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Essential Extras: Monaco aluminum case

If you're in the habit of carrying your DS in a pocket or in a bag, you've probably considered some sort of slim case or armor, if you don't have one already. Sure, the DS is pretty sturdy overall, but do you want to risk those hinges or shoulder buttons? Better safe than sorry, right? If, like us, you're interested in protecting your handheld, you might want to check out the above armor, the Monaco aluminum case.

We spent a couple of days banging the slim-fitting case around and testing its functionality, and have mostly good news to report.

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DS Daily: Is color enough to justify a second DS?

Would you ever buy a second DS, solely because you like the color? It sounds silly, but time and again this blogger has come close to shelling out for one of those Enamel Blue Lites that appeared exclusively in Japan, only to back down at the last minute. It may sound like a fairly ridiculous reason to purchase a second version of any gaming system, but then gamers aren't always rational people, and DSes are desirable and just about cheap enough to justify impulse purchases.

Of course, some of you might well be purchasing a second DS in the very near future, as the cobalt blue DS Lite hits U.S. stores today. If you are, tell us about it!

New blue DS Lite confirmed [update]

Rumors surfaced earlier this month that a cobalt blue DS Lite might be in the works, and now a page at Circuit City has popped up confirming the new model. It's not quite as we expected, however; the new model is blue and black, much like the crimson and black Lite that got our blood boiling last year.

Thoughts on the new color combo? If you're willing to shell out the cash for a new Lite, we want to know. It's a bit darker than we expected, put part of that is surely the reflection of the black backing. Overall, we're pleased.

[Update: The Circuit City page has been removed.]
[Via GoNintendo]

All of the news DS Fanboy saw fit to print in 2007

Well, not all of it. This is more about the highlights, the big news of the year. The kind of stuff that we should look back to and highlight as being memorable in 2007. It's been one hell of a year; a roller coaster ride of hits and misses. So, grab your admission ticket, buckle yourself in and join us for this look back at the news of 2007.

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Canadians get a deal on the DS Lite

If you're Canadian, we're sorry (we kid!). No, actually if you're Canadian and so happen to be in the market for a new DS Lite, then you're in luck. Turns out retailer Zellers is dishing out DS Lites for only $109.99, but only if they're of the black, white or pink variety.

Should you want to check out the flyer, hit up this link and input your postal code. Once done, it should send you over to the appropriate area. Or, you could just walk into one of the stores, if you have one near you.

Red/black DS goes Brainless in October

If you find the crimson/black DS Lite as delicious as we do, but can't stand the sight of that polygonal know-it-all Dr. Kawashima, we've got some good news for you. As was recently revealed for Japan, the two-toned DS Lite will be sold in the US as a standalone unit in October. An "announcement" of this new release can be found on Zelda: Phantom Hourglass store displays.

The news was first reported by N+ (the Opera community, not the awesome ninja platformer) blogger LUTHERJW, but we're using the picture found on GoNintendo, because you can see it.

DS Lite cover is TOTALLY METAL

If you're looking for a matte black look for your DS, look no further. Replacement cases are way better than DIY solutions, at least in this instance. This sleek aluminum shell is, frankly, pretty hot, especially with all that white peeking through. And hey -- just in case you harbored a secret desire to replace your soccer ball with a DS Lite one afternoon, this may be just the thing you need. Because it's metal.

The black aluminum shell sells for ¥2,520, or a little more than $20.

[Via Famitsu]

The pride of our pocket protectors

Unless you're the type who sharpens a pencil down to its metal crown, the DS Lite stylus just doesn't compare to the familiar weight, thickness, and balance of a pen or pencil. Hori's latest Touch Pen looks like a comfortable and convenient alternative to the stock stylus.

Users drop a standard stylus into the Touch Pen Attachment's casing just like with an ink refill. Including two replaceable styli with every purchase seems a bit unnecessary, but we're not going to argue with free stuff. The pen's wider and taller body will be able to rest on your hand, and the rubber grip makes sure that the stick won't slip out of your fingers during a hectic game of Elite Beat Agents.

The Touch Pen Attachment is as portable as any other writing utensil, but you can also latch it onto the back of your handheld with the two plastic bumps on the clip. From the product shots we've seen, the nubs fit right into the holes meant for the DS Lite's strap.

The pens come in White, Black, and Pink, retailing for about $6.00 each. Head past the post break for more photos of the Touch Pen Attachment DS Lite.

[via DCEmu]

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DS Daily: Any DS shortage in your area?

While the Wii shortage seems to be pretty universally problematical, the situation varies when it comes to the DS. Around here, you can find lots of pink DS Lites, but anything else is a little more difficult lately. Some readers report that they can't find a DS at all, anywhere. Apparently demand varies by region, and stores still haven't rebounded from the holiday rush. Now that February is nearly over, you'd think the stock would increase.

How about you? Anyone in your life hurting for a DS that's nowhere to be found?

DS Daily: Seeing double

You can have a pink one, or a pimped out black one. You can go with phat or sleek. You can turn it into a turtle shell or a tank. You can tattoo it or you can go for plain, sparkling white. With the DS, the choice is yours ... and some people like to go for multiples. For DS owners, it seems less is definitely not more. So what about you? Are you packing more than one DS? Was it the lure of a new color, or did you yearn for a special edition? Did you make the transition from phat to lite? We'd love to know if you have more than one DS lying around the house.

And while we're on the subject ... anyone else just itching for the blue ones to make their way outside Japan? Import costs are just no fun.

Sega creating surgery game for DS

It appears that one Osamu Tezuka license wasn't enough as they've acquired the license for Black Jack to keep Astro Boy company. In Black Jack, you play as Dr. Jotaro Honma, who can best be described as a medical mercenary, selling his talents to those who are willing to pay the most.

The operation takes place on the touch-screen, tasking the player with drawing shapes over manga panels to successfully complete the operation. Siliconera describes the system as being "sort of like Jet Set Radio's graffiti system except instead of turning the analog stick you draw patterns."

[Via Siliconera]

Onyx and Pink out in the US

When we heard the US would finally be able to choose what color DS Lite they'd prefer to rock, no longer to be bound by a choice-restricted, Polar White existence, we were almost arrested for how much we celebrated the news. Upon Nintendo laying the announcement on us, we ran out into the street and ripped off our pants in celebration, in what was later described by one key witness as "quite the struggle, I mean, that man was ripping at his pants for a good 15 minutes before he found a pair of scissors and cut them off. I would've stopped watching, but I don't really have a job..." The old man then asked us if we'd be willing to go out some time, maybe to a movie. We asked for a raincheck...

Creepy old men on the street aside, we will be storming our local retail outlets later on this afternoon to procure both Onyx and Pink (in case we ever find a woman who doesn't take out a restraining order against us that we may give it to, which we probably won't) in the bold fashion we've become accustomed to. Upon acquiring each model, we'll hold them high above our heads in the parking lot and scream at the top of our lungs until security drags us away.

Let us hear from you fine reader. Will you be trading in your Polar White for a different color? Been waiting on getting a DS Lite period due to lack of colors? Happy enough with your Polar White DS Lite?

Black DS Lite: it came, it saw, it conquered

September 2nd saw the release of the black DS Lite in Japan and, as expected, the lines were long, supplies were short, and the slick little system-that-could completely sold out. Famitsu, once again, brings us pictures of long lines at several locations and the unhappy employees that were forced to work the launch.

Reports from some of the locations are stating that over 400 people could be counted, waiting to get their hands on a black DS Lite. The article also states that buyers were predominantly male, however every now and then a female consumer would purchase a unit. So few females? Maybe they already purchased a DS Lite?

[Via Game Front]

Black DS Lite goes down under in September

So sleek, so smooth...
After the announcement that the US would be getting the seductive Onyx (black) DS Lite and its more feminine and bright Coral Pink cousin, we were relieved that we had finally been given an option. Screaming from our jail cell DS Fanboy offices in celebration, we firmly gripped our old, has-been Crystal White DS Lites and fell to our knees, nothing more than a husk of our former self. We had fought, long and hard, and we finally did it, we finally won.

Now it's the Aussies' turn. The black version of the DS Lite will be made available to the whole country of Australia upon the clock striking the date of September the 21st and we suggest Aussies looking for a darker shade of DS Lite rush to their local retail hot spots, secure a black DS Lite, and use it to rub it in the face of all of their friends.


Nothing more satisfying than purchasing a $199.95 AUD product and rubbing it all over your best friend's face, laughing maniacally until he gets so upset that he snatches it from your hand and throws it to the ground with all his might. Hey, at least it was funny for those 40 seconds, right?

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]

Confirmed: Black and Pink DS Lites in September

So girly, so manly...
On September the 13th, those hating the simple elegance of the Crystal White DS Lite may finally seek an official alternative in either the Black or Pink DS Lite (officially dubbed Onyx and Coral Pink, respectively). It's about time Nintendo has gone ahead and tossed us poor American gamers a bone.

Check out the official press release after the break.

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