with lots of instruments included)
Feel free to add any of your own import recommendations in the comments below.

[Via CAG]

ASH wins over Siliconera

After hearing some negative impressions about Archaic Sealed Heat, the beautiful-yet-apparently-flawed SRPG from Mistwalker, Rolando of Siliconera approached the import with some understandable trepidation. He tried it anyway, however, and that worked out -- it seems ASH wasn't as bad as he expected. While he promises a full review later to come, for now he talks about the interesting combat system and the heavily stylus-dependent gameplay. It seems that if you're not a fan of stylus-based title, ASH is not for you ... but if you like SRPGs and don't mind the language barrier, this could be an import worth spending a little time with. Late game, he added later in the comments, things really pick up.

ASH media blowout: trailer, scans, and more!

For those of you who've been starving for more Archaic Sealed Heat media, we have a veritable feast for you to gorge on today, sumptuous meats piled atop each other, loaded plates threatening to slip off of the banquet table's edges.

Above, we have Mistwalker's newest trailer for the SRPG mixing CG scenes with some in-game (!) combat. Past the post break, we've crammed the page with a Japanese commercial, more official video clips, and magazine pages scanned from the latest issue of V-Jump. Try not to choke while you consume these treats we've laid out for you.

Read - Ash videos
Read - Ash scans

Continue reading ASH media blowout: trailer, scans, and more!

ASH boxart seals the deal

It's fitting that one of the most beautiful games for the Nintendo DS receives the same attention to aesthetics with its Japanese packaging design. Even if we hadn't already seen Archaic Sealed Heat's gorgeous prerendered CG scenes, spotting a cover like this on a shelf would've compelled us to pick the box up and study the screenshots on its back.

The posture and headdresses of the characters lined up in the background make us think of chess pieces, an apt comparison considering ASH's SRPG trappings. Now let's just hope that Nintendo of America keeps the same arrangement for the boxart when if it brings the game to the US.

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