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Buy your loved one a blue and black Lite

For those of you who expressed an interest in that new, yummy cobalt blue and black DS, has just opened preorders for the handheld. Perhaps more intriguingly, it also reckons that the console will ship in North America on February 14th, a.k.a Valentine's Day, a.k.a the day when roughly half the population is suckered into buying tat for the most contrived of all non-holidays, while the other half feels depressed at the thought of being alone.

If you don't have any loved ones, then, uh, hey, love's over-rated anyway, and you've always got DS Fanboy. No? Not helping?

[Thanks, Scott!]

DS Daily: Did Circuit City spill too early?

Just the other day, a listing popped up on Circuit City for a blue and black DS Lite, not long after rumors of the imminent release of a blue Lite started to circulate. Since then, the listing has been removed (boo), and we've heard nothing else.

So what do you think is up? We doubt it's a complete mistake -- as in, a fabricated page or anything. It seems likely that we will see a black and blue Lite at this point, if we've seen it once. Do you think Circuit City jumped the gun with their page, revealing what was supposed to continue to be a secret?

[Thanks, Rob!]

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